how i tamed britney part 1

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My wife has 2 sisters. She came from a religious family and all are “good girls”. Both sisters are older then she is. The oldest is a chubby. She’s 30 – 5’6” and weighs at least 160. Good looking enough but a chubby. Her name is Avril. My wife Christina is the best looking of the 3. Her second sister has been a thorn in my side since I met my wife. I’ve always wanted to have her. The untamable beast. Not the kind of girl you marry but the kind you’d love to go a few rounds with. Skinny as can be, loves to flirt and has the body to back it up. Skinny in the right places and curvy where there should be curves. I will call her Britney in this story. Her’s what went down.

Bart calls me on the on the phone and wants me to come to his place. He is britney’s fiance. A funny looking weakling of a man. He tells me he is a virgin and is worried about his wedding coming up. “I just don’t think I’ll be able to please her sexually. Do you have any tips?” I tell him the same tips I was given when I got married and he doesn’t seem any more relaxed. “can I watch you and Christina a couple of times?”

“christina would never go for that” I said – “she would be embarrassed”

“she’ll never know, I’ll hide in the closet. You do this for me and I’ll let you have first crack at britney come wedding night”.

“what are you talking about? She wont want to have sex with me on your wedding night”

“i told her that on our wedding night she will have to wear a blindfold because I am embarassed for her to see me naked”

“and you think that’ll work?”

“she already agreed”

“well fine then. But nobody will have sex with my wife except me!”

“chuck has agreed to let Avril participate in the fun too”

So along cam the agreed upon night for us to meet at avril’s house. Avril was already in bed waiting for chuck when we got there. “come to bed hunny” I heard her say.

“now you guys watch on the tv. I have a nanny cam set in the right position and already tested it. Who wants to go first.”

“you go ahead chuck and I’ll go next “ i said.

“watch me work my magic”

We watched on the tv as chuck went into the bedroom. He walked over to her and gave her a passionate kiss. They kissed for a minute or so then he began his work. He layed her flat on her back on the bed. He pulled of her pj bottoms and then her panties. She started to rub her nipples through her nightshirt. Then she sat up and undressed chuck. First his shirt then his shorts and underwear.
I was having a great time. I’d never watch people like this before. I have videos but never with people I know. Never knowing that I’d be next. She started playing with his cock with her hand. She bent over and kissed it once but very quickly laid flat back on the bed. He removed her shirt and then jumped on her. He pushed her legs apart and started pumping into her. She moaned a little and even bite him on the shoulder one time. This continued half a minute then he stopped and smiled for the camera.

“that was great hunny” she said.

I could tell she was unsatisfied. She wished he wasn’t done already. He cam out and said “wow that was good sex. I jumped her and pumped it to her. Sorry I didn’t leave much for you she’s probably exhausted. I stripped naked and found her lying on her tummy trying to sleep. She was still naked. Chuck had insisted she remain naked until the morning in case he wanted seconds. Her long hair covered most of her back. Long and blonde and beautiful. It didn’t match her pubic hair but I don’t care. “what an ass” I thought to myself. I grabbed her wrists with my hands and rubber her ass with my dick. I could tell she was aroused more then she had been by her husband.

“oooh I like that” she said “what are you going to do next?”

Then I got her so she was on all fours. I couldn’t say a word because then she would know who it was. I put my left hand on her nipples (like I saw her do before sex with chuck) and my right rubbed her clit. I went slow at first but slowly picked up the pace.

“i didn’t know you know how to do this” avril said.

Just then I pulled both hands back to spread her ass cheeks. Then I shoved my cock in her asshole. She was shocked.

“ow, ow, ow, ow what is this for? It hurts chuck”

I just kept quiet and kept doing it. She went for “ow” to “oh” in a couple seconds.

“o keep doing that, I kinda like this”. I put my hands both on her nipples and playing with them.

“oooooaaaaaa yeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhh. ooooooooaaaaaaa yyeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh. She turned her head to face me and I quickly looked the other way. She was moving like a porn star now. She would stop moving an squeeze her ass down on my cock. Inside her ass there was like a defence mechanism trying to close and force me out. I was having none of that. I moved one hand to rub her clit and then she started to erupt. Screaming like Ive never heard before (except for the pe teacher on porky’s). I was getting embarassed. Then there was a high pitch squeal kind of. She then fell flat on the bed. She was still breathing heavy and trying to catch her breathe. I pulled her by the ass and until it hung over the side of the bed. I pulled her legs apart and started to go to town on her. She was very tight. I figure his cock must be a lot smaller then mine.

“damn hunny you are possessed tonight. Your dick even feels twice as long. I think I even had an orgasm when you where in my ass.”

I didn’t care and just kept fucking her tight honeybox. Christina is not this tight anymore. she started to shake. Her whole body was shaking. I was worried she pulled muscle when I heard that squeak one more time. She tried to fall asleep but I wouldnt let her. She was going to be awake for my finish too. so I slapped her ass hard. The cracking sound might have been too much for chuck because he came to the door and gave me a dirty look. I lifted her ass up in the air with my strength and felt myself coming. I fell over on her but kept my stride. I always did this with christina too. I just like the angle I guess. And then whoooosh as it all came out filling up her cunt. As I finished I took 1 finger and put some come on it. I placed it on her lips to see what she would do. She licked it up and said “oooh that fely so good baby, and your stuff tastes good too.” I don’t know how she sorted out the taste of her’s and mine but I didn’t want to pass up the complement. I went to the bathroom to wash off and chuck got in my face.

“you better not have hurt her with that move. She doesn’t like sex like that.” Just before i said something to him avril said “can you belive it I had my very first orgasm. I am going to need to take a shower tonight”. He just lowered his head and walked away.

to be continued at my place with christina

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