fun with the auditor

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My husband of 17 years had been hinting at a possible threesome for the past couple of months. I didn’t mind the idea, but we live in a small town and rumors tend to fly. Then I was assigned to our company’s inventory audit team, which required young accountants from nearly eight hours away to count certain areas of our company. My accountant was young and COCKY with a I Know it all, seen it all attitude. We got to know each other on our ride to the first worksite. Then we went to my husbands area of responsibilty, where my husband helped us count. As I was leaving with this fresh hunk, my husband leaned in close and said “take him.” The ride 30 miles back to his hotel provided me with ample time to pursue my prey. He hadn’t been home in several weeks and was full of energy that couldn’t be spent by himself. I asked to see his spreadsheet and he invited me to his room. We had finished early and there was still ample light coming through the curtains to see him shiver as I grabbed his tight ass as we walked into his room. I rubbed his already stiff cock through his jeans as he undid my blouse. It was my second cock in seventeen years and it felt damn good under that denim. I moaned as he unbuttoned my khakhis which were visibly soaked. He knelt down and kissed my nipples then traced his tongue to my panties and over my slit. he ran his tongue along the inside of my thighs while I pulled down my standard issue white briefs and pulled my groin to his lips once my bush was exposed. as he hungrily licked at my clit I lifted his shirt off and fell to my knees, licking my juices off his face. He stood and I undid his jeans and pulled his boxers down in one move. His cock hit me on the left cheek and I tentavely kissed the tip. at this point I heard the door open and in walked my husband.

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