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A normal Friday afternoon and I was just doing my job, which is purchasing for a large company. The receptionist calls and lets me know there is a girl in the lobby that has been trying to get an order for over a year. She is tall, thin, and has pretty big breasts for a thin person. She has blonde hair and blueish green eyes. I told heer I would be out in a minute and brouhgt a pad and pen. Being that we were doing inventory, she questioned why I was wearing jeans and told me I looked pretty good. I used the opportunity and told her that she alwaysd looked good, and I could tell by the look that she enjoyed the compliment. Afgter small talk, I was told she was 39 years old and single living with a 55 year old man. I joked his age and with each sentence, it got more personal.

Being there was snow outside, I asked her if she ever just got the feeling to be a little girl again and play in the snow and in a joking gesture, she told me to come on and lets go play. I told her that she was crazy to invite me to play because I woudl go and once again she said to come on. I ended it by telling her I was going to walk to the other side of the 250,000 sft building and if her car was there (where noone else ever goes), She was going to be in trouble. I accpeted her price quote and she left saying that she would see me real soon.

I went to the other side pof the building and there was her car. I could see a smile through the window and went to the driver’s side. “Are you nuts” I asked her. She said yes a little and I told her to pull to the side.

She parked the car and I jumped in the back seat. I told her to look straight ahead and close her eyes. In a second, I took the opportunityand reached around and slipped my hands into her shirt. I was so surprised that these tits were soft like jello and as I grabbed the nipples, they started to grow and she started to moan. I told her “damn , you are moaning as I touch them, what are you going to do when I stick my dick in you?’ Hoping to get an ok to fuck her. ” I will moan alittle louder” she said and at that moment I knew we were in business.

I got out, reached in and took the keys, and grabbed her hand. We went into the warehouse part where they never used, and I put a tarp on the cement floor. I sat her down and told her to watch as I took out my cock. It has a drop of wetness on the tip and as she saw it, she immediately took her tongue and licked it off. She told me she loved sperm and wasn’t a spitter. I moved forward and watched as she sucked my cock until I was like a rock. She kept flicking her tongue over the head and then sucking the whole dick in consistenmt motions. I kept callking her a bad girl and badgering her to get even badder because it was just her and me and noone would know. She sucked me until I was ready and I took her head, and told her to open her mouth. I watched the cum shoot in her mouth and could even see her swallowing to keep up with the amount of juice I was giving her.

She cleaned my cock and lay down. She said it was her turn and I watcher her undo her skirt. There was a bald beautiful pussy that looked like it was glazed because she was wet. I went down and ate her pussy for at least 5 minutes. I was licking, and then sucking her whole pussy into my mouth. She was arching and lifting up like I was going to break her and all at once she grabbed my head and pulled it in. I knew she was cumming and I sucked her pussy until it was done and dry. I sat back and asked her if we were done and she said ” Did I get the order yet?” I hesitated and said not until I get to feel you rpussy cum with me insode you, so she said, “ok lets get to work.” I layed her back down and told her that I was going to leave her to go pee. She said “ooh that sounds like fun can I watch?”. I stood up and decided it was time to give her an oder. I pointed it right at her and asked her if she was ready. She nodded and I let it go. I pissed all over her big tits and down her stomach and all the while she was wiping it all over her body. When I finished, she took my cock and sucked me hard.

I turned her over and fucked her like a little dog. We had a perfect rythem going and all at once we both came. I felt her pussy twitch as I covered every inner part of her with sperm. I finished and we sat there.

She got the order and told me she lived about 2 miles from there and was going to shower my pee off her. She asked if the next time she could piss on me and I thought…. Next time…. HMMMM

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