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Be Careful Of What Your Ask For

I sit here tied to a chair facing my wife naked and tied up on a king-sized bed, wondering if I made the wrong decision. All I wanted was to have my wife live out her fantasy in front of me, but I think we bit off more than we could chew, and things are not going according to plan. Let me back up a little.
Jill and I were married at 18 years old. We were young when we met and she was a virgin that I had the pleasure of deflowering, but we were madly in love. Jill was a 5′ dark haired beauty with blue eyes. At her heaviest, she weighed 95lbs, and I could easily say 10lbs where in her size D breasts. Her body was tight, beautiful sexy ass and legs, with one of the tiniest waists I have ever seen on a young woman. Our love life was incredible; I spent many a night tearing her pussy apart only for her to tell me to be rougher with her. I always tried to take it a little easy on her because of her size. With me weighing over 225lbs and with a good size cock, she would always be sore after I pounded her pussy, but she always wanted more.
In the throws of passion, we experimented in talking dirty to each other and started sharing our deepest and darkest fantasies, which always would get us hotter and hotter. She would tell me that she fantasized being raped by a well-hung, tall, dark stranger while I watched, unable to save her. I told her that I always fantasized of watching her dominated and fucked senseless by another man. I asked her if she would ever consider living out such a fantasy and I was shocked by her response. She said “yes”, but the only stipulation was that I don’t tell her before it happens and that I watch and don’t stop it once it has started, no matter how rough it got. So obviously, I agreed.
Months went by and I began obsessing about this fantasy and started to research online: threesomes, cuckolds, rough sex and rapes. I stumbled upon a black guy’s web site named Steve’s Slab, whom bragged about dominating woman with his huge cock. I contacted him stating that I was in the market for a large cock to assault my wife while I watched and sent a picture of Jill. He responded that he would tear her apart if given the opportunity and then sent a picture of himself. He looked huge and I decided that I had found the right person for Jill to live out her twisted fantasy. He agreed and said that he had a great surprise for us, and to email him with the details of when and where to meet. I began my plan to schedule a little get away to the beach and booked a hotel room at a little shady motel that I was sure no one would interrupt if they heard any screaming from the motel room. I emailed Steve and told him all the details.
Jill was excited about taking a long weekend trip to the beach. I packed for both of us and as a little twist I switched out her birth control pills for sugar pills that whole month. I wanted this guy to cum in her fertile pussy and play a dangerous game of pregnant Russian roulette. We hit the local bar after a long day in the sun. Jill wore a slutty little miniskirt and a white see thru tube top. Jill was very playful this evening and kept pouring drinks down her tube top to give the bartender and the patrons quite the show. After 8 drinks each we decided to go back to the hotel and hump our brains out. Jill, weighing only about 90lbs, soaking wet, was falling all over herself, all the way back to our motel. We got to our room and as I opened the door, Steve showed up on cue and barged in and pushed Jill on to the bed, holding a knife to her beautiful breasts. He told me to strip out of my clothes and pushed me into a chair and tied me up facing the bed. I was kind of confused why he tied me so tight to the chair as I couldn’t get free even if I wanted to. Once I was tied tight, Steve winked at me, and put tape over my mouth. Jill was too scared and disoriented from all the drinking to try to get away, and I knew this would be awesome to watch her be completely dominated. Thus began our plan to fuck my wife.
He forced her down onto the bed and handcuffed her hands behind her back so she could not wiggle free. He climbed onto the bed and forced her legs wide open. He grabbed a hold of her tube top and tore it right from her body, and in one motion ripped her skirt right off laughing that she didn’t have any underwear on and she must be ready for a hot night. She screamed for help but it was immediately muffled when he placed duct tape over her mouth. He began groping her very roughly. Once both of us were under his complete control, I heard a knock at the motel door. I was worried that it might be the police as someone might have heard all the commotion. Steve climbed off of my wife to go and answer the door.
In walks two of the largest black men I have ever seen, both laughing after seeing us tied down and naked. So here I sit naked tied to a chair with my wife defenseless on the bed. She was squirming all over the bed with 3 sets of hands grabbing and pulling at her. Three mouths kissing, biting, and licking her all over her body. They tugged at her big breasts, while pinching her nipples until she screamed into the duct tape. From the terrified look in her eyes, Jill was not being very receptive to the situation but I was in no position to stop this. The men quickly stripped out of their clothes and revealed 3 of the longest and fattest cocks I have ever seen. Now I started to worry that this was a bad idea. Jill’s small frame struggled to take my cock and there was no way she would be able to take on one of these monsters, never mind if they decided to fuck her all at once. They stroked their cocks until they were hard. One man laid down on the bed and the other two men picked Jill up over their heads, spread her legs and lowered her down onto the guys huge cock. She had trouble opening her pussy up enough to accept his monstrous cock, but the other men forced her down on it. I could hear the pop sound as the head of his cock forced its way into her body. They pushed her down until the man’s cock bottomed out inside of her. I have pushed deep inside of her before and have always hit the back of her before I am completely inside of her. Some how this giant cock managed to not only push deep inside of her but was buried to the hilt inside of her. Jill’s screams turned into primal grunts and moans which I could not tell if it were from pain or pleasure. I was worried that she would not be able to take all this abuse but strangely the carnal rage that the men displayed on my wife, made my dick as hard as a rock. With a smirk on my face, I watched on. The two men bounced my wife up and down the first man’s cock. Lifting her almost completely off of his dick, revealing the head of his cock, only to let her fall nearly a foot back onto his cock. There was no doubt that his cock was slamming the back of her pussy if not entering her cervix. I could see the sweat beading up on her back as blood curdling screams spilled from her taped mouth.
Steve pulled out some lube and began to lubricate Jill’s asshole. Knowing that she was an anal virgin, I knew that this was not going o be good. Pushing one, two, and then three fingers roughly into her tight little ass, she screamed into the duct tape. I knew she was in pain and I started to flail in my chair but it was no use, I was going to have to watch this happen. Steve pulled his fingers out of Jill’s ass and then began to guide his 11″ cock towards her little pucker hole. His dick was as wide as a coke can and all I could think of was this was a huge mistake. I couldn’t believe that I put my little wife into a situation like this. He began forcefully pushing his cock into my wife. She screamed and yelled as he pushed and pushed until he sank every inch of his meat inside her bowels, his balls coming to a stop against her little ass cheeks. Fully buried inside her, both men started to slam in and out of her, laughing that they could feel the other’s dick rubbing the thin layer of skin that divided them. I sat in the chair watching this unbelievable assault on my wife tiny body. They are going to tear her holes apart; Jill’s body would never be the same. I could see how wide her pussy and ass were stretching around these two massive pieces of dark meat, and I wondered how wide she could stretch before the delicate skin around her two holes couldn’t take any more. You could barely see her body in between these two six and a half foot monsters. They slammed her for what seemed like an hour, Before Steve pulled out leaving a giant gaping hole in her ass. The other guy climbed right on top of her and buried his cock deep inside her in one powerful thrust. He slammed her ass with his near foot of dark man meat for what felt like hours. She seemed to be in a constant orgasmic state but she had taken all that her little 5 foot frame could take and laid near lifeless in between these two men. The men took their cue and began pulling out of her, saying that “it was time to knock this bitch up”. They rolled her on her back and spread her legs wide open with her feet behind her head. I then realized what was going to happen and remember the Jill’s birth control that I tampered with. All three men lined up, and one by one pile-drove their cocks into my wife’s pussy, thrashing her near lifeless body all over the bed until each man dumped their seed deep inside of her, blasting her fertile pussy with gallons of baby juice. She just laid there, no doubt passed out due to the hours of pounding and the countless screaming orgasms that tore threw her body. Each man filled her to the brim with his seed and then Steve placed a large pillow under her hips and propped her legs up to make sure that their cum fully coated her cervix. Steve then took a piece of duct tape and taped her pussy shut so their seed did not spill out of her, uncuffed her hands and proceeded to get dressed and left me tied to the chair to stare at my naked wife. After the excitement came to a close, I realized that I had cum all over myself but still couldn’t get up to wake Jill up. I sat in the chair until morning watching Jill sleep still propped up on the pillow. Nearly 8 hours later, Jill finally woke up and realized that I was still tied up. She could barely walk over to me to untie me. I immediately rushed to pull the duct tape off of her stretched and swollen pussy and out rushed gallons of black man seed. She no doubt would be pregnant at the end of the month. Over the next few weeks, sex with Jill felt different, she was a lot looser than before our little encounter. I made it a point to cum inside of her every opportunity I had never telling her why. Jill never asked if she had been raped for real or if it was my plan the whole time. I never did tell her that I tampered with her birth control. It has been nearly 9 months since that night and I just finished painting the nursery. We are expecting twins, but we have our fingers crossed.

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