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I guess I have no one to blame but myself. After all, it was my idea to have my wife fuck other men. I had long had this fantasy of seeing my wife have sex with other guys. I never thought I’d get the chance to experience my fantasy.

First let me tell you a little bit about Barbie. She’s a petite blond, 5’ ½” and an absolute tiger in bed. She’s completely uninhibited sexually and there’s virtually nothing she won’t try. Her stats: 36C(natural)-26-36, 105bs, with a somewhat athletic build, gorgeous green eyes and full pouty lips. She has that round bubble butt that many guys (myself included) favor. If you’ve ever seen the pornstar Andi Anderson, you’d have a good idea of what my wife looks like. She (now) keeps her pussy shaved, has a lower back tribal tattoo and a navel piercing.
Barbie has always dressed conservatively , but with the newfound sexual adventure she has embarked on, she enjoys flaunting her body in revealing tops, short miniskirts and high heels , which I encourage and she has been enjoying all the attention she’s been getting lately.

My wife and I both enjoy watching porn and recently I had brought home ever increasing hardcore videos for us to watch. The latest ones included hardcore anal porn actresses, such as Andi Anderson, Katja Kassin, Tory Lane, etc. getting gangbanged. One night, after several glasses of wine, watching an especially hardcore anal gangbang scene, my wife blurted out: “God I’d love to get fucked like that sometime!” I responded by saying, “and I’d really love to watch you getting fucked like that”. “It’s just a fantasy, dear” Barbie replied. “I know,” I said, “but I REALLY would like to watch you getting fucked like that”. Barbie let my comment slide and we ended up in the bedroom and I fucked her in her pussy and ass. She used a dildo in one hole while I fucked her in the other. I couldn’t help but try to visualize her getting pounded with multiple dicks while I fucked her. The next day I suggested to her that I’d be open to her indulging in her fantasy.

Barbie was reluctant at first. She told me she was satisfied with just me, and that having sex with other men would be cheating.

“It wouldn’t be cheating if I gave you permission,” I had said. “Besides, I think it would be wild to watch you fuck other men. Especially guys with really huge cocks.”

It had taken months of pressuring my sweet wife to go along with my kinky fantasy until she finally gave in. The first time was on a trip to Vegas, where I took Barbie to a swinger’ club. Barbie reluctantly agreed to go, saying “o.k., but I’m not promising anything”. She ended up having sex with 6 different men that night, including her first DP, with me and a guy named John.

Barbie started wearing shorter skirts and more revealing clothes. My normally conservative and demure wife, whose idea of a short skirt was one that was 1-2 in. above the knee, gradually began raising the hemlines of her skirts, to the point where now, she was wearing them mid-thigh or higher. She quit wearing panties altogether and was now flaunting her great looking natural 36C breasts in ever increasingly low-cut skimpy tops. I asked her if her boss had taken notice. “Oh, yeah”, Barbie replied. “The other day, he copped a feel while I was bending over to retrieve a file that he wanted. He’s never done that before.”

“Have you fucked him yet?” I asked. “No! Would you really want me to do that?” Barbie replied. “Well, that’s up to you honey,” I responded. “That just might get you that raise you’ve been wanting! Besides, I’ve already given you permission to fuck other guys. Just remember the ground rules, (1) No sleeping around behind my back. (2), If you fuck another guy, you must tell me immediately in detail. (3) If you bring guys home to fuck, I must be present. Barbie had agreed to the rules I had set forth after her little adventure in Las Vegas, but so far hadn’t acted on her newfound sexual freedom. “O.K.,” she said, “I’ll see how far I can take it”. Barbie left that day for work, dressed in a provocatively short miniskirt, high heels and a revealing low-cut blouse, underneath which she wore an open cup black lace demi-bra. Her hard nipples readily apparent beneath the thin silk fabric of her blouse. Before she left, I told her that she looked like every man’s walking wet dream. Barbie works as an executive secretary to the CEO of a large company. The guy is married and in his mid 50’s. I’ve met him on occasion and I’ve noticed how he looks at my wife, even before she started dressing so provocatively. I figured he’d have her on his desk before noon. Sure enough, I got a text from Barbie around 11am, telling me he’d called her into his office as soon as she arrived at work that morning, cleared his schedule and held all his calls. She had been afraid that he was going to reprimand her for dressing like she had. Instead, he had her give him a blow job and he fucked her right there on his desk. “Did you get the raise?” I texted back. “Not yet, Barbie replied, but I’m working on it!” When she got home she gave me all the details. The poor guy hadn’t been getting much from his fat wife and when Barbie offered her ass to him, the poor guy thought he’d died and gone to heaven! He gave her a big raise on the spot, with the promise that Barbie would keep dressing like she had been and fuck him on a regular basis. She even managed to talk him out of a monthly clothing allowance, by saying…..”you want me to keep dressing like this, you’ll have to pay for it, clothes like this are expensive!” By the time he finished fucking her in the ass, she had him eating out of her hand. “Did you let him cum inside you?” I asked. “Yes, Barbie replied, that’s what you wanted, didn’t you?” “Oh, yeah”, I answered. I couldn’t wait for the first time I’d be able watch another man cum inside her. I didn’t have to wait long. Barbie began bringing home guys to fuck. I never asked her where she met these men, but I suspected she stopped off at a bar nearby her office after work, as they were mostly, clean cut, well dressed, older executive types. Sometimes I’d join them in the bedroom to watch and other times I’d just set up the video recorder and watch TV or pretend to work on the computer, while they took her upstairs and fucked her. I could hear her moans and cries of pleasure all the way downstairs.

“You like watching other men fuck me and having them cum inside me, don’t you?” Barbie asked me one day after a guy had left after fucking her in her pussy and ass. I assured her it was my fantasy come true.

I was amazed and excited beyond belief when I saw how quickly Barbie had plunged into our new sexual diversion.

So I shouldn’t have been surprised to come home from work to find a group of strange naked men sitting idly in my living room. They had the liquor cabinent open and judging by the several empty bottles of booze sitting on the bar, they had been here awhile. There had been a steady stream of men coming in and out of the house lately, fucking my wife all hours of the day and night, but this was the first gangbang she had initiated. I was excited, but somewhat surprised to see the number of guys hanging out in our house ready to give her a good fucking. Had she gotten in a little over her head, I wondered?

“Thank God we got some reinforcements,” one of the men said as I entered the house. “That slut is a sex machine. She’s draining every guy in the house.”

A smile crossed my lips and a bulge hardened in my pants as I ascended the stairs to the bedroom to see my hot, sweet wife in action. I paused at the door and listened to the sound of several male voices, and the moans of Barbie. I was not disappointed when I entered the room.
Upon first seeing my wife, I thought at first she was getting brutally raped. But I quickly realized she was an active and willing participant in an all out gangbang.

Barbie was on all fours on the corner of the bed with 4 guys around her. The room smelled of sweat and sex and cum. A big black guy, probably 6’ 4” and 250lbs. had his huge dick buried in my wife’s ass. Another well hung black guy was positioned in front of her and had a fistful of hair in each hand, holding her head in position , as he rammed his cock balls deep down my wife’s throat in a brutal throat fuck. The other two guys stood around her and fondled her lithe body, running their hands over her breasts while she jerked them off. What a sight! My gorgeous fucking slut of a wife getting ravaged by 4 guys at a time. It was apparent that my little cock whore wife liked it rough. The bulge in my pants grew larger as the guy drilling her ass really started fucking her roughly., pulling his massive 10 in. dick almost all the way out before ramming in it home balls deep. “Angggggggggh, Angggggggggh, Anggggggggh,” was the only sound Barbie was capable of making with that cock down her throat. She finally managed to pull her mouth off the dick that had been gagging her, saliva mixed with cum dribbled from her mouth as she caught her breath. “Cum inside me you big fucker”, Barbie gasped. “Shoot your cum deep inside my ass! I want to feel your cum inside me!” A couple of minutes later the big dude quit thrusting into to her, his cock buried deep inside my wife’s ass. I could see his balls twitching as he shot a huge load of cum deep inside her, before pulling his dick out with an audible “plop”. The guy that had been throat fucking her started jacking off and true to hardcore pornstyle, Barbie held her mouth open, tongue extended and urged the guy the feed her his cum. “Give me your cum you big stud” Barbie cried, “shoot you load in my mouth!” A minute later he shot his load into my wife’s waiting mouth. She caught the cum, holding it in her mouth, playing with it, some of it dribbling out of the corners of her mouth, before she swallowed it all in down in one gulp, licked her lips and then proceeded to lick his cock clean of every last drop. What a fucking sight! My own private pornshow starring my wife! I now had my cock out and was actively stroking my now rigid member.

I had no idea how many men had already fucked my wife. Strands of jism coated her petite body and dripped from her hair and face. What was left of her tattered stockings sagged around her ankles, but she had gamely kept her cum fuck me high heeled pumps on. It was obvious she had already taken on quite a few guys, but judging from the way she humped, squirmed, and sucked on these strangers, I realized she was still game for more action.

The two guys that had been fondling Barbie now positioned her on the bed for a DP. One guy laid down on the bed and pulled Barbie on top of him. She impaled herself on his big cock, taking him all the way into her pussy. The other guy positioned himself behind her and eased his cock into her ass. Barbie was so pre-occupied with her lovers that she hadn’t noticed me enter. I shook my head with disbelief as I watched her hump back and forth, impaling herself on the two cocks inside her. She was moaning and squirming constantly, obviously loving all the attention the men were giving her.

I began to disrobe as I watched the strange men fuck my wife. After several months of having my wife fuck other guys, I had placed additional conditions on our kinky arrangement. One was that Barbie couldn’t fool around indiscriminately. Second, the men had to be huge, at least eight inches long, and she had to videotape all of her encounters, if I wasn’t present. That’s when she began fucking more that one guy at a time.

True to our rules, these guys were enormous. The guy fucking her pussy had to be at least nine inches long. Barbie’s fists couldn’t encircle the two men’s shafts she was pumping. The guy humping her ass was shoving a fat cock into her that seemed to be ten inches long . This was the first time I had actually witnessed her having a DP with 2 other men. And the three video cameras were all set up, preserving the occasion for the future.

I felt a bit self-conscious as I stood there watching my wife getting gang banged. My cock is only average, six inches, and I was dwarfed by these studs. It looked like a big dick convention. And there I was, the husband of this woman, having to wait for strangers to finish before I could fuck her.

But, as always, I was incredibly turned on at the sordid sight. Barbie is quite petite; barely five feet tall and a hundred pounds. Seeing her tiny body getting slammed by the large men, her tight pussy stretched obscenely around one massive pole while her tight little ass was being stuffed by another, had my cock raging.

“Man, this is one hot little slut,” the guy fucking my wife grunted as he slammed his immense tool up her wide-splayed pussy.
Another guy with a raging hard on entered the room and without hesitation walked up and fed his cock to her for her to suck on while she continued taking the two cocks in her ass and pussy. Two more guys entered the room and walked over and stood around the spectacle stroking themselves. She reached out, took a cock in each hand and took over the masturbating duties.

“No chick’s been able to swallow my whole cock before. But look at this; she’s got me down to my balls,” the man at her head gasped as he ground his pelvis against her face. She was now servicing 5 guys!

I watched in awe as Barbie’s throat bulged with the stud’s fat meat. I hadn’t known she could deep throat before. But I guess she’d had plenty of practice the past few weeks.

The man slowly pulled his swollen organ from her stretched lips, exposing inch after inch of glistening thick cock. He playfully rubbed the round knob of his pole against my wife’s flushed face while she hungrily lapped at his hard flesh.

“You ready to drink more cum, slut?” the man asked as he looked into her lusty eyes.

“Yes, please. Feed me. Drown me in your hot cum,” Barbie cooed.

The man smiled, then gripped the back of her head and slowly crammed his giant stalk back down her throat. Barbie gurgled with passion as both of her ends were fucked with big cocks.

“God, here it comes,” the guy down her throat gasped as he wrenched his massive organ from her fat lips.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Barbie moaned as thick jets of creamy cum shot from the man’s pulsating tool and splattered against her face.

The first rope of jism landed in my wife’s eye, the second across her nose. The man’s aim got better as he began to jerk off in her opened mouth. Barbie stared up at him raptly as another three or four streams of sperm flooded her mouth.

My wife didn’t swallow the stud’s cum at first, but let it pool in her mouth and drip down her chin. Then she gulped down the reservoir of sperm in one swallow. She then took the man’s slackening member in her mouth and lovingly sucked off the rest of his jism.

This sight proved too much for one of the guys Barbie was jerking off. With a gasp, he began to unload in my wife’s hair. Spurt after spurt of thick white ropes of sperm erupted from his cock and splashed in her silky locks. Barbie giggled as the stranger hosed her down, then she took his organ in her mouth and cleaned him off as well.

Barbie’s mouth was not vacant for long, however. The other guy she had been stroking fed his own massive shaft to her lips and buried himself down her throat in one long, slow thrust. My wife whimpered softly, but immediately began to suck on her new offering.

More men came into the bedroom as my wife was gorged on both ends by dick.

“You up next?” one of the strangers asked me as he disrobed.

I glimpsed quickly at the next piece of man meat that was going to find its way inside my wife and gulped. This guy’s cock was absolutely monstrous, over ten inches long and as thick as my wrist. I couldn’t wait to see that giant pole splitting Barbie’s little pussy.

“No, I’ll wait for a bit,” I stammered.

“Suit yourself,” the man grinned. “It’s not often you get a hot little slut like this to bang as you please.”

With that, the guy joined the others around my writhing, moaning wife. Barbie’s hand began to automatically pump the new erection while she sucked and fucked the other two.

Soon my wife’s body was trembling in a long, massive orgasm while she was stuffed full with cock at both ends. The two men inside her then added their own contribution of cum to her already lubed inners. Strands of sperm dripped from her well-fucked holes as the guys withdrew from her and were replaced by their friends.

The man with the horse sized cock took his place behind Barbie. I watched with depraved awe as his massive knob slowly stretched her tiny pussy slit and became lodged in the snug mouth of her pussy.

“Oh, God, you’re huge! You’re tearing my pussy apart! Oh, fuck me you stud! Give me every inch of your great big cock!” Barbie wailed as her new lover slowly stuffed his enormous club inside her.

Her cries of passion were stifled when the guy at her head plunged his own bloated shaft down her throat. My sweet, lovely wife was again getting her pussy and throat reamed with hard, massive cock, and loving it.

This was a rare treat for me. Usually when I come home Barbie is all fucked out and her lovers have left her. She’d be passed out on the bed with cum drooling from her splayed holes. I’d satisfy myself by jerking off while watching the sordid videotapes of the day’s activities. But now I got to watch my lovely wife get gang banged right before me.

“Damn, I can’t believe how tight this slut’s pussy is,” the guy fucking Barbie groaned as he stuffed his enormous pole up her pussy. “Especially considering how many other cocks have already been in her.”

I knew my petite wife was tight, or at least she was. But at that time I think she was just full.

I watched in awe as Barbie’s pussy slit was pulled out around the stud’s huge shaft while he receded. When he had only the fat knob of his cock buried in the wide-stretched mouth of her pussy, he slowly thrust forward, causing Barbie to squirm and moan with passion. The man began to slowly fuck my wife, pumping the full length of his monstrous pole in and out of her grossly distended pussy.

The guy fucking Barbie’s mouth chuckled, “Too bad poor Stu had to miss out on the action. Not big enough for the slut, I guess.”

“Yeah, not only is she a cock-whore, but one of those who needs big dick,” the guy pounding her from behind added. “How about it, slut. You love big dick, don’t you.”

“Mmmmm,” Barbie moaned around the fat shaft down her throat while she continued to rock back and forth on the two massive organs.

It would be revolting and discusting to most men hearing other guys talk that way about their wives and use her like a common whore. But I had encouraged Barbie to do this. And watching these studs treat my sweet wife like a slut turned me on to no end. Barbie responded to their dirty talk. “That’s it you fucking bastards, fuck me with your big cocks, put a cock in everyone of my holes! Fuck me hard and then cum for me! Feed me your cum! I want all of your cum! Fuck me like the dirty little slut that I am!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Those words coming out of my wife’s mouth! She normally was fairly quiet and shy and never one to use that kind of language, but the events of the past several weeks had changed her and she was fast becoming a dirty talking, cum hungry slut! I stood there with a massive hard-on, stroking my dick, proudly watching my cum hungry, slut wife in action.

“Yeah, damn right she does. Suck that big cock, you little slut. And get ready to drink more jism,” the man in her mouth grunted as he slammed his mammoth pipe down Barbie’s throat and erupted.

“Mmmmmph!” Barbie gurgled as the stud fired his load straight down her gullet.

The guy held my wife’s head tight, keeping her lips locked around the fat root of his shaft and her nose resting in his pubic hair. I could see Barbie’s throat constrict around the man’s flexing meat as she tried to swallow his cum. I thought she’d pass out from lack of air, but she kept sucking and gulping the best she could.

Finally the guy pried his satiated member from Barbie’s mouth, and she greedily gasped for air. Thick gobs of cum sputtered from her mouth and nose as she tried to catch her breath. The guy laughed at her convulsions while he slapped her flushed face with his slack organ.

“God, you shot a good load,” Barbie managed to smile weakly as she scooped up the strands of cum that hung from her chin. With a soft moan, she then took her fingers in her mouth and licked up the remnants of the man’s jism.

Another hard stud then took his buddy’s place at my wife’s head. He rubbed his engorged manhood in the pool of sperm on her face, then presented himself to her. Without hesitation, Barbie spread her lips around the guy’s swollen knob and began to suck him off.

“Stop hogging that ass, dude,” one of the men standing by the bed said.

“Almost there. God, what a fuck,” the guy plowing into my wife from behind groaned. “Yeah, here it comes.”

Barbie moaned hotly as the hunk drove his massive tool into her ass to the hilt. His balls slapped against her ass cheeks as he unloaded into her. Her lithe body shook in another orgasm while her slender hips undulated wildly around the man’s throbbing shaft.

Knowing that another man was spewing his hot cum into my wife turned me on further. The guy underneath was cumming as well and he was obviously shooting a good load into her already sopping pussy, as I could see thick rivulets of sperm gush from her splayed pussy slit and trickle down the guy’s flexing shaft.

When the stranger was done shooting his sperm into my wife’s receptive pussy, yet another man took his place. There seemed to be no end to the number of guys ready to fuck Barbie, and she eagerly accepted each cock in her hungry mouth and pussy and ass.

For the next hour or so, I watched a succession of strange men use my wife. They treated her like the fuck slut that she was; pounding her tiny body with their enormous cocks, filling her mouth and pussy with their sperm, or when they felt like it, fucking her in the ass and shooting their cum over her pert little titties, in her hair, or on her face. And Barbie humped and moaned deliriously throughout the entire gangbang.

When the last guy finally shot his load deep inside my wife’s pussy, he pulled out and with a wistful glance at Barbie, began to get dressed. No longer supported by a hard cock, she slumped forward on the bed exhausted.

I was finally alone with my wife. I was so turned on watching her get repeatedly fucked by the group of strangers that I had to have her myself. Barbie whimpered softly as I raised her hips and pressed my engorged cock to her swollen wet gash.

“No,” she protested as I began to penetrate her from behind, “I can’t fuck you. Your cock’s not big enough.”

“It’s OK,” I said soothingly into her ear, “It’s me.”

Barbie turned her head and smiled weakly, “Oh, thank God. I’m not sure how many more of those mutant dicks I could take inside me again.” “How long have you been here?” “Long enough”, I replied.

As I slid my hard member into her, I gasped, “My God, Barbie. Your pussy’s a mess. How many guys have you fucked today?”

“I don’t know; maybe fifteen,” she replied. “But most of them fucked me more than once.”

I was amazed to find that her pussy was still tight after being reamed so many times by such big dicks. My shaft slid through a slick film of cum, and I knew I was fucking a well-used hole.

“How long have you been at this?” I asked as my cock sloshed in and out of Barbie’s soupy pussy.

“Since noon, I guess,” she replied while she humped back against me. “I left work to have lunch at the park. That’s when I met these guys; they were playing softball. I called in and told Maria (her assistant) I wasn’t feeling well and the next thing I know I invited them back here and they start fucking me.”

“They didn’t even give me a break ,” Barbie giggled.

“God, you really are a nasty little slut,” I gasped as I began to pound harder into her squishy pussy.

“But that’s what you want me to be, isn’t it? A cock hungry slut? You wanted to see them use like that didn’t you, you naughty boy? You liked seeing other men shoot their cum inside me didn’t you?” my wife purred.

“Yes,” I answered thickly, realizing I had gotten my wish. “Did you love having all those big cocks inside you?”

“Mmmmmm, oh yes, and loved the feel of them cumming inside me!” Barbie sighed happily. “You really get off watching other men fuck me, don’t you?” Barbie asked. “Oh, yeah, I replied, men with big fucking dicks!” Then she chirped, “You can fuck my ass if you think my pussy is too messy. Not as many guys did me there.”

She had never taken another man’s cock up her ass before, but I guess it was only a matter of time before one of her lover’s big cocks had found its way up her tight asshole. Part of me wished I had been there to see the first guy to fuck my wife’s ass, but I was glad that our kinky arrangement had opened her up to new experiences. Which is certainly an understatement.

My shaft was dripping with other men’s sperm as I pulled out of Barbie’s pussy. No longer plugged with dick, streams of cum poured from her distended fuck hole. A long, sticky strand of jism hung from my cock and slowly dripped onto the bed as I positioned myself at her puckering little asshole.

“God, yes, fuck me in the ass!” Barbie moaned as I thrust my slick cock up her clasping backdoor.

“You like that, baby?” I asked as I buried my stony tool inside her rectum. I could feel the residue of cum in her ass, but she was still so damn tight.

“Oh, yes,” she gasped. “I love to get fucked. I don’t care where. Give it to me, my husband. Fuck my slutty little asshole.”

I gripped Barbie’s cum-dripping hair and pulled her back to me while I savagely pumped my swollen erection in and out of her buttery rectum. She mewled constantly and gyrated her hips around my engorged shaft, now obviously into having her tight butthole reamed.

“I guess my average sized cock will have to due until some more of your big dicked studs come back to fuck you, huh?” I breathed hotly as I slammed my cock into my wife’s clasping shitter.

“Yes, it’s not so big, but your cock still feels soooo good in my ass,” Barbie moaned.

“You like big dick in your ass?” I teased as I watched my throbbing spear disappear between her firm ass globes.

“Oh God yes. In my ass, up my pussy, down my throat; it doesn’t matter. I love big dick now,” Barbie whimpered. “God, it hurt like hell the first time one of those studs fucked my ass. But after that I came like crazy, especially when they started fucking my ass and pussy at the same time.”

Now that was one scene I’d love to watch over and over on the videotape. My petite wife getting both her tiny holes crammed full with huge cock at the same time.

“I saw how much those strange men loved you, my sweet little slut wife,” I groaned. “And you loved all those big cocks, didn’t you. You couldn’t get enough.”

“Mmmmm,” Barbie moaned as she began to hump back at me more urgently, skewering her tight ass on my hard prong. “Maybe I should quit my job and just stay home and fuck. I bet we could make lots of money if you rented me out.”

The thought of pimping my wife did arouse me, but I didn’t want to go that far.

“I’m sure a cock-hungry nymph like you could make a lot of money,” I replied, “And I’m sure you’d love fucking and sucking for every penny. But you’re a slut, not a whore.”

“Yes, I’m a slut,” Barbie sighed happily. “Now fuck your slut good and hard, my husband. Ream my tight little ass with your hard cock.”

I held onto Barbie’s hips and really began to pound into her snug backdoor. Her spasming anal passage gripped my shaft like a satin vice, and I loved the feel and sound of my cock sliding along the hefty cum deposits of other men. And though she had already been fucked countless times, Barbie moaned and twisted passionately throughout her horny sodomy.

“Yes, God, yes,” she panted over and over again, “Fuck, fuck, fuck my ass. I’m going to come again; your cock in my ass is going to make me come. “Ohhh!, I’m cumming now!” Barbie yelped as she worked her clit over with her fingers as I fucked her in the ass as hard as I could.

I slammed into Barbie hard and deep as her body writhed in ecstasy. Her tight sphincter squeezed my throbbing tool and I unleashed a torrent of sperm. My shaft flexed again and again inside her clasping tunnel as I hosed down her guts with my seed. When I was done adding my spunk to the pool of jism that the other guys had left, I pried my slackening meat from my wife’s asshole and slumped back.

Barbie’s lithe body shook one more time and with a soft moan she fell forward onto the bed and passed out. I guess she was completely worn out from the day’s activities.

I gazed at my wife’s sleeping form, amazed at how sweet and beautiful she looked. But her firm little body showed the signs of her workout. Her pussy was red and swollen, and her asshole was still gaping open. Rivers of cum poured from her splayed pussy and asshole. I couldn’t believe that it had only been a few months since she had embarked on her newfound sexual adventure. She had turned into an insatiable, cock craving, anal fucking, gangbanging whore. And I loved her all the more for it!

I stroked Barbie’s flushed face tenderly, then covered her cum-soaked body with a blanket. I then quietly closed the door and went to the other room to watch the videotapes of her nasty performance.

Barbie eventually quit her job so she could stay home and indulge her new desires full time. I decided to take her up on her offer and now “rent” her out. “Rent A Wife”, we call it. She makes several times the money she made as an executive secretary. She has become addicted to sex and needs to get fucked all the time. But average sized cocks like mine no longer satisfy her; she craves monstrous, horse-like dick. The only problem is fucking for money, she can’t be too choosy about the men or the size of their dicks. We solved that problem after she complained that most of the men were too small. She now fucks groups of black men almost exclusively, all of whom have big, monstrous cocks. I can’t begin to describe how exciting it is to see my petite, white wife taking big, monstrous black cocks inside her. After they finish with her, I get to fuck her with my “average sized tool”. Putting my cock in her well used, cum sloppy holes is pure pleasure. The most money she’s made in one evening has been $5,000 when Ron, hew former boss asked her to entertain a group of visiting Japanese businessmen. I even videotaped it for them and sent them home with a XXX rated DVD of their adventure. I set up the video cameras in our bedroom to record directly to the computer hard drive and can even stream live video to my laptop when I can’t be there in person to see my wife getting fucked.

I’ve bought Barbie a massive, black, twelve inch dildo to keep her happy when her studs are not around. She usually can’t come when I fuck her, so I have to fuck her pussy with the dildo while I do her ass in order for her to get off. Barbie now spends her days having sex, thinking about sex, or trolling for new cock on the half-dozen adult dating sites that she has her profile posted on. When she finds a new guy to fuck, she meets him at a bar and explains the rules. The first time is free and he must agree to fuck her in my presence, after that she negotiates a fee and he must agree to be video taped if she fucks him without me present. The only exception to that rule is her old boss, who still comes around a couple of times a month to have sex with my wife. He’s the only guy she’s allowed to fuck her without being videotaped or not in my presence. He always brings her a nice gift and she fucks him for free. She has a group of regulars as well as group of black guys who gangbang her on a regular basis.

And I have to admit that the sight of my wife’s lovely face stuffed with some stud’s massive cock, or her tight pussy or asshole stretched obscenely around an enormous pole, is more exciting than seeing my own medium tool inside her.
My wife is now a slave to other men’s big cocks. But like I said, I have nobody to blame but myself.

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    I’d love for you to do the same to me. I crave cock almost 24 hours a day. I neve seem to get what I want and I’m left hanging. Loved your story

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