A Sultry Vacation Part One

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I met Victoria (not her real name) online 10 years ago. She lives in Boston, I live in Charlotte but we talk on the phone several times each week. We try to see one another at least twice each year. We have had some very hot times. Victoria is very playful in bed and she loves to wear high heels, boots and lots of really slutty lingerie.
Last year, in the fall, we pooled our money and took a trip to the Bahamas. It was fabulous. We had a bungalow right on the beach. The ocean was right outside our sliding glass door. It was a beautiful place. It was part of a large resort compound so all the amenities were only steps away.
During that week we had some very playful sex. We acted out several role-play scenarios and I filled up the smart card on the video camera I purchased for the trip. The time seemed to go by much too quickly.
On the last day, I made arrangements for Victoria to have a splurge day at the spa…a facial, a massage, her hair done, nails, pedicure and a Brazilian wax—the works! I spent the day to myself. I walked on the beach; played cards at the pool with some guys I met and had an extremely enjoyable day.
Later, that afternoon I went to the bar at the resort hotel. It was a beautiful place. It had no walls, it was covered, but it was basically outdoors. The breeze was terrific and the marble floors and leather furniture made it the perfect cocktail lounge.
I was sitting at one of the tables sipping a single malt scotch, when I saw Victoria at the top of the lobby stairs. She looked radiant. She is a big girl. She is very self-conscious about her weight, but I find her quite attractive. She is a large woman, but not fat. She has a tiny waste and the perfect hourglass figure. I would call her Rubenesque if I had to use a word to describe her. The thing that is most sexy about her is her mouth. She has full lips and she wears a glossy red lipstick and she has a soft, throaty voice. She’s a singer and her voice is amazing.
I watched her come down the stairs. She was unaware that every man in there was looking at her. She wore a green and white sundress that was very classy, but showed just a hint of cleavage. She wore a pair of white high heels with thin straps that wrapped around her ankles and tied. Her hair was perfect. Her make up was perfect. I was extremely proud of her.
She strode through the lobby and I was beaming when she leaned over to kiss my cheek when she got to the table. I ordered her a Woodford Reserve and a new scotch for myself. Victoria has hypnotic eyes. Electric blue and she was beside herself. “Did you see those men looking at me?” she asked. “I couldn’t believe it, I felt so glamorous.” I keep telling her that there are men who love large women, but she is so self-conscious about her size.

After a couple of drinks the maitre’ d’ came over and whispered that our table was ready. I watched the men look up from their conversations as we thread our way through the tables. We ate in the restaurant on the back of the resort, overlooking the ocean and the pool. The sun was setting and it was an incredible atmosphere. I held her hand as we ordered lobster. I selected an exquisite bottle of white wine and we had a meal that I will always remember.
I ordered coffee, brandy and 2 cigars for us to enjoy after the dinner. The food was indeed memorable, but the conversation was equally enjoyable. It was a true bonding experience for two lovers who only see one another twice each year. The cigars and the brandy were magnificent and we savored each taste and each smell.
Just as we were finishing our first brandy, one of the men with whom I had played cards on several occasions stopped by and wanted to know if he could buy us a drink. I waved him to a chair. I watched him staring at my beautiful friend with lust in his eyes. The dress was not low cut but you could see the swell of her enormous breasts and it was a very sexy sight. She doesn’t like the sun so her skin was still a warm, pale peaches and cream tone.
We talked about the resort and the weather and what we did at home. He was a stockbroker from London. I told him about my advertising agency and Victoria told us a bit about the law office she manages. It was a very enjoyable end to an outstanding day.
After a brief silence he reached inside his Armani dinner jacket and took out a stack of American money. He leaned in close to me, “I would not offend either of you for anything, but I want to make you an offer.” He placed the stack of money next to my brandy snifter. “I will give you five thousand dollars if you will let me see your wife naked.”
You could feel the silence after he delivered that sentence. Victoria looked at me with wide eyes. She is a bit shy so I knew she would not say anything. But I will wager her heart was pounding out of her chest. I took a long draw on my cigar and blew it out into the warm, balmy night air. I reached down and put the money inside my dinner jacket. “It’s a deal.” That was all I said. I could Victoria sigh loudly. He nodded and smiled.
I wondered what Victoria would do. The silence had become quite awkward. I took a sip of brandy and raised my hand for the captain to come to the table. “Ask a bellman to step in here please.” He turned and walked toward the lobby. I could feel Victoria grip my hand in a vise-like grip. I knew she was signaling me, but it was too late, the die had been cast.
Still, no one said anything. But I could see him staring at her. His eyes were roaming all over her, and so were mine. I could see her standing in front of us stripping and my cock was rock hard just from the thought. The bellman appeared and I slid out of the banquette and moved the table aside for her.

“Please take my wife back to our bungalow.” I gave her a kiss on the cheek as the bellman guided her out of the restaurant by the arm. I returned to the table and we finished another glass of brandy. My mind was racing. I wondered what she would do. I knew she could disappear in the resort somewhere, but I knew she would be intrigued. As we all do, most of us crave attention. We all want to be attractive and we are addicted to the feeling we get when we know someone is attracted to us.
I told him about Victoria’s shyness and I told him that she was in shock and that I could not guarantee she would even be at the bungalow when we got there. I said, “Quite honestly, I do not know what she will do.” I reached in my pocket and handed him the money back. “Victoria isn’t a whore, so this will not be necessary. Let’s just go see if she will cooperate.” “Fair enough” he responded.
We walked across the compound finishing our cigars and we finally got to our villa which was located at the end of the complex. It had a magnificent view of the ocean and was quite private. My heart was pounding now. This was something new for both of us. I could not decide whether to knock or not, so I slid the card key through the slot and opened the door a crack. “We’re here, babe.”
I turned the corner into the living room and she had lit several candles and had opened the sliding glass doors across the back of the house, and had pulled the sheer drapes across them. The effect was breathtaking. The breeze moving through the room and the candles flickering against the walls was a tremendous site. But, I knew she was going for it and that’s what I wanted.
“Come in gentlemen and make yourselves comfortable” I heard her say from the back bedroom in her sultry voice. My cock was getting harder by the minute. I untied my bow tie and took off my dinner jacket and he did the same thing. His name was Jerrold. I asked Jerrold if he would like a cocktail and he nodded. I moved behind the bar to make a pitcher of martinis. Then I saw her.
Victoria made her entrance from the hall archway. She was wearing a black satin half-cup bra. Her huge breasts were pushed up and tightly together. She wore a black satin garter belt with stockings which had lace around the top. Her French cut panties were black satin. She wore a pair of black patent platform shoes. I had never seen them before. She also wore a sheer, floor-length gown tied at the waist.
Jerrold and I both were dumb struck. I believe I heard him moan out loud. She walked over to the sofa and sat down. She had pulled two chairs in front of the sofa. I took her a martini and he and I sat down across from her in the chairs. We all sipped our drinks.
I watched her as she sipped her drink and would occasionally brush her hand against her body. She was in. She loved being the center of attention and while I was extremely turned on, I was glad for her. This was her time. A man wanted to see her body and he was turned on by her in a big way.
She held her glass up and I poured us all another drink. We just continued to stare at her. We were staring at my girlfriend of ten years, Victoria. She is so shy it isn’t even funny. She sings in the choir at home. She doesn’t date much. She went alone on her previous vacation. But she was totally into this scenario.
She leaned over and put her empty glass on an end table and leaned back and she began moving her hands over her shoulders, her arms, her chest, up her thighs and across her neck. She was feeling her fingertips move over her skin. We watched silently.
She squeezed her breasts, cupping them and pushing them together. She ran her hands up and down her thighs and against her crotch. I thought I might cum just watching her. I heard Jerrold moan next to me. Victoria stood and untied the sash of her gown and placed it on a chair near the couch. There she was, that black lingerie against her white, smooth skin. She sat on the sofa and leaned against the arm. I heard Jerrold gasp when she moved her leg up to the back of the cushion and her other foot to the floor. I could not believe my eyes.
She continued to tease herself. She was stimulating her skin with her touch. She caressed her breasts then she slid her hand down and I watched her hand disappear inside her panties. She almost came off the sofa when she touched herself. I have never in my life seen a woman so turned on in all of my life.
After a few minutes she stood and walked over to us and stood between us. Our eyes were roaming all over that luscious body of hers. My cock was about to push through my slacks. In a throaty, really horny voice she looked right at him. “Would you like to take my bra off for me?” Absolutely he would. She turned toward him and he stood up. I could see her ass up close. Her wide hips and round ass were always a turn on to me, but with that black thong stretched tightly between those yummy ass cheeks it was more beautiful than ever.
I watched him look at her up and down. I could see his cock pressing against his slacks. He reached up to unhook her bra and his hands were shaking he was so aroused. He finally got it unhooked and she slowly turned around holding it in place. “You can sit down.” When he sat down she lowered the bra and showed us her huge breasts. They are perfectly shaped like giant teardrops. They do not sag, they are perfect. Her bright pink nipples were standing erect and looked like thick pencil erasers.
She turned toward me and moved slightly in my direction. “You get the honor of taking off my panties, lover,” she cooed. I knelt down on one knee and put my thumbs in the waistband of the panties and pulled them down and she stepped out of them. I could smell her cunt. I could see the moisture on her thighs.
She walked back to the sofa and leaned back against the arm and raised her leg to the cushion again. She moved her other foot to the floor and she moved her knees apart. There it was. She was displaying her smooth pussy for us both to see. She moved her hands from her knees to her crotch several times then started to play with her pussy lips and clit.
She looked over at us, “You gentlemen would probably be a whole lot more comfortable if you took your slacks off.” I was in shock. I had never seen her like this before. Both of our cocks were erect and stiff. I watched as he stroked his, but his eyes never left her. She reached under the pillow and pulled out a long black plastic dildo and started to fuck herself with it. Faster and faster she pumped. I could smell it. I could hear it. I heard him start to climax to my right. I watched her staring at his cock as he spurted thick white cum everywhere.
She tensed up and I watched her back arch as she exploded into a crashing climax on the sofa. We both watched her. Even with the passion drained out of us we could not keep our eyes off of her curvy body. Finally, she gathered up her clothes and leaned down and kissed him on the cheek and thanked him for admiring her body and she disappeared into the bedroom.
We both looked at each other and laughed until we could not laugh any more. We cleaned up and I walked him to the door and we shook hands. “If you ever get to London, please give me a call.” I slapped him on the back. “I most certainly will.”

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