Who would have guessed

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We were snuggled up together in the pleasant after-glow of our lovemaking when his confession began. He gently cupped my face and kissed me so tenderly as only he can then whispered softly, “I’ve got something I need to share with you”. I was intrigued but a little nervous as he began to detail his innermost thoughts and feelings.

He began by telling me how beautiful I was to him and how much he loves me. His eyes fixed on mine and he punctuated each sentence with another lingering kiss as he spoke. I felt his cock twitch against my thigh as he explained to me that he’d been having erotic dreams about my best friend.

Her name is Claire. She’s gorgeous. At 5’9″, she towers above me. I’m only just 5′! She has the most amazing legs and certainly isn’t afraid to show them off in tight, clinging mini skirts or hot pants which slink over her curvy hips and pert ass. She knows how hot she is. You can tell by the way her ample tits are constantly on display in a cute little tank-top or a low cut vest. Her red hair tumbles down her back in loose curls and it kinda bounces as she walks and she’s got the kind of smile that makes your knees go weak.

As Dave told me about his dream I began to understand why his cock was twitching! In his dream, he’d been at home one afternoon when Claire called round on the off chance that I’d be available for a coffee and a chat. I was still at work when she arrived but Dave invited her to wait for me if she wanted. Claire knows her way around our house well enough so she’d gone off to make herself a cuppa for the wait. She picked up the kettle but as she turned on the tap to fill it, the tap had sprayed all over her top!! She let out a little scream and jumped back from the tap and Dave rushed through to see what was going on. He laughed when he arrived in the kitchen to find a very wet Claire looking rather upset that her new top had been sprayed.

He suggested that she could borrow one of mine and he would dry hers out for her. She agreed and went upstairs to change. Dave followed. She chose one of my tops and made no effort to hide herself as she changed. As she lifted her own top, Dave gasped – she wasn’t wearing a bra and the cold water had had an impressive effect on her nipples! They were so stiff that Dave couldn’t resist reaching out to brush his hand over one. Claire didn’t flinch. Instead, she pushed her breast against his eager palm and let him have a good grope. As he fondled her breast he felt that twitch. The same twitch he was feeling now, while he recounted it to me.

I took his hand and placed it to my own full breast as I begged him to go on and tell me what happened next.

With his hands occupied by Claire’s breasts, her hands were free to go wandering. She pulled him in close and pulled off his shirt, kissing him as she pushed him down on our bed. She straddled him, her tiny skirt riding up over her thighs and he realised that it wasn’t just her bra she’d forgotten that morning. His hands skimmed her milky thighs as her moved round to grab her tight ass. His cock stiffened as he pulled her down on top of him.

As he continued with his story, I began to stroke his cock gently. I was really loving the fact that my usually shy guy was opening up to me!

He told me how she’d slid back down his legs and wriggled him out of his jeans and boxers to allow his lovely thick cock to spring to freedom. She turned herself round on top of him and pressed her slick pussy down on his chest as she teased his cock with her fingers. He moaned with pleasure as she lowered her lips to the tip, giving soft, light kisses. He thrust his hips upwards to show her how much he wanted her to take it all in. She tipped herself forwards and opened her throat wide as she swallowed him whole. He almost burst right there! Then she started to gently tug on his blonde pubes, tickling his balls as she sucked with big long strokes. She’d obviously done this before! It felt amazing!

I took the hint and slid down the bed to face his more than ready errection. I did everything that he’d said Claire had done and soon he was struggling to tell me any more of the story. I had to stop and allow him to regain control so that he could finish telling me what had happened.

He had pulled Claire’s hips so that her pussy was inches from his lips. He leant his head forward and kissed her ass cheeks as he fingered her swollen clit. She squirted a little on his chest. He gasped and slipped his tongue inside her to taste her juices. Soon he was eating as deeply as he could from that angle and was hungry for more. Claire sighed as he probed deeper inside her. She was just building up to a lovely orgasm when she panicked and told him to stop! He asked her what was wrong and she told him that she knew if she let herself cum, she’d probably wee a little bit too. Dave was so turned on by the idea of being covered in her hot piss that he didn’t even answer her! He just pulled her hips back down and continued eating her and pushing his fingers inside to fuck her a little deeper. Sure enough as her orgasm built up again, Claire could feel herself starting to release a little bit of wee. She squeaked and squirmed around as her golden stream flowed over Dave’s chest. He groaned loving every minute of it!

By now, I was straddled over my husband’s chest with my pussy in his face and his cock in my mouth. He fingered me as he recounted the last bit of his dream and then he started to suck on my clit as I did what Claire had done and let my stream go over his face and chest. He exploded in my mouth at the same time and pulled me up to kiss him.

I’m so glad I married my husband! He’s full of secrets and surprises! I never thought he’d be the kinky type. Who knows, maybe I’ll get the courage to tell him my fantasy one day!

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  1. smiffy

    omg I so loved this storiy I came in my pants
    I have tried so many time to have my wife try this but she never wants to pee
    I would love to have a understanding woman pee on me.
    maybe one day my wife will oblige
    Please write more I would love to find your fantasy did you ever tell your husband

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