Aniket reunites his wife with her ex

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Hi. I am Shilpa Joshi. I am married to Aniket Joshi. I am 24. We have been married for three years. I was working as a receptionist in a company before marriage. I left the job after getting married. Aniket was earning fairly well. So I didn’t really need to worry about job. We were very happy and content with our life. There was only one problem in our married life. Even after three years of marriage, we didn’t have a child. We met some doctors and conducted all sort of tests. But results were the same. The problem was with Aniket and he couldn’t father a child. Due to this, we often fought and it also had effect on our sex life. I was not working and it left me with a lot of free time and I started getting bored. I wanted to join a company. But just as I was thinking of joining a company, the markets tumbled. The markets crashed and I found it tough to get a new job.

The condition became even worse after two months and it became clear that this was not just a slight crash but start of a serious recession. Aniket was working in a Finance company and even his company started feeling the heat. Aniket had already heard that lot of employees from his company would be laid off. In such a situation, we were very tense. We had a home loan to pay and I was not working. There was no alternative way of income for us.

And then one day, Aniket came home very late. It was around 9:00 PM. Aniket asked me if I wanted to come to the terrace of our building. He said he wanted to talk something. So I locked the flat and went out with him. We live on the 5th floor and our building is of 7 floors. I suggested that we just take the stairs instead of waiting for the lift. Aniket said fine and we both walked. We both reached the terrace and then walked towards a platform in the middle of the terrace. It had lush green lawn on it. We both sat on the lawn.

Aniket: Shilpa, as you know we are heading towards a long recession. Some companies have already started firing employees.

Shilpa: I know. Is there any danger for us?

Aniket: I don’t think so. But still now our company has started pestering us for more productivity. In fact there is good news for us in that.

Shilpa: Good news?

Aniket: Company has started firing old and unproductive employees. They are either asked to take VRS or simply fired. Now general manager of entire UAE region has been with us, but we have been facing lot of losses in that region. So company has decided to ask him to take VRS. Now company also needs to decide the new general manager for this region. There are 5 contenders for this position. I am one of those.

Shilpa: Oh wow. This is great.

Aniket: No, it is not so great. Let me finish.

Shilpa: Why? What happened?

Aniket: The decision regarding the new general manager will be taken by my boss Arif Qureshi. He is a tough man to please. He knows all of us and knows that all of us are good enough to be the new general manager. But he says that just qualifications do not matter to him.

Shilpa: Then what matters?

Aniket: Well, it is a very indecent thing to say. If you feel wrong about this, we will drop this entire subject.

Shilpa: What are you talking about?

Aniket: Look, he met me today in his cabin. He said that any of us could get this position. But who actually gets it depends upon something else. He wants to meet each one’s wife. Then depending upon who he likes, she has to please him.

Shilpa: Aniket, what are you talking about? Are you really serious about this?

Aniket: Again, if you feel this is indecent, I will drop this entire topic. But trust me; all others have accepted his offer. And consider the financial aspect of it. My salary will be quadrupled and I will need to go to UAE for three years, but it will mean a lot for us financially.

Shilpa: But Aniket, what do you mean by pleasing? Does it involve actual physical sex?

Aniket: That is the best part of it. He says that he doesn’t want anybody to sleep with him. Just be with him socially and go out. Basically just like an escort. He says that whether this woman wants to get physically involved with him or not is completely her decision. But she has to go out for a movie, dinners etc. with him. But not necessarily sex. So you can just say that you don’t want to get physically involved with him.

Shilpa: Well in that case it is ok. For how much time do I need to do this?

Aniket: Well, I will be staying in UAE for three years. So you have to give him company for three years. But I will be coming in and out. And three years will just fly by.

Shilpa: ok. So what do I need to do?

Aniket: Well he is meeting wives of the other managers next week on first four week days. This means that you will be the last one. So you will need to go out with him for dinner on Friday.

Shilpa: Where?

Aniket: Well I am not sure. But you don’t need to worry about that.

Shilpa: ok.

Aniket: Good girl. Then is this settled?

Shilpa: Yes. So what kind of person is your boss?

Aniket: You can find out for yourself. He is very charming and handsome. And please make sure that you look your best. Just like you did when you seduced me?

Shilpa: Ok. But in case I really started getting attracted to him?

Aniket: Well I don’t really mind you sleeping with him once in a while.

Shilpa: Aniket, you are crazy. I will never do it. You are the only guy in the world for me.

Aniket: Well then I am lucky.

Shilpa: Sure. So I have to go with him on Friday? Do you really think he will fall for me? I am not sure. I have met wives of other managers. Sheetal in particular is very sexy. I am sure he will choose Sheetal.

Aniket: Don’t underestimate yourself. You are not beautiful as Sheetal, but you are a wholesome and sexy beauty. And even Sheetal doesn’t have the kind of boobs you have.

Shilpa: You men are really cheap. You just keep checking out women’s boobs.

Aniket: Not just boobs honey. Even your ass is amazing.

Shilpa: Cheap again.

Aniket: Well you have lovely assets. What can I do about it except praising them?

Shilpa: Anyway you praising my assets is not enough. Your boss needs to praise them. We will soon find out. By the way, can you give me any dressing tips? What should I wear?

Aniket: Well you look best in a sari. So I think you should wear that red sari with black sleeveless blouse.

Shilpa: It is transparent.

Aniket: Yes. And I want it to be that way. You should look sexy without being sluttish. That sari is perfect for you.

Shilpa: Are you sure about sari? Don’t you think it would be better if I just wore a Punjabi dress? It would mean I am not trying to impress him.

Aniket: no honey. You look great in sari and you want to impress him.

Shilpa: OK. Then I will wear the red sari.

So our countdown began for the Friday. On Friday, Aniket went to the office as usual. In the afternoon, he called me to say that he and Arif will come home by 7:30 PM. He asked me to be ready by 7:30 as we will need to leave by 8:00. I asked him about the plan that Arif had. He said that Arif will tell us about it when we meet.

So as per Aniket’s suggestion, I started getting ready by 6:30 PM. I started by having a fresh bath. Then I went in the bedroom. I pulled out the red sari from the cupboard and put it on the bed. I had washed my hair and had a wet towel in my hair. So I scrubbed my hair and then removed the towel from it. Then I sat down on the dressing table in front of the mirror. I was wearing a yellow colored towel covering my breasts. Apart from this, I had nothing on my body. I opened the drawer and pulled out a hair drier. I switched it on and started drying my hair. My hair was shoulder length and just a little bit curly. Everybody commented on them and said how beautiful my hair was. So even though managing it was a bit tough, I never really thought about trimming it.

After drying the hair for 10 minutes, I was satisfied and applied some oil on it. Then I started brushing it. After brushing it for some time, I used a bow to tie them up. After this, I got up and removed the towel covering my body. Underneath, I was completely naked. After a long time, I saw myself naked. My breasts were as firm as they were before I got pregnant. Not just that, but they had got bigger in fact. Earlier I used to use 34 B size bras. Now I had to use 36 C. My stomach was still flat although some stretch marks were visible. I was sure Arif will like them.

My armpits were shaved. My labia were shaved and smooth. I had a set from fancy bras that I had used when I had met Aniket. I still had them in the cupboard, but I was not sure if they would fit. But for the sake of trying, I pulled out a red brassier. It was transparent and had flowers on it. I had never tried it after I got married. So out of curiosity, I just put my arms in it and covered my breasts in the bra cups. Then I tried to hook it. It was just a bit tight, but I was not feeling too uncomfortable either. So I just decided to keep it and also wore panties. Then I pulled out the red sari from cupboard. It was a very beautiful one with beautiful design on the border. Along with, it also had the blouse. It was a sleeveless blouse of the same color. I pulled both out and also got a petticoat out. First I wore the petticoat and then blouse. Then I draped the sari around my body. I also made sure that I wore it a bit below navel. I applied my perfume on the sari and checked myself in the mirror. I thought I looked good enough to interest Arif.

It was about 7:15. Aniket and his boss would be coming any time. So I went in the hall and checked everything. Then I switched the TV on and started browsing through the channels. I was feeling very nervous. Aniket was very punctual and just after 7:30, the door bell rang. I switched the TV off and opened the door. As expected, it was Aniket. But Arif was a total surprise for me. I was completely aghast after seeing his boss. It was Arif Qureshi that I knew in my college. I had never told Aniket about it. But Arif had been my boyfriend in my college days. We could not marry because of family pressure. But I had been with him for almost 5 years. And suddenly, he was my husband’s boss and standing in front of me.

Just the look on my face told Aniket that we knew each other. Arif looked a bit less surprised and said hi. Aniket also looked strangely at me and said why I didn’t tell him. I said that I had known Arif to be in UK. So I really didn’t think it would be the same man. So I didn’t bother to mention it. Arif had a nice bouquet of roses in his hand. He smiled at me. He also handed over the bouquet to me. I thanked him and took the bouquet from him. I then went and placed the bouquet on the table. Aniket and Arif had removed their shoes and were sitting on the sofa. I went in the kitchen and brought two glasses of water on a tray. Arif took the water and thanked me. Arif drank from the glass and then put it back on the tray. Aniket also did the same.

I then went back to the kitchen and put the tray back. Then I again went in the hall. This time I took a good look at Arif. He was still the same, about 6 feet 2 inches tall. He was very fair as most Muslims are. He still seemed to go to a gym. I could see his muscles. He was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. As we chatted, I could see that he was checking me out. Every now and then, I saw his eyes resting on the bulge of my boobs. After chatting for about half an hour, finally Arif suggested that we start moving. Aniket also said fine. So we got up. I said bye to Aniket and looked at him to see if he was comfortable. I thought he looked ok.

So I and Arif went out of the door. Aniket closed the door behind us. Both of us got in the lift. Arif pressed the button for the ground floor. I had my purse slung on my shoulder. I was walking on the left side of Arif. My hair was open and I was feeling a bit nervous if I met somebody I knew. But as soon as we reached the compound, Arif pulled out the keys and opened the door of a red car. It was a beautiful Corona model. As soon as my eyes fell on it, I was smitten. But I didn’t show any emotions. Arif got in the driver seat and then opened the front door for me. I slowly moved in and sat beside him. Arif asked me to fasten the seat belt. I did as he had asked me to do.

Arif: So, Shilpa. How are you darling? I really missed you.

Shilpa: Arif. You planned this thing, didn’t you? You will never propose such an indecent thing to anybody.

Arif: Of course not darling. I just wanted to show you how much Aniket loves you. He loves you just enough to hand you over to his boss just for a promotion.

Shilpa: Arif, that is not fair.

Arif: Darling, nobody loves you more than me.

Shilpa: I am wife of somebody, Arif. Nothing can change this.

Arif: Yes. You are wife of somebody who will let you go for a promotion. But let’s stop this. I don’t want to fight with you after I have met you after such a long time.

Shilpa: I hope not. So what do you want really?

Arif: Don’t you know Shilpa? I want you darling. I love you. And I want you more than anyone else in the world.

Shilpa: Please. I can’t be yours. I am married to Aniket. Can’t you accept the fact? I think we both together accepted that our affair was over. So why do you want it to start all over again? Please grow up and marry a nice girl.

Arif: I did. But it didn’t work out.

Shilpa: What? You mean you are married.

Arif: No. I am divorced. It just didn’t work for me. And it wouldn’t work if it is not you honey.

Shilpa: Who was she?

Arif: You know I had a very bad experience with my marriage. I married a Hindu girl named Meghana. She had converted to Islam before marriage and we married according to Islam. But after marriage, she couldn’t cope with her new religion. She was a Brahmin. So she didn’t eat non-vegetarian. I was almost totally non-vegetarian person. Also, she couldn’t celebrate Id or any other Muslim functions as I expected my wife to do. So this alienated her from my family. Due to this we started fighting often. So after around one year, we divorced and she went back to her parents.

Shilpa: It was such a normal case with many girls. One of my friends had married a Muslim guy. She also converted to Islam for him. But it is not just a matter of converting to Islam. You really need to understand it. And if you are serious, you really need to embrace. Most of the girls just don’t understand it. They just convert for the sake of marrying without understanding it. And that is where the problem starts.

Arif: Yes. Have you thought a lot about this?

Shilpa: Yes. I often think how well I with your family. They always liked me, didn’t they?

Arif: Yes. They adored you.

Shilpa: You remember they had decided that whoever you marry named Sana. So they never called me Shilpa. They always called me Sana. And I also liked it.

Arif: That’s why it would never work without you.

Shilpa: Arif, please stop daydreaming.

Arif: Anyway, I am going to try my best. I hope you don’t have any problem at least going around with me for a movie or dinner or something?

Shilpa: Well not really. To tell you the truth, Aniket is pretty boring. I really love going outdoors. He is very indoors kind of guy. I love films. He doesn’t. We are too different. So it would be nice to be with you.

Arif: Is that encouragement for me?

Shilpa: No. It doesn’t. Now please start the car and take me to Mahesh Lunch home. It has been an eternity that I have had fish. I am just dying for it.

Arif: Why? Aniket is veg or what?

Shilpa: He is veg to the core. And he doesn’t know that I turned into such a bad girl after I fell for you. I am a Brahmin and I eat fish, chicken and drink. All this is because of you. I was such a decent girl before you spoiled me.

Arif: You were such a boring girl. I made you interesting.

So we started. We chatted idly for some time. Every now and then, I looked in the front mirror. I could see that Arif was checking my boobs. My seat belt was very tight and it was between my breasts. Due to this, my boobs were somewhat elevated. Arif was taking a good look at them every now and then. It didn’t surprise me. He had always been like that. It was my best asset and he knew how to appreciate it. And I also never objected to it. I always loved him admiring my boobs.

What really surprised me was I also wanted to check him out. He was definitely more handsome than Aniket. He also seemed to have started going gym. When he was driving, his veins were clearly visible on his arms. He was as fair as ever. His hair was cut neatly. His arm was very hairy. We both smiled at each other regularly as we chatted.

It took us about 15 minutes to reach the hotel. Arif was a very good driver and also fast one. It was one of the things that I really loved about him. He was 6 years elder to me. When I was 15, we met at a function in my junior college. We started meeting regularly after that. He was very rich and owned a fantastic bike. He offered me a long ride one day and I accepted. After that this continued for some time. One day when I was with him for one such long ride, he proposed me. I really couldn’t say no to him. He was a guy a lot of girls to die for. So I just accepted.

As we drove in the hotel, Arif drove to the parking area. A security guard guided us in the lot an Arif parked the car. We both got off the car and started to walk towards the hotel. It was on the first floor and we both started to go up the stairs. We went in and a manager guided us to a table in a corner of the hotel. The hotel was not very crowded and ambience was really good. I liked the place. We both sat down on the table opposite to each other. I put my purse on the seat beside me.

Arif: Ok. Would you like to drink something?

Shilpa: It depends upon what you offer. I can drink vodka.

Arif: ok. Will Smirn-off do?

Shilpa: Yes. That will be fine. What about you? What do you like?

Arif: I will have a whiskey. Is it ok with you?

Shilpa: Yes. Why not?

Arif: I am asking because it smells a bit.

Shilpa: No. That’s fine. But just don’t forget that you need to drive after this and drop me home.

Arif: Don’t worry. I have not turned in to a heavy drinker because you ditched me.

Shilpa: Do you still go to gym regularly?

Arif: Yes. I go everyday at around 9 PM? Why?

Shilpa: Just asking. Actually I saw your hands when you were driving. Your veins are visible through your hands. So I thought you are going to gym. And also you have a good body.

Arif: Thanks for the compliment. By the way, what do you want with vodka?

Shilpa: How about buttered peanuts? Do you like it?

Arif: Yes. I like it. So shall I order the same?

Shilpa: Fine. No Problem.

The waiter came and Arif ordered a Smirn-off for me and one whiskey for himself. He also asked for some soda. The pallu of my sari had fallen a bit on my shoulder. So I moved it towards my neck so that my sleeveless arm became visible. My hair was open and I was feeling somewhat hot. So I ran my hands through my hair. Then I removed the chop that I had put in the purse and used it to tie my hair up in a bun. As I was doing this, I saw Arif’s eyes checking my sleeveless arms and armpits. I was happy that I had shaved off my armpits just two days back. I completed tying my hair and then again smiled up at Arif.

Arif: Why do you tie your hair? I loved it when you keep it open.

Shilpa: Keeping it open damages my hair. So I have to tie it. But keeping it open sometimes is good.

Arif: Yes. But you look very sexy with it open.

Shilpa: Thanks.

Arif: And you also look very sexy in this sleeveless blouse and sari. I have never seen you in a sari. You look absolutely sexy.

Shilpa: I wondered if you would like it or not. I was thinking about a Punjabi dress.

Arif: Well I really liked it. Do you always wear a sari?

Shilpa: No. Not really. Just for some special occasion.

Arif: So is today a special occasion?

Shilpa: Well meeting your ex-boyfriend is always special.

Arif: But what do you wear normally?

Shilpa: Mostly Punjabi dresses.

Arif: Have you stopped wearing western? You looked so sexy in a tight top and jeans?

Shilpa: Well I used to do it. But not for some time now.

Shilpa: I may try it once again.

Arif: Let’s hope so. By the way, for how many years have you been married?

Shilpa: 3 years.

Arif: Was it a love marriage?

Shilpa: No. It was arranged.

Arif: Strange. Almost every girl in Mumbai has a love marriage.

Shilpa: I didn’t find anybody like you. Tell me something more about your marriage.

Arif: My new girlfriend was Hindu. We married as per Muslim law. She converted to Islam. But after marriage, things just didn’t work out as we wanted. So we divorced.

Shilpa: I am sorry.

Arif: It’s ok. She just couldn’t handle all the pressure of the relation with a Muslim guy.

Shilpa: Strange. I found you to be very exciting.

Arif: Didn’t you have any problem with my religion?

Shilpa: no. In fact I learned a lot about Islam because of you. I started learning Quran because of you. I had even thought about converting to Islam for you. But somehow my parents managed to break us off. But I guess even now I think I should have gone off and married you. I would have been happier with you.

Arif: Too bad. But are you not happy with Aniket now?

Shilpa: I will not say that. But still you never can forget your first love. And I really miss the food that I had with you. You used to find strangest non-vegetarian joints and we would go there. But I just loved the non-vegetarian food.

Arif: So you have at least one reason to go around with me. I hope you will not decline if I ask you out.

Shilpa: Of course not. I would really love to go out with you even if it is just for food.

Arif: Well good. And what if I mentioned something other than food?

Shilpa: Arif, please don’t harp on that subject.

Arif: Why not Shilpa? I love you. And even now you can’t say that you don’t? Are you seriously telling me that you love a guy who is ready to send you to his boss just for a promotion?

Shilpa: Arif, really I need some time to think about this. At this point I can say that I may not like it.

Arif: Well if you don’t like it then you won’t do it either. I am not blackmailing you. But I hope you will not mind at least going around with me.

Shilpa: Of course not. In fact I think I really enjoy it.

Arif: Good.

As we were chatting, the waiter came in and put our wine on the table. He poured the wine for both of us and then left the table. We both picked up our glasses. Arif slowly touched his glass to mine and said cheers. I also said the same thing to him and we both started drinking. Somehow the subject turned to his marriage. He himself brought it up. We started talking about his marriage.

And our talk went on, I really started enjoying his company. As we chatted, the waiter came back again and removed the wine glasses. Then he asked Arif if we were ready to order food. Arif asked me what I liked. I said anything is fine with me. I asked him to order for me. So Arif ordered fish curry for us and rotis. He also ordered prawns fry.

So the waiter withdrew. We both again started chatting. After some time, the waiter came back again and put two dishes in front of each of us. After about 5 minutes he came back carrying two dishes on a tray. He put everything on our table in the center. He started serving, but I motioned him to stop and said that I will serve. So I took the pot containing chicken and served Arif first. Then I put some in my plate. I also put one Roti in his plate. Then I served prawns fry in his plate and mine.

Arif: Why did you serve? He could have served us?

Shilpa: Well I don’t think it right that a man should serve when a woman is present on the dinner table. I feel it is woman’s responsibility to serve.

Arif: You haven’t changed a bit. You are same as old days.

Shilpa: I hope so. You don’t think it is too much like a typical housewife?

Arif: So what is wrong with a housewife?

Shilpa: I don’t think so. But Aniket thinks that being a housewife is useless. He feels that every woman should work. I fell that even managing a home is almost a full time job.

Arif: You are right. In fact I would really hate it if my wife were working. That was one of the points I fought about with Meghana. I didn’t want her to work.

Even though I didn’t want to admit it, I had to say that I was getting excited about meeting Arif after such a long time. Even after three years of marriage, I had never forgotten him. I always used to think about him. And even thought I had resisted his advances till now, I myself didn’t think that I would be able to resist him much longer. We had a lot of things in common. So if I went around with him, I was bound to actually end up in bed with him. I didn’t want to think about it but I knew it in my mind.

He liked films and was a very outdoor kind of person. I also loved going out and having fun. I loved movies a lot. But as Aniket was not a very outdoor guy, I really had not had any opportunity of going out. Also he didn’t like movies. So we saw very few movies. Suddenly Arif asked me if I wanted to see a Shahrukh Khan movie next Friday. It was releasing on Friday. Shahrukh was my favorite actor. I had been crazy about him in my college days. But as Aniket didn’t like him so we didn’t see any movie. So when Arif asked me, I said fine. We kept chatting for some time and finished dinner. After this Arif and I came back home. Arif dropped me in our building’s compound. I got out of the car.

Shilpa: Why don’t you come up?

Arif: No. It’s too late. Please tell Aniket that I was in hurry.

Shilpa: Ok. Bye then. And thank you for the nice evening and dinner. I really loved the food.

Arif: Bye darling. And think about what I said. I really love you. And I want you.

Shilpa: Arif, please give me some time. I need to think.

Arif: Yes. So I hope you don’t change the plan for the movie.

Shilpa: I will not. Don’t worry. You know that Shahrukh is my favorite actor. I haven’t seen his movie in ages. So I will definitely come.

Arif: Fine. So let’s meet next Friday. Can I have your number? I will give you a call.

Shilpa: Sure. Give me your number. I will give you a missed call.

He gave me his number. I got my cell out of the purse and dialed his number. It rang and then immediately Arif got a call. He disconnected it and then saved my number. So I turned and started walking towards the lift. The door of the lift was open. The inner wall of the lift had a mirror. I saw in the mirror that Arif was staring at me. When I got somewhat closer I saw in the mirror that he was actually looking at my swaying ass. I was excited that he was looking at me even after such a long time. I don’t know why I should feel this way after meeting a man after such a long time. I knew the lusty eyes of men and I had often felt angry about it. But in Arif’s case I everything was different.

I got in the lift and turned. Arif was still looking at me. I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back at me and the waived his hand to say good bye. I closed the lift door and pressed the button for the third floor. As I was closing the door, I saw Arif driving back. I got out on the third floor and pressed the bell of out flat. Aniket opened the door. He smiled at me and held the door open. I went in and put away my sandals in the shoe stand.

Then I went and sat on the sofa. Aniket came and sat beside me.

Aniket: So honey, how did it go?

Shilpa: Well. He has asked me to come with him for a film next Friday. So you can see what it is.

Aniket: Oh my god. Are you sure? Then it means promotion is mine.

Shilpa: Let’s not guess too much.

Aniket: No. I am not guessing. I know him. It doesn’t take him long to make a decision.

Shilpa: Let’s hope so.

But even when I was talking, Arif’s talk had been in my mind. Aniket was only thinking about his promotion. And for the first time in my life, I was seeing how selfish he was. And more than that, I had never loved him. It was just a compromise. My marriage was just a compromise. I had never forgotten Arif. I always loved him. I was confused. Aniket on one hand was my husband. But I didn’t love him. And more I thought, I understood that even now I was attracted to Arif. I loved him. So with these thoughts in mind, I tried to sleep. It took me a long time to sleep.

As it turned out, Aniket was right. It didn’t take long for Arif to make a decision. Immediately, next Monday, Aniket went to the office at about 9:30 AM. I got a call from him at around 12:30. He sounded very excited and then he told me that he has been promoted. He was very happy and excited. I congratulated him. He was very busy. So he said he will call me back after some time and hung up. After this I felt I should call Arif to thank him. But more than anything, I wanted to talk to him. So, I dialed his cell from my phone. He picked the call immediately and said hi. I said hi to him.

Arif: So you have got the news?

Shilpa: Yes. I got it. Thank you so much Arif.

Arif: Please don’t mention it.

Shilpa: Arif, I was wondering if you would like to dine with us tomorrow evening.

Arif: Is that an invitation from you or Aniket?

Shilpa: No Arif. It is from me personally. And it has nothing to do with promotion. Of course I would tell Aniket that it is to celebrate his promotion. But really I want to meet you.

Arif: That’s very nice of you. I will surely come. Shilpa, shall I take this as a sign that you are interested in me?

Shilpa: Arif. I don’t want to promise anything to you. But let’s say I am thinking. Please give me some time.

Arif: ok. I will definitely come.

Shilpa: Thanks. Bye then till Wednesday.

Arif: Bye. Take care.

So we both hung up. And I really started to think. I wondered why I invited Arif. I was feeling excited and hot. Arif had been my boyfriend for around 4 years. I was around 16 when it all started and 20 when it ended. Now I was 25. So it was about 5 years since I met him. During the 4 years that I had been with him, we had been fairly intimate. On my 18th birthday, Arif had taken me to his flat and we had stayed there for 3 days. I had told my parents that I am going for a tour with my friends. But in reality I had been having a wonderful sex tour with Arif. I had been terribly attracted towards him.

And the same attraction was working overtime now as well. Even though I had tried to resist him, I knew that I loved him. I was physically, sexually attracted towards him. Just looking at his hairy hands made me wet. His handsome face made me hot. And memories of his hairy chest on my boobs made me wet. A brief touch of his hands while crossing the street yesterday had inflamed me. And I knew that if I went around with him, it can never be casual affair. And I had to tell this to Aniket. I had to be honest with him.

Aniket came home in the evening. As soon as he came in, I hugged him and congratulated him. He also hugged me back and thanked me for my help. We both sat on the sofa. Now I wanted to get serious and wanted to tell him about Arif and me.

Shilpa: Aniket, there is something that I want to tell you about Arif. I haven’t been entirely truthful with you about Arif. I told you that we knew each other. But that’s not completely true. Actually he was my boyfriend. But we could not marry because of family pressure.

Aniket: Shilpa, what do you think? I know about this. I had seen some of your old mails. And also some photos which you forgot to delete from your mail box. And also Arif had told me about it. And this is not all about promotion darling. I also have not been entirely truthful to you. I had met Arif on yahoo chat one day. We had chatted a long time about cuckolding. We had role play in which he cuckolded me. And it turned out that he was my boss and you were his girlfriend. It had always been my fantasy to see you with another man. Whenever I saw your photos with Arif, I used to get hot. So one day Arif suggested that we convert fantasy into reality. Then he suggested this scheme to get you involved. He wanted to make you confess that you are attracted to him. You have already confessed that. I also have no problem even if you are sexually involved with Arif. In fact I would like to see you together and hopefully join you in a threesome. I hope you will not mind that?

Shilpa: Aniket, you are really crazy. You are asking your wife to get sexually involved with her ex-boyfriend. And then you are asking me if I would mind if you joined us in a threesome. I am not sure about it. But this has really lifted a lot of burden from my mind. I was so tense about how to tell you about Arif. And you knew it all along. In fact you set me up. By the way, I have invited him for dinner tomorrow. I will see how you will react seeing me with him. Let’s see how broadminded you can be. And just to teach you a lesion, I am going to be very naughty. I am going to act as if I am his girlfriend and not ex-girlfriend. Let’s see how you cope with that. Have you told Arif all this?

Aniket: Yes. He knows that you know about this. So he can’t feel too shy while behaving with you. By the way, can I ask you something? Have you ever had sex with him? I mean when you were going around with him. I will be disappointed if you said you hadn’t

Shilpa: You will not be disappointed. Does that make you uncomfortable Aniket? Tell me frankly.

Aniket: No darling. It doesn’t. In fact it excites me no end. Just the thought of you and Arif together in bed makes me hot. I really want to see you with Arif in bed, naked before I go to Dubai. I want to see his huge cock in your vagina before I go to Dubai.

Shilpa: Are you really sure about this? If I do it once there will be no turning back. I had real hot feelings for Arif in my college days. And even now he really makes me hot. If I do it once, then I will never be able to control myself. Please think twice before you ask me to go ahead with this. This will be a long, serious and hot affair. I know Arif very well. He is like a drug for a woman. Once she gets it, she just keeps longing for more. And even if I want to come back, I may not be able to control my lust for Arif. I will be completely under his control. Even when I was his girlfriend, his parents suggested us not to marry. It was only because of that we didn’t marry. If Arif had asked me to marry him by eloping, I would have definitely done it for him. And Arif may very well make a complete cuckold of you. He may just restrict your role to licking me after he has finished with me. He may not even allow you to enter me. Or he may even ask me to divorce you and marry him. Are you sure you can handle this?

Aniket: Shilpa, I am fine with all of this. Even if he doesn’t allow me to enter you, fine with me as long as you are happy. I would happy licking you if you are happy with him.

Shilpa: Then let’s see how it goes tomorrow.

The next day was Wednesday. I got up at about 7 and made breakfast for Aniket. He went to office about 8. Then I showered and got ready. It was 9 by the time I got ready. Arif and Aniket would be coming home by 7 in the evening. After that we had planned to go to Mahesh Lunch home together. Since it was a holiday next day, we had also planned for a movie after that. It was Arif who had suggested the movie.

I knew Arif had a lot of passion for movies. When we were together, he used to take me out for lot movies. And in theatres, he always got very physical. He wasn’t just restricted to kissing. He used to fondle my breasts, even get his hands in my jeans, panties. So first I called up the theatre and booked three seats in the upper left corner. We couldn’t risk that sort of thing if we got a middle row. I got the seats comfortably because the film was not very special as such.

Then I had to decide what I wanted to wear. When I was in college, I always wore wither a top and jeans or a Punjabi dress. Arif always complained that he cannot get access to my boobs due to these dresses. I didn’t have any options at that time to resolve his complain. But now as I looked at my wardrobe, I understood that I can wear a sari. Sari was perfect for this. It would give him all the access to my breasts. I could just open the hooks of my blouse and he could do all he wanted with my boobs. I could even unhook my bra and get my boobs completely naked for Arif. He would really love it. I chose a nice yellow colored sari. It was chiffon sari and was almost transparent. Arif will get a nice view of my cleavage through it. So I removed this sari and put it on bed. I also removed a black blouse for that sari. It was a sleeveless blouse and had a pretty deep neck. I knew that it would show my cleavage a lot.

Then I also removed a black set of bra and panties. It was quite transparent. Arif normally liked my hair to be open. But whenever we went for a movie, he asked to tie it up. He said that he liked to play with my naked back. So I decided to tie my hair up with a bow. My blouse was very thin and quite a bit of my back would be naked. Also, the blouse would easily show the bra that I would wear underneath. I put all these things on the table. Also, I put a lipstick, perfume and bangles on the table. Now I was ready with my dress for the evening. I spent the entire day in restless mood. I was very excited about being with Arif. I knew that it was wrong, but I really had no control over myself. It was as if somebody else was ordering me to go and get hooked with Arif.

At 6 in the evening, I got a call from Aniket that they are starting from office and would reach home by 6:45. Aniket asked me to get ready. I went in the bathroom and showered. I spent a lot of time massaging my boobs and foaming them. After about 15 minutes, I got out and started wearing the clothes that I had chosen in the morning. I changed into the clothes and then looked in the mirror. I looked good. Then I put a bindi on my forehead and was ready. My purse was on the table.

Immediately after this the door bell rang. I opened the door and found Arif and Aniket standing in the door. I smiled at Arif and welcomed them both. My eyes were just hooked on Arif. He was looking absolutely hot in a red T-shirt and black jeans. I could smell his perfume. They both got in and sat on the sofa. Aniket excused us and went in the bedroom to get a shower. I sat beside Arif and we started chatting. Arif remarked that I was looking really sexy. I thanked him and said that he was also looking very handsome. He just kept looking at me and at one moment he put his hand on my arm and slowly pulled me towards him. I was a bit anxious about Aniket. But I knew that he will take at least half an hour in washroom. So I also got a bit closer to Arif. He put his hand behind my head and pulled my mouth towards him. Our lips met and we kissed each other with passion. He opened my mouth with his tongue and I also opened it for him. Our mouths met each other in a hot embrace.

But at that time we heard the door of the bathroom opening. So we both separated and sat on a distance from each other. Arif changed the subject. In 5 minutes Aniket came in the hall. He was wearing a shirt and jeans. I went in the bedroom and got my purse and slung it on my left shoulder. We all got out of the home. I locked the door and then went in the lift. Arif was on my left. He looked at me and smiled. There was no one in the lift except us. Tausif put his hand on my shoulder. We both looked at Aniket and I mockingly told him not to look at us. Arif smiled at me and slowly moved his hand towards my waist and wrapped it here. As the lift approached ground floor, I asked Arif to remove his hands. I didn’t want to embarrass Aniket in front my neighbors. He slowly brushed my stomach before he removed his hand. The lift door opened and we all got out. Fortunately, there was no one in the parking lot. Arif immediately took this opportunity and took my hand in his hand. I also entwined my fingers in his and walked with him. Aniket was also walking beside us and was talking to Arif about some office business. We reached the car and Arif unlocked it. Then he turned to Aniket and asked him if he would drive. Aniket loved driving and he immediately acquiesced. So he got in the front seat. Arif asked me to get in first and then got in beside me.

I whispered in his ears in an undertone ‘Thank god you asked Aniket to drive. I wanted to sit beside you, but didn’t really know how to ask Aniket to drive.’

He smiled crookedly and touched my arm. ‘I always seem to know what you want darling.’

He wrapped his hand around my shoulder and slowly kissed my left sleeveless arm. I also moved a bit closer to him and rested my head on his shoulder. I checked if Aniket was seeing us. He had started driving, but his attention was, entirely on us. He was watching us in the mirror. I smiled at him and asked him to concentrate on driving instead of watching us. He laughed and said that he was enjoying the show. I flushed a bit and replied that he is going to see a lot of show tonight. Arif also laughed and asked Aniket to drive carefully. We were going to Mahesh Lunch home for dinner.

I moved so close to Arif that I was almost sitting on his lap. My head was on his shoulders. He was caressing my right arm. We are chatting in undertones. Arif slowly raised my chine towards him. He kissed me briefly for a moment. Then he moved his hand to naked portion of my back. He caressed it slowly. I also wrapped my arms around his body and closed my eyes. Arif kept caressing my naked back smoothly.

It took us around 15 minutes to reach Mahesh Lunch home. As we were just turning I separated from Arif. My hair was open. I had kept it because Arif loved it that way. But I wanted Arif to see my naked back. So I garnered my hair and tied them up with a bow. As I was doing this, my breasts rose a bit. Arif immediately took this opportunity to slowly caress them with the palm of this hand. I looked coyly at him and said “Not now Arif. Let’s get in the theatre and then you can do whatever you want with my tits. “Arif slowly wrapped his hands around my waist and said “I hope you will not mind if I got a bit naughty in the theater like old days.” I finished tying my hair and put my hand on his hand around my waist. I caressed it, flushed a bit and replied I was rather hoping that you would. You always complained that because my Punjabi dress or top you couldn’t actually touch my boobs. Well here I am with you wearing a sari. Just push the pallu aside and do whatever you want. It’s all for you darling. ” I moved a bit closer to him and rested my head on his shoulder and whispered in his ears “And mind you, it is not just because you are Aniket’s boss. It is because you are Arif.” I gave a peck on his cheek and moved aside.

Just as I was doing it, the pallu of my sari slid aside and fell down. Arif took it and tried to keep it on my shoulder. But as he did so, he planted a kiss on my deep cleavage. I slowly pushed him apart and mockingly told Arif to stop it. He laughed and moved away. The car had halted in a long driveway. Both Arif and I got down. A security guard came running and guided Aniket towards the parking lot. Aniket went to park the car. I asked Aniket the park the car and come towards the main lounge. It was on the first floor. Aniket said fine and drove away. Arif wrapped his around my waist and we both walked together towards the staircase.

We both reached the lounge and saw that there was some waiting queue. So we both sat on a sofa. I removed my purse from my shoulders and put it in my lap. Then I removed a small mirror and checked myself in it. My lips were a bit dry, so I got my lip stick out and slowly applied it on my lips. It was chocolate flavored. As I was doing this, Arif nudged me and asked “Is this for me Shilpa?” I turned towards him and replied “Tonight everything is for you. You always liked me using chocolate flavor, isn’t it?” Arif put his thumb on my lower lip and slowly moved it across it and replied looking into my eyes “And you liked to use it because I liked it, Isn’t it honey?” I kissed his hand and said” I always liked doing what you liked, what you wanted Arif. I was so much in awe of you that I could have done anything you wanted.”He slowly turned my chin upwards and asked “And what about now darling? Are you still in awe of me? Would you still do anything for me?” I just looked in his eyes, but didn’t answer.

I felt that I was emotionally too attached to him even now. Even now as I saw in his eyes, I knew in my heart that I loved him even now. Despite my relationship with Aniket, I still felt attracted towards Arif and loved him. I never felt this attraction towards Aniket. I really could have done anything Arif wanted if he had asked. But I was afraid to admit it even to myself. “I don’t know Arif. I just can’t say.” And I looked away. But in my heart I knew that I will have to answer this question in near future. Will I do anything for Arif? I knew what he meant by asking that question. I knew that he might even ask me to divorce Aniket and marry him. Or he might ask me to have a continuous relationship with him.

Even I knew in my mind that I didn’t love Aniket really. Our marriage was a sort of compromise for me. I had to marry someone. As it turned out, Aniket was that someone. But even after three years of marriage, I had not been able to forget Arif. Worse still, when we made love, I always used to fantasize that it was Arif who was with me. Even sexually, Aniket was pretty dull. He was pretty unimaginative in love making and we just had sex in simple missionary position. And even more importantly, he could not father a child. I really needed and wanted a child. And in comparison, Arif was perfect in every sense. More importantly I was still crazy about him. So even though I didn’t want to admit, I could do anything for him.

As I was thinking Aniket came in the lounge and sat beside me. He asked if we had ordered. I replied negative. So he beckoned the waiter and asked for the menu. I motioned the waiter and said “Please don’t bother. I know what we want to order”. So he put the menu away and came with a notepad. I ordered fish curry and neer dosa for myself and Arif. Then I ordered veg gussi for Aniket. I told him that it was the only veg dish they had. So in veg he had no choice. As the waiter finished writing, he asked Aniket “Would you like to drink something sir?” Aniket looked at me and Arif. I wanted red wine and Arif wanted rum. So we told him and Aniket ordered rum for himself. The waiter went away. I gave Aniket a small kiss on his cheek and asked him if he was ok. He looked strangely at me and asked why.

I caressed his cheek and said “Well, doesn’t it feel strange seeing me making it out with Arif in front of you?” He kissed my hand and said “I am fine honey. Don’t worry. In fact seeing you two in the mirror was making me hot. Just seeing you and Arif kissing turned me on.” I looked down at his pants and I could see it for myself. His bulge was clearly visible. He turned towards Arif and said “Arif, Have you been here before?” Arif looked over my shoulders and replied “Yes. I brought Shilpa here two days back.” Aniket nodded and replied “This is a good joint for fish lovers.” Arif nodded. Aniket turned to me and said “I never knew that you ate non-veg as well.” I looked at Arif and said” Well you can’t be with Arif and not eat non-veg, can you Arif?” Arif laughed and said “You can’t and especially so if you have been with me for 5 years.” Aniket laughed and looked at me.

By this time, almost all the people in waiting room had gone and we were the only ones sitting in there. I was sitting between Arif and Aniket. Arif had his hand on my shoulder. As my hair was tied up, entire portion of my back was naked. Arif’s hand came down a bit from my shoulder and rested on my right boob. I felt his palm pressing on my right boob and shivered. Also my black bra’s band had moved a bit and was visible on my left shoulder. Arif slowly kissed my back where my bra was visible. I mockingly reprimanded Arif and pushed my bra belt under the blouse. But I allowed Arif to keep his hand on my breast. Aniket looked at us and said that why don’t we get a picture of us together. I was not comfortable with this idea, but both Arif and Aniket were in agreement of this. So Aniket moved towards the corner of the room and clicked one snap of us. Arif’s hand was still on my boob. Strangely I was feeling very hot by his touch on my tit. Aniket also snapped couple of more pictures of us together.

As he was doing so, the waiter came in and told us that our table was ready. So we both got up and started to go in. Arif’s hand was still on my back and he was slowly caressing it. As we were moving Aniket came by my side. We all moved in and came to the table reserved for us. Arif and I moved towards one side of the table and Aniket sat on the other side. The food was already served on the table. The waiter came to serve us, but as usual I offered to serve and did it well. I also made sure that I feed Arif his first bite. He licked my fingers as I was feeding me and I felt so hot. I really wanted him. I kissed his cheek and then we all started dinner.

By the time we reached the theater, the film had just started. Aniket said that he will get something to drink for us and left us. We got in the theater and a boy with a torch appeared showing us the way. My hand was in Arif’s hand as we walked towards the uppermost left corner of the theater. As I saw around there was hardly anyone in the theater. I had expected the same. We both reached the top row and slid in our seats. I was in the corner most seat and Arif was to my right. In two minutes Aniket also came and sat beside Arif. He handed a cola to both of us. Arif thanked him and we all sat back.

We all started drinking and watching the movie. As my eyes got used to the darkness, I saw that there was no one in the top row and the row below us. So we were in pretty secluded spot. I nudged Arif and whispered in his ear”I hope you like the seat.” Arif put his hand under my chin and raised it. We both looked in each other’s eyes for a moment before I felt Arif’s mouth coming down on mine. Our lips met and I opened my mouth for Arif. His tongue licked my tongue and I swirled it around his tongue. My wet lips opened for him as we kissed each other for a long time. I wrapped my hands around Arif’s head and we kissed for an eternity. After a moment, we separated and I smiled at Arif. Aniket looked at both of us and said “So you two have already started.” Shilpa laughed and asked him back “Do you mind it?” Aniket replied back with a grin “No honey. Go for it.”

So I leaned back in the chair and removed the bow from my hair and loosened my hair. As I was doing this, through the corner of my eyes I saw Arif watching my raised tits. I moved my hands through the hair to make them loose properly. Then I removed the sari pin that was tying my sari with my blouse. Arif moved his hand around the back of the seat and put it on my naked arm and slowly pulled me close to him. Well he didn’t need to try very hard. I willingly moved into his arms. Then I kissed his cheek and nudged him to move a bit ahead in his seat. As he did so, I wrapped my hand around his back. So we seated comfortably in each other’s arms.

Aniket had brought some tomato sticks and a chocolate. I put them on Arif’s lap. Arif opened the packet of tomato sticks and put one in his mouth. But instead of eating, he kept it between his lips and then slowly pulled my mouth towards his mouth. I slowly bit one piece of the stick between his lips and ate it. But then Arif again pulled my mouth towards him and kissed me. We both licked each other’s lips slowly and wetted them. I flicked my tongue on Arif’s lips. Arif’s hand was behind my neck. So he was able to exert some pressure on it and pull my mouth in his. As he did so, I was forced to open my mouth. The moment I did it, Arif’s tongue invaded my mouth. Our tongues met each other. I just loved this invasion of my mouth by Arif. His tongue was licking across my tongue.

I moved my hand around and put it on Arif’s neck. Then I pulled his mouth more in mine and kissed him passionately. I was feeling so hot by now that I really didn’t care that Aniket was looking at us. My eyes were closed and I was enjoying Arif’s assault on my lips. Suddenly Arif stopped and separated from me. I looked in his eyes for a moment. Arif slowly pushed me back on my seat. Then he moved the seat’s handle back so that there was nothing between our seats. Then he slowly moved the pallu of my sari aside so my cleavage was visible for Arif. I looked around to see if anyone was seeing us. To my comfort nobody was seeing us except Aniket. I looked in his eyes for a moment before leaning back in the chair. Arif then moved across the seat and slowly planted a kiss on my naked cleavage.

But to my disappointment, it was a brief kiss. He again moved lower and kissed my stomach. This time, I moved my hand behind his head to make sure that he stays there. Arif also didn’t seem to be moving around. He kept kissing my stomach. He was licking my stomach and wetting it with his saliva. I had worn my sari a bit below navel. So my navel was exposed. Arif kept licking my navel and biting the skin of my stomach lightly. He was moving his tongue all over my stomach and licking it. I was caressing his hair slowly and moaning. I was now feeling very hot and excited, but I was also a bit nervous in case anybody saw us. I looked around, but again nobody was seeing us. Then I looked across Aniket. He seemed to be transfixed by the sight of Arif reclining on his wife’s stomach in a theater licking all over it. I looked in his eyes. He slowly moved across and whispered in my ears “Don’t worry darling. I am enjoying the show. I want you to enjoy.” I smiled back at him and then again turned my attention to Arif.

As I looked, Arif had slowly started licking across my stomach and moving upwards. He moved till my boobs and slowly licked the cleavage. I closed my eyes and wrapped my hands around his head. He kissed my cleavage and slowly his hands moved upwards. Then he moved away and looked in my eyes and said “Shilpa, I have always loved your breasts. They are the sexiest little things on earth. Or should I say sexiest big things on earth? ” I smiled and rubbed his hand across my chest and replied sexily “Well if they are big, then it’s your fault. You have worked on them for 4 years. So I should thank you for it.” He wrapped his palm across my right tit and asked me “What is your bra size honey? As long as I remember, it was 30 when we were together.” I put my hand on his hand and slowly squeezed it so that pressure on my right tit increased. Then I replied “Why don’t you measure it by your hand darling?” Arif laughed and said “Sure I will honey” and started squeezing both of tits. At the same time, he also came on top of me and kissed my lips. I also responded to his lips and kissed him back passionately. Arif was slowly massaging my tits and I was moaning with pleasure in his mouth.

As we broke the kiss, Arif moved away. Both his hands were still on my boobs. He slowly moved them to my arms and started caressing them. Then he leaned into me and whispered in my ears “Shilpa, I want to suck your breasts. Open your blouse and feed them to me.” I looked at him in disbelief. I knew he was crazy, but I never imagined he would ask me to bare my tits in a theater. I may have done it probably in my crazy days. But now it was too difficult. I just said no to him. But he immediately leaned into my breasts and started kissing my cleavage. As he was doing it, he said in muffled voice “Don’t you want it baby? Don’t you want me to suck your tits? You used to love it back then.” I was caressing his hair and my eyes were closed. But I managed to reply “Yes Arif. And I would still love it. But I am afraid not here darling. If you really want it, let’s go to the car. Let’s head home and do whatever you want in the car. I will bare everything for you at home and do whatever you want there. Let’s go. The film is bore anyway.” Arif looked up from my tits and looked in my eyes and smiled mocking me “Are you sure you don’t want to see the film?” I smacked him on his arm and retorted “Yes. I am sure. Let’s go” So Arif moved and turned to Aniket and said something in his ears. Aniket nodded and immediately he got up. I also gathered the pallu of sari on my shoulders and got up. Arif immediately put his hand around my waist and we started to get out. The door of the theater opened and we filtered out of the theater.

As we came out I looked at Aniket. He seemed to be very hot and flushed by seeing me and Arif walking together with Arif’s hands around my waist. But at the same time, he was sporting a nice hard-on. I pointed this to him and both Arif and he laughed at it. Aniket went in the parking lot to get car. When he came back, Arif already had me reclining against a pillar and was kissing my lips and groping all over my body. I was so wet and hot by this time that I could have bared for him even in the parking lot if he had asked. But fortunately he didn’t and as Aniket stopped the car, Arif moved away. We both got in the back seat.

As soon as we got in, Arif again pulled me in his arms and our amorous play resumed. The glasses of Arif’s car were non-transparent. So I didn’t fear that anyone could see us. And in any case it was too dark to see outside and even more importantly I was very wet by now. So this time when Arif unhooked my blouse, I really couldn’t have protested. Arif also didn’t leave any chance to do so as he was locking my lips with his. In a minute, Arif had completely unhooked my blouse. My black bra was now visible. I slowly raised my hands. Arif pulled cups of my blouse apart and then slowly licked my cleavage.

Then he slowly pulled me towards him. Our lips locked in each other again, but because he pulled me towards him, there was a gap between my back. He moved his hands behind my back and unhooked my bra. Then he slowly removed my bra. In a minute, my bra was lying on the seat. Arif took one look at my naked boobs and then jumped right into them. He first took my right boob in his mouth and started suckling it. I was writhing in his arms as Arif sucked my teat slowly. He was flicking his tongue across my brown nipple slowly. At times he was slowly biting the smooth flesh of my tits. As he continued his licking and sucking, I closed my eyes and enjoyed Arif’s mouth on my boobs. I was caressing his hair slowly and moaning in his arms. As I looked Aniket was looking at us in the mirror. I smiled at him and he also smiled at me back. I was massaging my left teat slowly and my longing for Arif to suck there was increasing. So I put my hand in Arif’s hair and slowly started pulling his head back. He stopped and looked up for a moment. I took this chance and slowly moved sideways so that my left teat brushed against Arif’s mouth. Then I put my hand below my left boob and slowly raised it to Arif’s mouth. Arif immediately took the cue and started sucking it. But this time Arif was a bit rougher and his teeth bit into the soft flesh of my teat. I cried out in pain, but still held his head in the position. I wanted him to just go on sucking it, biting it hard. I really didn’t care about pain.

Unfortunately for me, the drive to home took just 10 minutes. So when we reached home, Aniket indicated it to us. I was disappointed that it has been just 10 minutes. Arif separated from me. I picked up the bra lying on the seat and started to hook it. But Arif immediately stopped me and asked me to wear just blouse. I looked in his eyes and saw the heat in it. So as he suggested, I put the bra away in the purse and just hooked the blouse. We reached the parking lot as soon as I finished hooking it.

Arif and I got out of the car and Aniket drove away to park the car. Arif wrapped his arm around my waist and we both started walking towards the lift. As soon as we got near the lift, Arif kissed me and licked my earlobe. Aniket came immediately and we got in. We reached the flat and Aniket opened it. I was in Arif’s arms and walked in with him. We all reached in the hall. Arif and Aniket both walked in and sat on the sofa. I went in the bathroom. I freshened up a bit and then came out in the bedroom. I looked in the mirror. My hair was open and fallen on my shoulders. The lipstick on my lips had smeared. My blouse also was partially open. I was feeling too hot. Arif had made me crazy in the theater. I was completely wet under panties. I wanted Arif and I wanted him now.

I came in the hall. Arif and Aniket were sitting together on the sofa. I just looked in Arif’s eyes for one moment and then looked at Aniket. Both of them probably saw pure lust in my eyes. Then I slowly went up to Arif and pulled the pallu of my sari and gave it in Arif’s hand. I looked in his eyes and smiled at him sexily. Then I slowly started to rotate my body so that my sari started peeling off my body. Then as soon as it was completely off, Arif pulled the other end of sari stuck near my waist out and completely removed it. I was wearing just a black choli and blouse now. Then I untied the string tying my choli at my waist and slowly allowed it to fall to the floor. Then I walked out of the choli. I was wearing black panties and blouse. Then I sat in Arif’s lap. Arif immediately pulled me closer to him and we kissed. He started sucking on my lower lip.

As we kissed, Arif was squeezing my tits over my blouse. But now I was feeling very horny and impatient. I was not interested in foreplay now. I wanted Arif to fuck me. I wanted his cock in my hot wet cunt.

I slowly started unbuttoning Arif’s shirt. I unbuttoned all the buttons and started caressing his chest. He was not wearing any vest. He never used to do it. I loved his hairy chest. I broke the kiss and then slowly moved down and planted a kiss on his chest. I rubbed my hands on his chest a few times as Arif squeezed my tits. Then I removed Arif’s shirt and he was bare above waist. Arif also unhooked my blouse as I was doing it. My breasts popped out of the blouse cups immediately. Immediately I rose my arms to allow Arif remove my blouse. Arif removed it, then cupped my tits in his hands and said”Shilpa, you know what honey, you have the sexiest tits.” I looked at Aniket. He was watching us intently and his cock was bulging out of the jeans. I smiled at Aniket and extended my hands towards his crotch and slowly rubbed it. Then I turned towards Arif again and replied”Well they are all yours Arif. Do whatever you want with them. They belong to you.” Arif smiled, looked up at Aniket and asked him “I hope you don’t have any problem with that Aniket.” Aniket laughed and pointed towards his crotch and said “You can check it for yourself.” Arif again turned to me and said “Shilpa, feed me your boobs darling.” I would have done it gladly other time. But right I was turning a bit impatient. So instead of doing that, I wrapped my arms around Arif, slowly mashed my boobs in his face said”Jaan, I really can’t wait anymore. Take me to the bed and fuck me. Please fuck me.”

So I got up and took Arif’s hand in my hand and motioned him to take me towards bedroom. I started to walk to the bedroom, but Arif stopped me. Suddenly he picked me up in his arms. I am definitely not lightweight. I must be at least 60 kg, but ease with which he picked me up surprised me. I kissed his lips and then Arif started to move towards the bedroom. I also motioned Aniket to come behind us. He walked behind us as if he were in a dream. We all came in the bedroom and Arif dropped me on the bed. Arif was standing near bed. Then he took my hand and slowly guided it to his crotch. His massive manhood was already up in its full glory. It was around 9 inches and it made a sort of tent in the jeans he was wearing. I slowly rubbed his crotch with the palm of my hand. Then I moved a bit further towards him and wrapped my hands around Arif’s waist and kissed his stomach. I slowly licked around his navel and rubbed my cheek against his huge cock. My hands came up and I slowly caressed his chest and stomach with both my hands. Arif took my hand and slowly guided it towards his belt. I knew what he wanted. I unbuckled the belt and then opened the button of jeans.

Then I looked up and asked Arif”Jaan, are you wearing anything underneath? You never liked it.” Arif slowly pulled my hands and replied “Why don’t you find out yourself?” I smiled and then slowly opened the zip of his jeans. I knew that he would not be wearing anything and I was right.

I opened the zip completely and his cock sprung out of the pant. His cock was smooth and massive. He was a Muslim. So he didn’t have any foreskin on his cock and its head

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