Edge of Ecstasy

“mmmm…. Are you gonna fuck me now?” I demanded as I slid my arms around my husband’s shoulders as he fumbled with the key to the hotel room.
“Hmm… ” he replied, pushing the door open “I’m kinda tired.”
“No you’re not.” I said, pulling his shirt up and slipping my arms up his smoothly chiseled chest.
He paused to thoughtfully survey the room, toying with me. “Patience is a virtue.”
I began to unbutton his pants, “Aaronnn, this is a porn, nobody cares to hear your unhorny banter. You should take of your clothes, I like you better without them.”
While he complied to my wishes (see, that makes me sound like I’m some sort of fucking dominant mistress) I plopped onto the bed and began to browse through the drawers. Stealing a bible from a hotel has been on my bucket list. Er… borrow … forever. Much more fun than packing your purse full of those little shitty soaps they give you.
“Do you think I could get away with taking the pillow? I think I want it.”
He seemed baffled. “What?”
I shrugged. “Well, you have kept me waiting for like… forever. Maybe I would rather use the free shower cap provided for my bathing needs.”
He blinked at me.
I threw the complimentary pillow mint at his head. I love how they leave those for you, “I’m just kidding.”
It appeared as if my bi-polar-ness (did you like that? Not only did I make up a word, I made up a word with not one, but two fucking hyphens) had killed of whatever horniness Aaron could ever have.
I reached my hands out to him “Come here love,” I murmured.
He wrapped me up in his toned arms and kissed my forehead. I tilted my head up until his lips met mine. Comforted in his loving embrace, I parted my lips and let his tongue run along mine. An involuntary moan escaped from my lips. Aaron pressed me back into the bed, propping himself up on his elbows above me. I soothingly slipped my fingers through his blonde hair.
“Your hair… is… so hot,” I gasped breathily between kisses.
Aaron momentarily glanced down at me, rolled his eyes, and kissed me again, this time harder, pressing himself into me. I felt his warmth through me like an aura of love.
“I love you,” he whispered into my ear.
I tilted my head up as he kissed my neck.
“Really?” I asked.
“m-hmm, love you so much,” he confirmed, his words mingling into my flesh.
“Aww,” I said, stroking his back, “I love you too.”
His hands slid under my shirt, “Wait. What the hell. Why are you still dressed?” he demanded.
“Well, if you don’t like it, maybe you should do something about it.”
Aaron pulled my shirt of over my head, unhooked my bra, and peeled of my pants.
While kissing me intensely, Aaron began to massage my lips and clit. My pussy was wet and I was horny as fuck. It was amazing, being with him, and I wanted him in every way possible.
“Relax,” he insisted, slipping his index finger in.
I lay my hand on his crotch, massaging his hard cock. I was in a very wanting mood by then.
“babyyyy… ” I groaned, “fuck me already.”
“What’d I tell you about patience,” Aaron replied teasingly. He laid me back comfortably against a pillow and continued to massage my clit with his thumb and slipped another finger into my slit.
“That’s its for people who fucking want to get divorced?” I suggested.
“And?” his fingers found my g-spot.
“For men who are secretly gay” I purred squeezing his fingers with my muscles.
“For some reason, I doubt that.”
“Mmmmm… maybe I do too… Just a tiny bit.”
“Just a little bit?” he smirked.
“This seems really one sided. Should I like… be doing something?” I asked.
“God. You. Suck. At. Sex,” Aaron replied, thrusting his fingers deeper into me with each word.
I was on the edge of an orgasm – out of breath with my breasts heaving.
He pulled his fingers out, leaving me unsatisfied and hurting for more.
“You bastard,” I hissed, “and don’t you dare say patience. Cause if you do, I’m going to march over to the bathroom and fucking finish myself of. And it’s your fault I suck. You’re so neglectful of my sexual needs Aaron.”
(Cause all sex needs a little bitchy tirade)
He scooped me up and carried me over to the bathroom while I practically writhed in the horniness that engulfed by being like a slow, smoldering fire sizzling in my veins. Every inch that separated us only magnified the pain of being apart from him. I glanced over at him and I knew he felt it too, like some cosmic force insisted that the two of us were connected, and we were only denying it by being apart.
“Aaron,” I whispered hoarsely.
“I know,” he pulled me into the shower and ran his fingers from my wrist up my arm and traced it down my side and around my waist until his hands rested on my ass.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist.
Melting into him, so filled with desire, I felt like I could no longer speak or move.
“I adore you,” I managed.
He laughed softly, “I adore you too.”
His fingers continued to skim my skin as he kissed my lips, and then my neck, and finally my breasts. His fingers circled them.
I kept stroking his hair, “Fuck you, you’re killing me.”
Aaron was still on a detailed search of each and every crevice of my body.
His cock rock hard, he slammed it into me in a way that was forceful yet gentle. I moaned in pleasure that carried an edge of pain mixed with long awaited fulfillment. It didn’t take long for his forceful thrusting to leave me convulsing in his arms in an orgasm that resonated from my pussy to the ends of my fingers and my toes and any other appendage I had.
He carried me to bed, tired and content, and whispered sweet nothings into my ear as I dozed of to sleep.

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