Canal Boat 3

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Canal Boat 3

When we awoke it was late afternoon, I rolled over and kissed Linda on her lips and she starts to stir. I kiss her eyes one at a time and she murmurs. Slowly she opens her eyes. Um that was fine. She said. Let’s cook and eat well. I say. We loved cooking together. We put on our clothes and moved to the galley. We started chopping and cleaning. I opened a bottle of wine and we drink as we cook. Interesting day. I said. Very. She replied. It took us about an two and a half hours to prepare a fabulous meal. We had roasted potatoes, fresh garden salad, and a fabulous stew with vegetables, onions and lean beef chunks. The beef was sautéed in garlic and olive oil, browned and seared before cooking slowly in the stew. We drank white wine as we cooked and red wine with dinner.

We set the table. Let’s eat naked. I say. Why would we do that? Linda replied. Why not, we are free, on vacation in a strange land on an isolated area of a river. I reply. It’s dark and the lights are on we can be seen through the windows. Seen by whom? I ask. The farmers would have to be out and chop through the under brush to get a view. No one can see from the cliff as they are looking down. Even if a boat passes by they can’t see unless we are standing up. Take off you clothes you chicken. OK but if I get raped by river pirates, I will cut off your dick. We both stood up an took off our clothes and sat back down across from each other.

We placed the food on our plates and begin our meal. We eat very slowly watching each other. I put foot on the out side of her thigh and move it up and down between bites. Opps forgot something. She said and gets up and washes and peels a carrot. She comes and sit back down. We have a lot of food we don’t need a carrot. I said. This is not for eating she says. It’s for playing. She took the end of the carrot and stuck it in her mouth and starts to suck. She take it from her mouth and tells me to lean across the table and she sticks the carrot in my mouth. Now you suck it she says. I am not feeling so good about this but I do as she asks and suck the carrot for a moment. I need to finish this delicious meal before we play too much. I say. We continue eating for awhile and I say. When are we going to talk about this afternoon?

What do you want to talk about? She said. I want to talk about you and your juicy pussy and I want to know why it was so juicy. OK. Your right, I got off on the whole thing. Watching and then the couple showing up. OK. Go on. Well that’s it. Come on your not saying anything. I want to know everything. When did your pussy start getting wet. I don’t know. She said. Come on don’t be coy, you know. Tell me. OK well it started before I even knew it, but when I saw the come running down his dick, it really turned me on. Then when he came aboard, he stat across from me and during lunch he slipped his foot between my legs and it startled me, but you were looking at his wife and didn’t notice. He could feel how wet I was and he just left his foot there and smiled at me and I kept getting wetter and wetter.

No shit. I said. That’s really sexy. You know what his wife said to me just before they left? No. What. She said. She whispered in my ear that she knew we watched them and she put her knee on my dick because she knew I was hard. On god. They know we watched and they came aboard to tease us. Linda said.

We thought about what we had just discussed and finished our meal. What are we going to do? I said. What do you mean? She said. What are we going to do if we meet them again? I said. What are you getting at. She said. I am getting at that we are on vacation, we have been married for 13 years, we have not had sex with anyone else and maybe we should think about this as an opportunity. I said. You mean like wife swapping. She said. Yeah. Like wife swapping. I reply. I don’t think that is a good idea. She said. Tell me why not. I say. Because you know were not that sort of people. It could be harmful to our relationship. She said. OK. I said. In your single days did you not fuck guys the first time you met them, I know you did because you told me. But that was different, she says, I was free and I was not obligated to a relationship. Yes but you went with a guy and fucked him and left the next morning and never saw him again. Why did you do that? I don’t know she said. Come on you know. You fucked him because you wanted to, it was exciting, it was new. Why should single people have all the fun and married people have to fuck the same person for the rest of their lives? I said. Well I am not sure, but it doesn’t seem right?

How many sex stories have I told you, Linda? I asked. I am not sure. I suppose about one a month for 13 years more or less. She replied. But for the first two years or so I did not tell you sex stories, remember? Vaguely, yes, why? She asked. Because we did not need sex stories to get off. The sex stories came later in our relationship to spice things up. It really started when I had this dream about you and another guy. I was watching and you were on top of this stud. He was much younger with a really fine hard cock and you were riding him and fucking him like crazy and I loved to watch you satisfy this young guy. Then you started to come just as he started to come and I could see the come all around your pussy. Then the dream ended and after that time, I told you stories about you fucking two guys and each time I told the story you went along with it. You never told me to stop or to change the fantasy. You just sucked my finger like it was another guys cock and you enjoyed it. Am I wrong? I asked. No. She said.

So what is your fantasy? You have never told me a story. I have always been the story teller. Why is that? I don’t know. I mean I don’t really think about fucking other men, except when you tell me your stories. She said. But you like the idea of fucking another guy, don’t you? I said. Well in fantasy, I suppose but we are talking about fucking real people and I find that scary. She said. Of course its scary, but it’s also very sexy and exciting isn’t it? I said. Well I don’t know, I am still at the scary part. She said.

Well here is the deal. We are here and we have a potential opportunity to have a fun time with another couple that we can fuck and never see them again. Just like when we were single. I think we should go for it. What do you say? I said. OK. We leave it to chance. If we see them again we will decide then. Do you agree? Sure, that sounds exciting all by itself. I said. OK if it happens, we have to agree, so lets have a code word like sweetie. So if I say a sentence with the word sweetie in it you will know I am OK with whatever is going on and you will reply with a sentence with the word sweetie and I will know you are OK as well. Got it. She said. OK. I said. And what happens if they are really kinky and they get out gags and whips and stuff. I am not going for that. She says. OK well you just say this is not my thing and we leave but they are not into that. My gut feeling is they are very much like us. Up for a sexy adventure. I reply.

At this point we turned off the lights and lit some candles and cleaned up the galley in the nude. Tell me a story. She says.

OK. I will tell you a true story but when I am done you have to tell me a true story that you have never told me before. OK. I think I have one. She replied.

It was right after I got out of the Navy and I started school. I lived in an apartment house just off campus and it was filled with older guys like me, some married guys and some single girls. One day coming home from class I saw two women unloading boxes from their car and I offered to help them. One was dark haired and one was light haired. They had just graduated from nursing school and were just starting new jobs. We had a party group in the building and I was at this party at my married friends apartment and we were all sitting around drinking a smoking pot and I thought of the girls next door. So I left and knocked on the nurses door. The blonde came to the door and she was in a bath robe and just got out of the shower. I came over to ask you guys to come and join the party. I said. My room mate is not here, but I will come. She said. Yes I think you will I said and I stroked her wet hair and bent down and kissed her. She was surprised but did not resist. I guided her into the room, closed the door and kissed her again. I slipped my hands into the open part of her robe and pulled the robe apart. I kissed her tits and stroked her pussy. She turned and lead me to the bed room and laid on the bed while I took my clothes off. I kissed her a few more times. I could hear my friends on the other side to the wall laughing and talking. I thought. Oh if they only knew I was less than two feet away fucking a nurse. I fucked her slowly at first and then fast and came in her. Then we both got dressed and went to the party and no one ever knew I was getting beautiful juicy pussy just a few feet away. I never fucked her again. I don’t even remember anything about her after that night. OK your turn.

I was at a party and I met this guy that lived on a boat. I was really thinking about living on a boat and I asked him if he would show me his boat. We left the party and he took me to the marina and we got on his boat. There wasn’t much to see, it was pretty small and I nearly fell when I went down the ladder to the galley. He grabbed to support me and then he hugged and kissed me and I thought what the hell I am going to fuck this guy. Well I guess he had not had sex for a really long time because when he got going, he didn’t want to stop. His hands were shaking as he unbuttoned my dress and it took him several tries to get my bra off. The panties came off quickly and I could see bulge in his pants. Go ahead take a moment to get out of you clothes. I said. I am not going anywhere. I sat down on the bed and spread my legs so he could get a peek at my pussy. He almost fell trying to get out of his pants. By the time he finally got naked, I could see that he was very hard and the end of his cock glistened from his wetness. Do you want me to suck you or do you want the pussy, sailor boy. I said. Pussy. He said. OK but you have to use a rubber. Oh jeeze, I am not sure I have a any. He said. Sorry sailor no rubbers no pussy. He desperately looked into storage places on the boat. His hard on was withering. OK. I found them and produced a large box of condoms. OK. Sailor pussy for you. I said. And his dick started to grow again.

He fucked me missionary style and he came real fast. Oh that was good. He said. Well it would be even better sailor if you would get down there and eat my pussy until you are hard again. He had no trouble with that offer and soon I was feeling real good. I was almost ready to come when he said he was hard again and wanted to do it doggie style. I got on my knees and offered my pussy. He started rubbing my pussy and sticking in a finger and then he moved toward my ass and started to insert a finger. I said. No ass on first dates sailor. Stick that cock in my pussy before I change my mind. So he stuck in his cock and he fucked me doggie style for awhile but it was not going to get me off, so I told him to lie down and I straddled him and I could move my pussy just right on his cock. I worked him really hard and when I could tell he was coming, I started to come as well. We just lay there touching each other. I gently massaged his cock and when I could tell it was coming back to life, I started to suck it and in about five minutes of sucking he was good and hard and we fucked face to face really slow. I could feel the cock in and out and he would say. I love fucking your pussy and he would ask me to talk dirty. So I said. Your cock is beautiful. I love to suck it. Please fuck me. Please fuck me slow. Please let me feel you come. We both came again and we fell asleep. I awoke early in the morning. I could not decide if I should fuck him again or leave. But I thought of that fine cock and decided to get laid one more time from this sailor. He was still asleep and I started sucking his cock and even in sleep the cock cannot resist and he became hard. I climbed on and started fucking him and he came about the time he woke up. When he came I felt the juice inside me and I realized I had forgotten to put a rubber on him. Fortunately there were no ill effects from the unguarded sex and I did like the juice in my pussy. I did not clean myself until I got back home, so I could relive the fuck on my way home. He wanted me to stay but I told him I could not. I left and never saw him again.

Wow. I said. You can tell a damn good story. Thanks she said. But it is a lot easier when it is true. I see it has had a good effect on you as she observed my hard cock. Baby that was sweet. I think we should finish the night with something really special. Like what. She said. Like my cock in your ass, sweetie. OK sweetie, but did you bring the enema kit? Oh yeah, sweetie. I replied. We moved the candles to the berth area and I laid out some towels. I got out the enema kit, prepared it and as she lay on her side I inserted the point of the bulb into her ass and squirted in the liquid. Soon she got up and went to the head and I got the olive oil from the galley. When she came back, I had laid several pillow on the bed so she could lay down with her ass poked up in a very accessible position. Easy she says, as she lays down on the pillows. I pour the oil onto my hand over the top of her ass. The oil runs through my hands and drips onto her ass. I rub my hands to warm them and start to massage her ass. I spread her cheeks and let the oil run into the crack of her ass. I put my face close and smell. It smells nice. I touch her ass with my tongue, it tastes like olive oil. She lets out a low moan. I rub more olive oil into the ass and the pussy. The pussy is irresistible so I stick a finger in then two as I lick around her ass hole. She responds with little grunts and moans. I leave the pussy and start working my fingers around her ass hole and probe with my finger tip. Slowly I insert the finger. With the other hand I pour more oil. I work the finger around and around. My cock is hard with the thought of sticking it into that tight little ass hole. OK. Relax baby, I coming into you. OK. She replies. I get on my knees and pour oil on my cock. I rub it on my cock and balls and I tell her what I am doing. I take the head of my cock and move to her ass hole and start to push forward. She twitches and breaths out hard. I move just a bit more and continue the pressure. I am about a quarter of the way in an her and she tightens and almost squeezes me out. I stroke her back. Relax baby. I am trying she replies. I stop for a moment. I can feel her relax. I continue to apply pressure and slowly my cock is slipping into her hole. I can hardly stand it and it takes all my control not to come. The tightness is so incredible. I stop to keep myself from coming. There is only about a inch left, so I push hard and I am up to hilt into Linda’s ass. She let out a little yell. It’s OK baby, I am in all the way. Oh that feels good I feel so full. I put my full weight on her and wrap my arms around her and cup each breast. OK. Sweetie, squeeze my cock and when I say that she contracts her ass and the feeling is delicious.

Baby you have a cock in you ass. Who’s cock is it? Your cock, sweetie. No. I said. Try again. The Dutchman’s cock. She says. Yes baby the Dutchman is in your ass and I am watching. Do you like it. She says. Yes. My cock is really hard and I want to fuck you, too. Can I fuck your pussy while the Dutchman is in your ass. Yes, please she says. I reach over and get the dildo as I roll her over on her side and then roll her on top of me. My cock firmly in her ass. I stick the dildo in her pussy. This is my cock, baby. Do you feel it. Yes. She says. Do you like two cocks? I ask. Yes. She says. OK. Tell me about it. I reply. I like a cock in my ass and I like a cock in my pussy. She says. Take the dildo and play with yourself. I tell her. She takes the dildo and I put my finger near her mouth. Do you want another cock, baby? Do you want to suck a cock while you are getting fucked in both holes. She doesn’t answer. I can tell she is ready to come. Stick that cock in my mouth. She yells. I stick my finger in and she sucks really hard and I can feel her ass constrict and I cannot stand any more and I start to come. I say. I am coming and she yells I am coming too. I roll her onto her side and we stay there my cock still inside her ass. Slowly my cock shrinks and slips from the hole. This is the best vacation day yet, I thought.

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