Our Fantasy Is Fulfilled

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Our Fantasies Are Brought to Reality.

A few days after Tom and I had entertained his friend Tony in what I could only describe as a fucking frenzy, I was having coffee with my friend Laura while the guys were off playing golf. We had the usual discussion about kids, our friends, what was going on in the neighborhood. All the time I was still processing the thoughts from spreading my pussy wide for my husband and another man. Suddenly I asked Laura if she had ever been with another man while she was married to Sam. The question obviously surprised Laura and she looked at me in a very strange way. Then Laura started to talk. She told me that she had been really close to having an affair. Close enough that the other man had sucked her breasts and fingered her cunt but when it came down to it she just couldn’t be unfaithful to Sam. As we talked Laura said that she later confessed to Sam that she had come close but did not defile their marriage vow.

Thoughts were running wild through my mind and suddenly my mouth ran away with itself. I told Laura what had happened two nights ago. I told her about this starting with our fantasies and then bringing them to reality. The facts that I could still love my husband and be faithful to him and yet have my sexual desires fulfilled. Laura listened to me without interruption and when I had finished just sat there looking at me. Laura asked me if it was exciting to have Tom watch all this and I told her that it was unbelievable. Finally, she said, “Would you be offended if I told you that I would really like to fuck Tom?” I told her “Of course I would not be offended. In fact I have imagined such a thing and that I was watching it happen.” Then I told her of my fantasy of us fucking each other’s husband in the same room. I was totally amazed with what Laura said next. “I think that this is exactly what we should do. I want to watch Sam stick his dick in you while Tom is fucking me.” Now the cards were on the table and the only thing was to figure out how to make this happen. Soon the pieces were put in place and our plans made.

We were still sitting there chatting when Sam and Tom came in from their golf game. We fixed the guys some iced tea and let them tell us about their game. Laura suggested that we get some steaks out and cook them on the grill while the guys relaxed in the hot tub. The men went to change into swimming trunks while Laura and I started working on the meal. With the salad made and the steaks marinating we took the guys a couple of beers. They were sitting in the tub with the bubbles going full blast and we asked if we could join them. They said, of course we could. Instead of us leaving to get a bathing suit we started to strip our clothes off right there. You can imagine the shock they were both showing when their wives started to get naked right in front of them. However, they did not say anything, they just looked. I knew that Sam was watching as I pulled off my shirt exposing my breasts and then hooking my thumbs in my shorts pulled them, along with my panties, down. I stepped out of my clothes and slipped into the tub. Laura had purposely moved in front of Tom, did her striptease, and then got into the tub. I moved next to Tom and Laura was sitting by her husband. I put my hand on Tom’s cock and found that it was getting hard from watching Laura sitting in the tub with her legs spread and her pussy fully exposed. Then I saw Laura start massaging Sam’s cock through his shorts and figure that he too was getting hard. As we sat like that, the men naturally put their hands on our legs, and while not going directly to our pussies, were working toward them. With a nod to each other, Laura and I abruptly got up and changed places.

I can only imagine what was going on in the men’s minds. However, when I took hold of Sam’s hand and moved it to my pussy he did not waste any time getting his fingers busy rubbing my slit. As I rubbed his cock, I quietly told him that I really wanted to watch Tom fuck Laura. Sam did not object and when I spread my legs wide, he instantly put a finger into my hole. Meanwhile Laura had scooted her butt forward and spread her legs so Tom could more easily explore her pussy. Finally, I said, “You know, this would be a lot easier if you guys were naked too.” Wasting no time, Tom and Sam stood up and stripped of their shorts. Their cocks were both standing at attention and I knew instantly that this was going to be a great afternoon. We sat there for a while longer, the women working on the men’s cocks and the men finger fucking us. I watched tom take one of Laura’s breasts into his mouth and I knew that his tongue was working on the nipple. That only made me hotter.

Laura stood up and taking Tom by the hand said, “I think we ought to take this inside.” That being said, we all got up and moved to the deck. Laura handed each of us a towel and we dried off as we went to the bedroom and the large king sized bed that awaited us. As soon as we got to the bed Laura and I lay down and spread our legs. Tom instantly went to the end of the bed and put his face between Laura’ legs. He started lapping her pussy and just hearing the sucking sent a shiver through me. Sam started with me at the other end. He was rubbing my breasts and pinching my nipples while he positioned his dick at my mouth. I eagerly opened up and took the head into my mouth. I could taste the chlorine from the pool mixed with his pre-cum and licked the slit of his dick clean. I ran my tongue around his sensitive rim and under the cock. Finally, I started sucking and very soon, he was fucking my mouth. I cupped his balls in my hand and could feel them pulsating getting ready to cum. All I knew at that point was that I wanted his cum in my pussy so I moved my head away and gently pulled him over on top of me. Sam’s dick quickly found my very wet, slick, pussy and moved inside me. I looked over at Tom and saw that he had started to fuck Laura. Tom’s eyes met mine and we both smiled knowing that our fantasies had become a reality and it was good.

I did enjoy Sam’s cock inside me and I knew that in the excitement of something new and different, this would probably be a quick fuck. Sam did cum soon and filled my pussy full of his seed. With a loud groan, Tom also came inside Laura and soon we were all just lying on the bed freshly fucked and filled with our own thoughts. Finally Laura said, “Well, that was interesting but now the steaks should be ready and I am hungry. We all got up and after wrapping towels around our waists went to the kitchen. Later that evening Tom told me that while Laura and I were working on the food, Sam had said, “what the fuck just happened?” Tom said he did not exactly know but he liked it. Sam agreed and then they began telling each other what their wives hot buttons were.

After eating, we were sitting around in the living room, naked and unashamed. If fact our nakedness seemed almost natural. We were listening to Sam relate a funny event during a hunting trip and were all relaxed. Finally, Sam got up and walked over to me. He sat down next to me and said, “Are you ready to try that again?” In response, I reached over and squeezed his cock. I kept my hand on it and felt the familiar swelling. As soon as it was hard enough I began gently jacking him off. Meanwhile I saw Laura move over to Tom and kneeling in front of him, take his flaccid member into her mouth. Soon Laura’s head was bobbing up and down on Tom’s dick and Sam started sucking my tit. I knew that I was getting wet and was sure that Laura had to be too. Sam moved to his knees between his legs and pulling me forward, began licking my slit. Then he used his tongue to massage my clit. I guess Tom had told him that this was the quickest way to get me really hot and wet. I watched as Tom pushed Laura from his cock and he got up, moved behind Laura and put her on her knees on the couch. Then Tom started working his dick up and down her pus
sy lips waiting for the moistu
re from both of them to be sufficient for easy entry. Meanwhile I was very wet and very ready for Sam’s cock. I pushed Sam’s head from my cunt, got up and went over to where Tom and Laura were. I got a pillow off the couch and laid down where I could watch Tom stick his dick into Laura. Then spread my legs so Sam could have me. Without a word Sam knelt down between my legs, pulled my knees up and pushed his dick toward my pussy. Quickly I was being fucked while I had a bird’s eye view of Tom doing Laura. I don’t know which was exciting me more but all of a sudden, that exquisite feeling was coming over my body and I knew that I was going to cum soon. As Sam pushed his dick in and out and his body rubbed against my clit the spasm came over me and I had a giant orgasm. Not just one, but a series. I came repeatedly. One after the other. Sex had never, ever, been like this. Now Sam was in his stride and he was pushing his dick harder into my wanting cunt. Tom had turned Laura over and was fucking her missionary style on the couch. I couldn’t see his dick in her pussy but it was exciting enough to know that she was enjoying his cock. Sam Exploded inside me but he kept on moving in and out, milking every last drop and getting the full feeling from his orgasm. I could tell that Tom was in the throes of his orgasm and watched when he plunged his dick deep into Laura and held it there while his balls shot their load into her.

Laura and I sat up and used our towels to sop up the cum that was seeping from our cunts. We were both exhausted but very happy. As we all sat, satiated from our extreme fucking I decided to make a statement. We had been doing this but really did not talk about it. So I said, “Tom, I just want you to know that it is ok with me if you fuck Laura any time you want to.” Sam said, “I agree with that but only if I can have a reciprocal agreement.” Laura immediately agreed and then we began talking about how we enjoyed the day and the sex.

As Tom and I were leaving I saw Tom give Laura’s tits a squeeze and I know that it would not be long before he would again be between her legs. I wondered to myself if we would soon tire of this fantasy and want more. This will probably happen, but for now, we will be satisfied with what we have.

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