An Affair to Remember

An Affair to Remember

My wife and I have been together for many years. Upon meeting we became very serious right away. We met very early in college well before having had much of an opportunity to get to know other partners. I had a couple opportunities in high school and she had no previous sexual partners before we met. This was never really much of an issue until just recently.

Through the years I have been faithful to her and I know she has been just as loyal to me. All in all things were very good between us. Our sex life has been pretty fulfilling despite our attempts to spice things up in the last couple of years. In some of our discussions about sex and love she shared with me her thoughts of not having been with another man. She always ended this discussion by pledging her love to me, and only to me, with no regrets.

As some of our attempts to make things more interesting in the bedroom, we sometimes shared our deepest fantasies while making love. During these times I often suggested we get her a partner on a one-time basis to do all sorts of intimate things with her. Going into extreme detail made me very excited and I know she was interested in every word.

Last year she told me something very enticing. While she was at an out of town conference, there was a man who had been hitting on her and begging her to have drinks with him. She described him as a 50ish handsome older man. Having shrugged him off she told me the story when she returned home. That night while having sex I told her a tale of him having his way with her in her hotel room. This got us very excited and we shared this fantasy often. While telling this story I regularly suggested that at the next conference she take the guy up on his offer. It would satisfy her thirst for adventure and in my mind it was exciting to me….But she would have none of it.

One night she asked an obvious question. “Don’t you think it’s odd that you have a fantasy with me cheating on you with another man?” I wasn’t sure how to answer but to tell her the vision of her with another man made me very aroused. She insisted that I was crazy and that she would never consider it. This is where the story gets interesting.

She returned from another in the series of conferences a couple months ago. Upon her return it was business as usual. We usually made love whenever we returned from being separated by travel. We were all hot and heavy when I began telling the story of her and the older man. I thought the timing to play this game was perfect seeing as she just returned from a business conference. She seemed disinterested that night but I thought nothing of it. We continued messing around when she said it. ”I need to tell you something?” I immediately stopped what I was doing and listened without answering. She just blurted it out. “Something happened one night at the conference with you know who.” My heart was in my throat. I didn’t know weather to be angry, worried or excited.

She put it to me in the simplest version possible (I had sex with him) while my emotions churned. I then insisted she give me every specific, graphic detail of what he had done to her from beginning to end.

Her story began with her getting seated beside him at a committee dinner the last night of the conference. She said he made a couple subtle suggestive comments while at the table. She ignored him and when dinner was over she got up with the rest of the group and headed towards the exit of the room. Her plan that night was to meet two of her associates for drinks then call it an early night. Her two friends were waiting outside the room with a plan to visit a hospitality suite in the hotel. She agreed and up they went. It was almost 10:00.

When they arrived at the suite, there were four men standing around the bar table. The room was like any other hotel suite with a U shaped sectional surrounding a coffee table facing the bank of picture windows that looked out over the city. They all introduced themselves and one of the men offered the ladies a drink. They accepted then went to check out the view. Just as she turned from the window to take her drink “he” entered the suite. She described him as a 50ish tall, attractive athletic type. My wife and her friends sat down and the rest of the group came over almost immediately.

The conversation started about business but quickly evolved into a flirt session. She liked getting a rash or complements from men. She was easily the most attractive of the three women. They had a few more drinks before the crowd began to thin out. It seemed like a good time to take a pee. She had a good start drinking wine at dinner then added several more drinks in the last hour. When she got in the restroom she suddenly felt very tipsy. But she was having fun and felt attractive.

She left the restroom and returned back to the couch. She looked around and noticed everyone was gone except for him. He was fixing himself a drink and offered to bring another for her. She asked him what he was still doing here and he replied that is was his suite. She immediately thought that it was time to go as he handed her the drink and sat to her left on the couch. She took a sip as she was planning her exit. Before she even took the glass from her lips she felt his fingers run through the back of her hair.

She immediately tensed up and before she could gather her thoughts she felt his left hand move under her skirt and up her inner thigh. Her brain told her to get up but her body didn’t respond. She wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or her curiosity. As his index finger reached the edge of her panties, she closed her legs and grabbed his forearm. His middle finger worked its way under the edge of her panties and probed gently around her, and instinctually her legs opened up and she let go of his arm. It felt so good and she was instantly wet. She turned to her left and noticed his erection in his pants. His finger still circling around her slipped deep inside her. It felt so foreign yet so good. A moment passed and he unbuckled his pants exposing himself to her. She reached out and stroked him gently. She said it felt warm and strong. With his fingers inside of her and she now jacking him off, she thought this was way out of hand and would be a challenge to end now.

She knew his intentions and she had to make a plan to get out of this mess before it went too far. Her plan was to give him a thrill to avoid having to make a big scene walking out. She was going to give him what all men love and what they can’t resist. She got up then knelt on the floor between his legs and quickly, before she could change her mind, she took him in her mouth. She could immediately taste his excitement as her tongue explored every inch of his penis. He began to thrust up to her mouth to meet each penetration. Focusing on making him finish, she was districted by her wetness dripping down her leg. She found her hand move to her crotch and her middle finger slide inside herself ending with a clitoral swirl that made her want him inside her. She felt as if he could cum in her mouth at any time.

To her own surprise she immediately got up reaching up her skirt to pull her panties the rest of the way off. She knelt over him on the couch positioning herself above his erection. With her left hand on the back of the couch her right hand guided him inside her. She let herself slip deep down on him then began to slowly rise and fall. Her thought of guilt and nervousness had vanished. She began to feel great pleasure as she moved faster and faster up and down on him. He had now unbuttoned her blouse and was sucking and licking on her nipples. She was just riding his cock and she loved it.

Just then he pushed her off and sat her on the edge of the coffee table kneeling in front her. She remembered the cold feel of the laminate surface on her bare butt as he put himself inside her and began to take it hard and deep. They were both breathing heavy as she felt him ejaculate inside of her. He came to rest still inside when she said, “I have to go now.” She got up to button her blouse and pick up her panties. Then she walked out the door into the hall without saying another word.

Since this encounter we have not talked much about it. However, as you can see, I remember every last detail. Our sex life has been great the past two months. The feelings of jealousy and anger that I had has evolved into the satisfaction that comes to me when thinking of her performing and expressing herself to someone other than me. She is fantastic and he was lucky to be in the right place at the right time that night.

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