the right to britney part 2

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Two weeks went by until the agreed upon Friday night. One at a time we all arrived at my place. I rigged up the downstairs guest bedroom for our fun. There is a door to the downstairs that the guys took so that Christina wouldn’t know they were down there. 9 o’ clock came around and I went to get her. The baby was asleep and it was time to get it on.

“come on over here baby” I told her.

“oh not yet – I was gonna watch some sci-fi. We will later ok?” I went over and grabbed her ass and started to kiss her and fondle her breasts. She always liked that. Then I just started pushing her towards the stairs. “where are we going? Don’t you want to do it on the bed?”

“let’s use the guestbed.” She didn’t argue. She started running downstairs to beat me there. I ran and chased after her. She got there first and sat on the bed. Where she was sitting looked right into the closet which had been cracked slightly (so i knew we ahd out audience). There was also a mirror on the ceiling so they could see everything. She was sitting there in her jeans and top. She remover her shoes and socks like normal but this would not be just a normal sex session. I walked up to her and she started kissing my stomach. She was already very hot. She pushed my shirt up over my head and started sucking on my nipple (she loves that).

“you have a sexy chest. I love your chest hair. Let me suck your chest.” I can’t imagine what she likes about a hairy chest but it gets her horny. She then takes her hands and starts cupping my cock. “is little steve going to come out and play?”

“go ahead” I tell her. “make my day”. She then unzips my pants and starts pulling them down. I remember to turn so that the guys can check this out. If I want first crack at Britney I need to put on a good show. Half-way down I grab her head and push it onto my cock. “are you going to blow me today?” Knowing the answer fullwell I still wanted to ask.

“of course, don’t i always?” She pulls my pants the rest of the way off and starts sucking. She’s not the best I’ve ever had but I enjoy it. She sucks for a couple minutes getting me very excited. i don’t know about you readers but i love slapping her ass when I’m getting sucked. I count to ten slaps and pull her off me. I push onto the floor and start ripping off her shirt over her head.

“not so rough” she says. She always says that to get me hotter. She likes to make me mad. The rougher i am the easier she comes. I guess it makes her more excited too. SLAP on her ass once again. Then I wind up and do it again as hard as I can. She falls over and gives out a little tear. Really though I am trying to distract her from looking into the closet. I can see those dumb guys from where I’m standing and worry that she will too. So I jump on her and pin her on the ground.
“slap” one more time from directly on her. And she is really crying now. I unbutton her pants and pull them off back toward me. She mumbles something about being rough again and so I slap her ass again. That was the last time she mentioned anything like that. I reach back down and slowly slide off her panties. She was wearing the red ones I like. I reach down and grab her around the waist. I help her to her feat and to turn away from the closet to the bed. I look to the closet and point to her ass for all to see. Then I slap it once more. She yelps a little and jumps when I did it. I guess she didn’t see that coming somehow. One more piece of clothing remained Her red bra (that matched the panties). I unhook it in the back and then lay her on her back. I can see that she has been crying a little (too many slaps I guess). I take off the bra and put it with her panties. I then tossed them together in the closet. That’ll be their treat, I think to myself but now it’s time for mine. I remove my boxers and get to work. She’s lying on her buck naked and pouting. So I jump up to the top of the bed and am kneeling over her face. I decide to slap her a couple more time but this time with little steve. I got a couple of good ones in before she opened her mouth. She knew what to do. So i slid myself into her mouth. She started lowering her head and so I lowered myself. She was going to take this whether she liked it or not. Then I reached behind her head and lifted it enough to deep throat her. Then I just let go of everything and was putting my full weight on her face and in her mouth. She was gagging but I was fucking her mouth like nobody’s business. I was starting to feel the pressure and she could tell. She tried spitting me out and tried bumping me off her body. For those you who know us – you know she does have the strength to throw me off her. So I grab her head and push steve futher down her throat. All the sudden she starts gagging and i know I’m cumming. I can see that wounded deer look in her face and know she didn’t enjoy that. I pull out of her mouth and wipe myself on her check. She then tries to spit it out but I catch her in the act.

“what do you think you’re doing?” I ask.

“I don’t want it. I’m going to spit it onto the floor”

“no you’re not. You’re going to swallow it and you’re going to like it”

“yes dear” she says as she gulps. She wanted to get it all down at once if she had to eat it at all.

“so what do you want to do now?” I ask.

“it’s my turn now isn’t it?”

“go ahead, what is it you want?” She grabs her breasts and starts playing with them. She lays fon her stomach and says “do me doggy style”. She is actually facing the closet again and still playing with her breasts. So I pull her ass apart and start rubbing her cunt. She is already dripping wet. I slide 2 finger in and out with no problem. She moans and asks for more. I pick her up around the waist and bend her. She is almost face down now but still moaning. I bend her enough where she is kneeling down and see my oppurtunity. I stick my cock in her cunt. I can’t belive how much she is moaning. Way more then normal i think to myself. I continue pumping away on her and very excited but her pleasureful moans. I can only pump her for a couple of minutes before I realize I am cumming again. But if I come to soon she wont finish and their wont be a big show. I try to toughen it out but to no avail. Her moans take me over the edge and I fall over on top of her. I come all over her ass and it drips all over her legs. She is still panting and I know she wasn’t finished yet.

“aren’t you done yet” i ask.

“ I came already but want another”

“well lets see it. Make yourself come. Come over this panty.” I reach in and Chuck stops smelling the panty and hands it to me. I go and put it under her pussy. “I wanna smell you in this panty understood?” I then sit over in the chair I put by the closet and whisper to chuck to step back to avoid being caught. She reaches between her legs and plays with her pussy for a couple of minutes.

“ I can’t do it without you. My mom told me not to touch myself like that.”
“whatever” I said and then jumped on the bed. “But I am not going to move at all” I was already spent from 2 orgasms and she says it.

“this won’t due. I need you excited” So she slide her mouth over between my legs and started the whole thing over again. Licking and sucking me back to an erection. At the same time she was rubbing her
cunt on my leg to get it wet again. She stopped all of the sudden and switched
to what I call the pornstar position. You know the one I’m talking about. The girl is on top of the guy pushing herself down fucking him. Her moaning started again but she was also saying “me me me mee meee meeee meeeee mmememeeeeee” until I could feel her juices all over my cock. “oh steve you are the man. You always know what buttons to push you always – “ she was trying to walk away but i wasn’t finished yet. I grabbed her by her waist again threw her on the bed again. I had an erection and knew what to do with it. I was going to do her missionary position. I jumped on her and started fucking her like there was no tommorrow. I choked her a little and pulled her hair. Her face went white and she began to struggle. I could feel her struggle and try to push my dick out. So I choked her again and shot out my load. Then I realised she was cumming again herself. So I kept pumping and pumping until she said “oooo aaaa a a a aa a a aa a a a aa a aa a “ and seized up. She had passed out. Maybe it was the 3 orgasms or the choking but this had been a great night of sex. It started out slow but finished quite well. I knew that was what he wanted from me. To show him that i could handle Britney and give her a wedding night she would never forget. The guys came out of the closet and gazed over my work. Chuck reached over and grabbed Christina’s panties. He then rubbed them on her pussy to soak up her juices. He licked them and suck on the already wet crotch.

“can i have these?” he asked.

“what do you think” I answered.

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