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Darla loved her first husband. He was her high school sweetheart. She was the young, naïve girl and he, the tough kid on the block. She recalls avoiding T, as he liked being called, but he was persistent, and it paid off. She fell for him, hard. The fact that she had a rather dysfunctional family helped T win her over, and soon he convinced her that they should elope. For her it was love; for him it was sex, as she wouldn’t “put out” before marriage. By her own account, he never took her nor their marriage seriously, and only time would prove to her that he was taking her nowhere damn fast. Two kids and seven years later, the majority of which were miserable for her, she decided enough was enough. It was then that I came into the picture. Their marriage was over. She had thrown him out and filed for divorce. Her divorce pending, she and I started our relationship. In a very short time, I fell for her… hard. We decided to start anew in a new town, but I knew that Darla still harbored feelings for T. I also understood that only time would heal her wounds. I was patient!

I’ve dedicated my life to making her happy. I try to be the ideal husband, BUT Darla has not been the ideal wife – in the bedroom. She was extremely conservative when it came to sex, and I was getting very bored. My love for her is strong, though, so I decided to make some changes to our sex life by introducing new, different and exciting things, and by renewing Darla’s perception of sex. To her sex was but a chore.

I started slowly, and decided that in order for her to like sex, she needed to understand that sex is not a “dirty little deed” but a passionate bond between two people. I began to get vocal in our lovemaking. I moaned, I complimented her body and most importantly, expressed how good “it” felt. I sensed that she enjoyed this. Days later, when we are fucking again, I encourage her to enjoy the act, but I am not graphic. Again, I sense that she relaxes her body, and I also notice she enjoys the act a bit more. Soon enough, my words of encouragement come in the form of, “fuck me with your pussy” and “work your cunt,” “move your ass, Baby!” etc. etc. It’s then I notice she really responds and much to her surprise she experiences an orgasm. Shortly after we finish, she confesses to me that this is her first orgasm… ever! She’s very surprised, to say the least. BINGO! My dirty talk has her fucking hot. I refrain from name-calling; rather I am graphic when referring to body parts and the act. She is enjoying sex more and more!!

Soon thereafter, I introduce porn to our fuck sessions, and encourage her to fuck back much like the “whore” on the film. Her pussy is literally dripping by the time we both climax. Darla begins to let loose in bed. I ask her to talk dirty to me, something she’s not comfortable doing, but soon she’s ordering me to fuck her and to stick my dick in her pussy. Hearing her talk like this sends me over the edge each and every time. I notice she’s getting more aggressive in bed and also initiates many a fuck session – something she never did before.

It excites me to know that this conservative woman, whom everyone regards as prim and proper, is a firecracker in bed. She got a big kick when I revealed this to her. There are two more things I’ve done that have turned my prim and proper wife into a slut in bed. First, I buy her expensive lingerie and second, I tell her about my fantasies, and encourage her to tell me hers. When she first tried on a sexy teddy, she acted shy, but then asked me when I was getting her more. I love my wife!! My wildest fantasy is watching her get fucked. Ideally, get double-dicked by two strong, dominant, well-endowed men. I’ve shared this fantasy with her. One night in particular, when we had the house to ourselves, we were being raunchy and I confessed to her that it would excite me to see her act like a wanton slut and a big whore. She was riding me when I confessed this to her. She looked down at me, smiled and asked me to tell her a fantasy:

We go to a bar for a drink. I go to the bathroom, and when I come back, there are two guys sitting with you at the booth, one at either side. You are a bit tipsy and your guard is down. One of the guys is whispering something in your ear. He’s dangerously close. You laugh, look at him and nod your head ‘no’. You look at me and smile. I sit down and go unnoticed by the two guys. They start to fondle you openly, and you don’t stop them. You throw your head back, thrust your tits forward and lift your ass enough to have them strip you of your thong. You then fling the thong at my face. You signal me to look under the booth. The guys have opened your legs wide, exposing your juicy cunt to all and are fingering it hard. One of the guys turns your head and starts kissing you, while the other guy pulls your blouse up and frees your sweet tits. You’re moaning and encouraging them to finger your pussy and soon enough the whole bar is watching your show. One of the guys pushes the table back, makes you stand, bends you over and without any reservation, starts pounding your pussy good and hard. Everyone is cheering as you hold on to the table for dear life. The other guy stands up and sticks his dick in your face. You are grunting and moaning, and soon take the other guy’s cock and give him some serious head…

My wife, who’s riding me, at this point starts telling me to fuck her hard, because she is cummmminng!! “Fuck me, fuck me with your big dick, oh yes, fuck my pussy.” This sends me over the edge and we come together. We’re both spent, and she confesses that my fantasy made her fucking hot as she imagined herself being used by two complete strangers. She asked me if I really wouldn’t mind her acting like a total slut. I told her it was a turn on for me, and what turns me on is her having no regard for me and belittling me in the presence of her lover or lovers. It’s at this point that Darla confessed that she sometimes has dreams in which her ex, T, fucks her in front of me. I’d never imagined. At first, her confession hits me like a ton of bricks, but the more I think about it, what the fuck, it’s not like he hasn’t fucked her before. I smile and tell her that it sounds like an interesting dream. We leave it at that.

Today is Saturday and I just got home from school. I’m taking weekend classes at a local community college. There’s a car in the driveway, so I assume we have company. I enter my house, and am welcomed by sounds of laughter and giggles. I distinguish my wife’s laugh and giggles, but the other voice is that of a man. The sounds are coming from our bedroom. My wife has a man in MY bedroom?! I hear my wife telling him to behave, because I should be home soon. He tells her that she’ll have some explaining to do being that her “ex” is in her bedroom while her husband is not home.

WHAT?!? It hit me like a blow to the balls. I round the corner and he is laying on her, but they are both fully clothed. He dry-humps her and kisses her neck. She hasn’t given him a full invitation as her legs are still closed, but as I very quietly approach the door, she opens her legs… great timing!! She holds him to her and brings his face to her bosom. He starts the fucking motion and she tells him, rather unconvincingly, that they’ve got to stop, that this has gone far enough. She tells him that she’s a married woman and should not be behaving like a cheap whore. He ignores her pleas, and mauls her tits through her clothes. I can see she’s excited because her nipples are standing at attention.

And then… she opens her eyes, looks directly at me, gives me a wicked smile and orders me to come in and enjoy the show from up close. A startled T looks up at me, then at Darla and then tries to get up. Darla wraps her legs and arms around him and tells him to continue what he’s doing. He’s confused. “So, you’ve caught me,” she tells me, “I’ve wanted T to fuck me for some time now. I’m sorry you had to find out this way, but I’m so fucking horny for him, I really don’t give a shit. You don’t satisfy me, you’ve got a small dick and you don’t know how to fuck. T, on the other hand, has a long, thick cock and knows how to fuck me.” T, encouraged by her words, looks up at me and tells me to get the fuck out, and then tells me he’s going to fuck Darla in my bed. Darla looks at him and says, “You’re going to fuck me in his bed, but he’s going to watch.” She looks up at me and says, “Watch how a real man pleases a woman!” And then it’s like I don’t exist.

They literally tear each other’s clothes off and as T is about to enter her, Darla tells him to wait. She tells him that she wants to be in control and orders him to lie down. He does. I find it exciting to see a naked man, her ex, laying down with his cock hard and ready to fuck her. She orders him to close his eyes and enjoy her touch. She rakes her nails over his nipples, around his tight stomach and then does what I enjoy most, rakes her nails over his balls, all the while telling him how hard and fat his dick is and how she’s going to enjoy riding it. Darla sounds like a total slut, and I know, by her own account, that this is a side to her that he never experienced. He starts to say something, but she hushes him, and orders him to open his legs so that she can have better access to his cock and balls.

She looks at me, winks, and offers me a smile. I’m dumbfounded. I feel jealous, yet full of lust. This is my naked wife caressing her naked ex-husband. His hand finds her ass and soon makes its way to her pussy. I know this, of course, because Darla asks him how he enjoys fingering her wet cunt. He replies in a lustful moan. “That’s it, ” she whispers sexily, “finger my hungry pussy. It’s hungry for your cock, but your fingers feel good, ooooh, you’re soooo fucking good.” She grabs hold of his cock and jacks him off, much like she does me. She’s ready! She straddles him, leans forward, reaches back and points his cock at her pussy. She rubs his cock all over her pussy, all the while getting it wet with her pussy juice and then she does the unexpected… in one motion, she impales herself on his hard dick. He moans his approval, and she rides him hard. I’m a few feet away from the action… front-row-and-center. I see how his monster cock slips in and out of her and how her pussy opens up to accommodate it. I’ve never seen two people fucking in person. The sight mesmerizes me. Darla moans and groans and encourages T to fuck her, to stick his cock up her slutty cunt, all the while working her ass up and down. As an afterthought, she asks me if I like the action, “Do you like watching your wife get fucked?”

“Yes,” I say.

“Then tell me,” she orders. “Order me to fuck him. Shit! Order him to fuck me.”

T chimes in, “Yeah! Tell me to fuck her.”

I can’t resist, “Fuck him! Show him what a whore you really are. That’s it, Baby, ride his dick good and hard. Work that ass, make him shoot his cum up your cunt.” I’ve also pulled down my pants and am giving my dick a good workout. “Oh yeah, Honey, does it feel good to have his big dick up your pussy,” I ask rather rhetorically.

“Yessss!” she says. “It’s so fucking big, and it’s making me cummmmmmm!!” An orgasm tears through her body, and she’s limp for a few minutes, but she still rides him, and he doesn’t let up.

“Don’t stop, I haven’t cum yet, ” he says. He keeps pumping in and out, and I can see her juices literally running down his shaft and onto his balls. She came hard!

“Now you take charge,” she told him as she got off him and got on all fours. “This is my favorite position, like a dog in heat, yeah, like a bitch. Fuck me!!” He gets behind her and is soon pounding her pussy from behind. She sticks her ass high in the air as he fucks her good. Darla moans and grunts as he drives it in.

T smirks at me. He has defeated me. I continue to jerk off and I’m close to cumming. Darla encourages him, “That’s it, yummmm, fuck me, that’s it, fuck me hard!! I can feel you so deep in me, huhm, oh yes, fuck my pussy, fuck meeeee, oh yes, fuck meeeeee. Show my husband what a slut I am. Oh yesss.” T is grunting and then he tenses and shoots his load deep inside her sweet mommy cunt. She encourages him to do so, “Oh yess, that’s it lover, shoot it deep in me.”

I can’t help myself as I shoot load after load into the air. I sit down as Darla and T collapse on the bed. After a few minutes, T looks at me and says, “You’re not a man! A man wouldn’t let another fuck his wife. From now on, I will come and fuck Darla when I…”

Darla interrupts, “Wait just one minute. Let me clarify a thing or two. He is a man. He’s man enough to teach me how to enjoy sex, something you never did. He’s man enough to let me fulfill my fantasy, and to allow me to fulfill his. Again, something you never did. He’s a man who is very sure of himself, and extremely sure of my love for him. And lastly, you won’t ever fuck me again. All this was for his enjoyment. He wanted to see me fuck someone else, and act like a total slut. He’s a much better lover than you will ever be. Now get dressed and get the fuck out. I don’t ever want to see you again.” Darla gets up, covers herself, comes to me, kisses me and tells me she loves me. I hug her tight, thank her for the show and tell her I love her too. We then look at T and like we’d rehearsed it, say in unison, “Get out!”

As soon as he leaves, I order her to ride me long and hard. I enjoy my sloppy seconds. As she rides me, I tell her how I enjoyed seeing T’s dick fuck her deep and hard, but more than that, I enjoyed her acting like a whore. She made me promise that during our fuck sessions, I’d make her act like a wanton slut. She also gave me permission to call her a slut, a bitch, and a whore when in the heat of passion. I think I can oblige. I made her promise me that this was only the beginning. She did… gladly! We let the hidden camera record our after-glow. And now we enjoy her session with her ex repeatedly and we still smile when we hear ourselves say, “Get out!” in unison.

It’s all about perception!

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