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It all started as a fantasy of mine to see my wife enjoy herself while I looked on.  To make this fantasy come true, I decided to make it happen at a regular swing club in South Florida where we love to go to.  The occasion was to celebrate my birthday, and as a gift to myself,  I wanted my fantasy to come true by watching my wife being pleasured by many.  I have always wanted to see her being pleasured by many; however, I did not have the courage to make it happen, but this time it seemed special.

My wife had no idea what I had in mind so everything had to happen spontaneously.  On this night she decided to wear those infamous Jessica Simpson glossy black high heels and a sexy black Marilyn Monroe style dress that was completely see-through!  She wore no bra underneath, but did have on a pair of sexy lace thong style panties.  We decided to go to the swinger’s club on a Friday night since I knew that a lot of single males were allowed to attend the club on those days.  I was very excited and turned on by how sexy she looked and I wanted her to be very flirtatious with all the men because it turned me on.  As we got loose and had a few drinks while listening to music, my wife, who loves to dance, went up to the stripper pole to show off her sexy moves.

As she danced on the perch where the pole was located, several men wolf howled with excitement by all the sexy moves she made while she danced.  Her nipples could be seen through the thin material of the dress and of course her thong covered ass could also be seen.  She would raise the dress up from time to time during her sexy gyrations so that everyone would get a full view of her sexy Latin “Jennifer Lopez shaped ass”.  I became so turned on by her dancing and everyone watching her that I wanted some of the guys to get an opportunity to touch her so that she could also become excited by all the attention.

After her exciting dance, she took a small break and we returned to the bar to refresh our drinks.  While we were waiting for the bartender to serve our drinks at the bar she began to move her body to the rhythm of the music with her back towards the dance floor.  This attracted a a few guys to gather and watch.  As they slowly got closer to her to better see the show, a man began to look more intensely.  I reached out and raised her dress up slightly so that they could see her sexy black thong up close.  Suddenly one guy broke the ice and began to feel on her ass as she moved to the beat of the music.  This caused another guy to move in and caress one of her breasts.  She then began to move more exotically and throw her head back, letting her sexy long hair flow downward.  As this was occurring I looked on and became very excited by the site of my wife enjoying herself as all these guys touched her.  A total of three (3) guys now surrounded her and were feeling all over her body as she moved to the music.  After a few minutes of having this exciting moment take place, she had to break and use the restroom.  Before she went to the restroom I gave her a big kiss on the lips and told her she turned me on by all this and I loved it.  As I kissed her, I reached my hand down her panties and inserted a finger in her pussy and felt that she was soaked with her juices caused by all the excitement from the touching of all those men.

While she was in the restroom, several of the guys came up to me and told me that my wife was very sexy and that I was a lucky man.  I high five’ed them and thanked them for the compliments of my sexy wife.

When my wife returned from the restroom, I had a new drink waiting for her.  She gave me a kiss and looked at me as if she had a surprise waiting for me.  After finishing our drinks, she decided to step up to the perch and dance on the stripper pole again.  As she walked up, several of the men who had enjoyed her dancing previously began shouting and whistling with enjoyment to the anticipation of another sexy show she was about to put on.  As she danced and fondled herself on the pole, she bent her waist to show her legs, and teased the crowd by raising her dress slightly below the cheeks of her ass.  This caused one of the men to step up to her and place his hands under her dress to feel her Latin booty.  The man raised her dress exposing her ass and to my surprise I noticed that she was no longer wearing any panties!  She looked at me, winked her eye and licked her lips very provocatively.  I had determined that when she took a break and went to the restroom, she removed her panties and came back out wearing nothing underneath to surprise me.

Once the guy felt a bare ass when he had his hand up her dress, he suddenly began to raise her dress up completely, now exposing her completely shaved wet pussy to the others!  Two other men stepped up to the perch, one began to suck on one of her breasts, while the other had one finger in her pussy as he sucked the other exposed breast.  Now this scene was totally exhilarating as I watched three men devour my wife with their hands all over her body while in front of all the patrons of the club.  The D.J. expressed his satisfaction with a “shout-out” and shined the spot light on all the action.

As the activity heated up, my wife unzipped one of the guy’s pants and began to suck his cock, while the other guy removed his pants and began to fuck my wife’s pussy doggy style (“spit-roasted”).   She stroked the third guy’s cock while sucking one and being fucked by the other.

The guys switched their positions until each one of them had an opportunity to fuck my wife on stage in front of everyone!  The sexual activity continued until she reached a screaming orgasm by squirting all over the stage.  Everyone applauded and whistled in appreciation for the show.  I looked at my wife on the stage as she now laid on her back with her legs spread wide open with a total and complete look of satisfaction on her face.  As I got closer to her I gave her a kiss and noticed the thick cum of all three men slowly oozing out of her pussy and some dribbling down the side of her mouth.  The site of all this made me very rock hard and horny!

After our exciting night at the club, we went to our hotel room where I then fucked her cum filled pussy and made a deposit of my own.

This was an experience that we will never forget, and hope that it will repeat itself soon.

Happy swinging!

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