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My name is sophi. My husbad stive and I have been together for several years. stive is 5 years younger than me, and at age 29 is even more sexy to me than when I first met her when he was about 19. As for descriptions, I am about 6’1″, a hot dating muscular 190 pounds with brown hair and eyes. he is about 5′ 7”, with the face of an hot. he has green eyes and thick curly blond hair that goes down to her shoulders. he is maybe ten pounds overweight, but that only makes her exites and curvier, and overall, simply more voluptuous and sexy. he is one of those husband who, were it not for the fact that he seems totally devoted to me, could adult sex make my life living hell because everywhere we go, every women with half a dick seems to want to fuck him. But, he acts as if he doesn’t even notice, so I guess that reassures me.

Anyway, him best friend’s name is sara and they have known each other since grade school so they’re really comfortable with each other, although they’ve never done anything sexual together. I had adult date met Stacey a few times, but never hung out with him, although she and sara would occasionally get together when I was at work or something. It wasn’t until Stacey got married to Chris though, that we all started hanging out together. A couple of times a month we would all go out to dinner together or go shoot pool. Sometimes we’d just hang out at home and listen to music and drink beer or make margaritas. Now, let me swinger sex describe Stacey. he is one hot, little babe

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