Mixed Doubles Bowling

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My new bride and I loved to bowl and went to bowl a couple times a week even before we were married and the lady that managed the bowling lanes told us one evening that they had an opening for a couple in the mixed couples league and wondered if we were interested, we talked it over and decided it would be fun if we liked the rest of the team so we asked her about the rest of the team and she said they were a little older than we were but really nice and everyone liked them and if we wanted to meet them she would call and have them come in so when they showed up we bowled a couple games together and really hit it off so we signed up for the season, My wife and I are both 25 and I think all I need to do to describe her is to say that Cindy is a Hooters Girl, Glen is 34 and Ruth is 37 and both appear very fit for their or any age. The league started the following week it was summer and very hot, Cindy wore a pair of tight fitting Jeans and the white tee shirt provided with our sponsor’s logo that really showed off her 34D boobs nicely. I also wore jeans and the same type tee shirt and when Glen and Ruth showed up they were dressed the same only Ruth’s tee shirt was loose enough so it was hard to tell what it was covering only that they were they appeared to be large. Cindy bowled first and I went next then Ruth then Glen, I noticed how nice Ruth’s ass was and every time Cindy went up to bowl Glen would say damn you’re a lucky man she looks as good coming as she does going and I agreed and told him he would love her in her work clothes then and he asked where she worked and when I told him she was a Hooters Girl he said he always want to eat at Hooters and his wife would never go but now since Cindy works there maybe she would. The next evening after work when Cindy came home I asked how her day went and she said really great that Glen and 3 of his friends were there for dinner and each of them left her a $50 tip. The next week Glen told me I was right Cindy was amazing in those painted on shorts and tee shirt, I just laughed and told him they weren’t quite that tight. I noticed Ruth had a smaller tee shirt on this week and my lord they must be at least 38DD I told Glen he was a lucky man too. As the league season was winding down Glen and Ruth invited us over for a cookout and a swim the following Saturday and since it was Cindy’s Saturday off we accepted and Glen gave us the address and on the way home Cindy asked where they lived and I told her the address and she said where is that but I had no idea so she put the address in our GPS and it showed a 30 minuted destination so we decided to go look and we were shocked to see it was a what I would call a mansion on a large estate. When we got home I told Cindy to goggle Glen and see if anything came up and nothing so I told her to try Ruth and bam she had just retired as CEO of a major corporation with a 20 million retirement bonus and we thought they were just working people like we were. I said I’m not going and Cindy asked why and I told her they should have told us and she asked why and I had no answer and she said we are going so I agreed. When we arrived I told I almost didn’t come when I found out they were millionaire’s Glen said I’m sorry we didn’t tell any one because so many people pretend to be friends wanting something from them, then I understood. They showed us thru the house and then to the pool which was inside too. Glen asked what type of steak we liked and I told him I was a burger type of guy if he had burgers and Ruth said we sure do that’s all Glen wants he doesn’t like steak but I make him fix me a rib-eye and I laughed and Ruth asked what was funny about that, I told her that was Cindy’s favorite and she well Mr. Chef 2 rib-eye’s and 4 burgers, he said coming up, are fries ok with everyone I said it was my choice and Cindy said great with me then said he always embarrasses me when we go to a fancy restaurant he always orders a cheeseburger and fries, now Ruth is laughing and said I know how you feel. Glen then said the bar is open what’s your pleasure beer for us we ate a great meal and downed a few more beer’s and Glen ask if anyone was up for a swim and I said we are Ruth said me too and what if we needed suits there were plenty in the dressing room and I told her we both had ours on Glen said he did too, Ruth spoke up and said you ass you have nothing under your jeans come and get your trunks on, when they came back I know my tongue was hanging out there was Ruth in a skimpy bikini and when Cindy peeled out of her tee shirt and jeans Glen’s tongue was hanging out too since Cindy had on a skimpy orange bikini that said Hooter’s across her butt. Glen and I both were in instant trouble trying to hide the bulges in our trunks. Ruth was laughing and said I know Cindy caused that and pointed to Glen’s bulge but surely I didn’t cause that and pointed to my bulge and Cindy said yes you did he loves big boobs and your’s are huge, Glen said those puppy’s are 38DD Cindy laughed and said that is what John guessed they were the first time he saw you in the tighter tee shirt, Ruth said Glen guessed yours to be 34C maybe 34D when he saw you and I said great guess too 34D / 22/ 35 Glen said damn she’s perfect, I said I think so then Ruth said I guess I’m a dog then I said not hardly you’re beautiful too and Glen said you sure are not many women you age are 38DD / 26 / 36 with a hard body like yours then he said her boobs barely even sag, I said I guess I’ll have to take you word for that, he said maybe not I let you see hers if you let me see Cindy’s I said that isn’t up to me then Cindy said I’m ok with it if you are but I think it’s only fair if Ruth and I show ours you two show yours too seconds later Glen’s trunks were on the floor so I dropped mine followed by Ruth’s top then Cindy’s the unexpectedly Ruth dropped her bottoms too then looked Cindy’s way and she dropped hers too. Ruth said you guys are the same size and I looked and she was right then she looked at Cindy and said maybe we better relieve them before they explode Cindy said I think so, I couldn’t believe Cindy would give me a blow job in front of them then Ruth whispered something in Cindy’s ear and Cindy said go ahead, Ruth came over got on her knees and took my raging hard on in her mouth and gave me a blow job while everyone watched within a couple minutes I exploded and she drank every drop then moved toward Glen and Cindy said isn’t it my turn, I almost shit but I guess it was only fair so I said go ahead babe it’s ok. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was watching my wife giving another man a blow job, Glen only lasted about ten strokes and filled Cindy’s mouth and she swallowed it all and she normally doesn’t, I asked Ruth if it was ok if I sucked her tits, she said sure, boy I was in heaven I came up for air and looked and Glen was sucking Cindy’s tits too, then I dropped to my knees and was licking Ruth’s snatch then I spread her lips and really went to work and she soon flooded my face. I looked over and Cindy had flooded Glen too. Ruth said one of you need to fuck me, Cindy said she needed it too but she didn’t want to take a chance on Glen getting her pregnant since she wasn’t on the pill because we were getting ready to make a baby, Glen said we have condoms if it’s ok I want you so bad and Cindy asked me and I said it’s up to you babe and she said I want him bad too and I told her it was ok cause I wanted Ruth pretty bad too so Glen went in and came back with two condoms but Ruth said honey you know how I hate those and he said ok so Ruth asked what my favorite position was and I said doggy style and she said oh god me too but Glen always wants missionary Ruth got the cushions off the lounge and put them down for both couples and we got after it, I couldn’t believe my Cindy was being reamed by a strange cock but I had things to take care of myself, my lord was Ruth tight much tighter than Cindy I hammered her for about 5 minutes when she had a major orgasm but I kept pounding and saw that Glen was done and I could tell by the look on Cindy’s face he hadn’t got her o
but I had a job to finish then Ruth exploded again and I was still pumping away then Cindy reached under and licked my balls and I was done and filled the tight pussy and pulled out Cindy rolled me over and took my dick and started sucking till I was ready for action again so I mounted her and hammered her as hard as I ever have and I was giving out and ready to unload so I eased a finger in her ass and she exploded with a squeal and so did I. We all showered together and Cindy and I started home I asked if she was ok with what we had done and she said yes but didn’t want to make a habit of it and I agreed and told her I loved her too much to share her any more, she said me too. A couple weeks later I got a call to stop by my bank and I figured we must have messed up and bounced a check but when I went in the manager handed me a clear deed to our house, I told him we had 29 more years on the loan and he said Monday a week ago a man and woman came in and said they wanted to pay my loan off and asked the amount but he told them he wasn’t allowed to tell them that but about an hour later they came back with a cashiers check for $250,000 dollars and asked if that would cover it and of coarse the payoff was only $147,000 I said you mean we are out of debt he said better than that unfold the deed so I did and there was a CD for $103,097.00 and sealed envelope with a note thanking us for being true friends and inviting us to their Labor Day Pool party, but there could be no more wife swapping they enjoyed and were glad we did it but they loved each other to much to share anymore and also their very private phone number and to call for the date and time if they could come. We now have a paid for home money in the a year old baby boy, and while Cindy was knocked up Ruth took good care of my sexual needs and still calls me about once a month for a good fucking, last month her younger sister was with her so I had to do double duty, her sister is 27 divorced 5ft 2 and 115#s with 36DD boobs, need I say more.

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