Email to my boyfriend

I’ve been thinking about you, the way you make me feel when you kiss me. The feel of your lips against mine, soft, gentle and sweet. Your eyes looking into mine with passion and lust. I’ve been thinking of the feel of your fingers running over my skin, soft and light sending chills through my body. The feelings building inside me. The tingle that starts in between my legs as i become wet and excited. Your kisses down my back and then up to my neck that makes my nipple tickle and become erect, which you softly play with, gently touching them and rolling them between your fingers. I can feel you moving your hand down my body slowly and sensually towards my thighs.
you run your fingers so softly around the inside of my thighs teasing my now wet and sensitive pussy, gliding over it so only the tips of your fingers brush it to send pleasure and anticipation through me. The want for you the push your finger into my waiting pussy is overwhelming, but you don’t. You start to lick and bite my neck lightly, sweetly and work your way down my body to my thigh. All i want is for you to touch my throbbing, wet pussy. I want you to taste me. I want your lips on mine. i ache to have your tongue inside me tasting the wet nectar you have coursed to flow from my body. You run your tongue along my wet lips, teasing and driving me to madness. i can feel your finger at the base of my yearning moist pussy, rubbing and separating my lips feeling the fluids that have been building inside me. Your tongue licks my clit coursing my body to shudder with ecstasy. The sound of my moaning enthrals you. The taste of my pussy makes your already hard dick throb with excitement and yearns to be inside me. You push your fingers inside me as you press your tongue harder on my clit. You can feel my muscles close tight around your fingers, sliding them in and out of me feeling the pleasure you are coursing me. You move faster and stronger building the feelings of euphoria inside me, building to the point of explosion. I cum with your fingers deep in me, now pounding against my wet pussy. i scream in ecstasy as the fluids run down your finger and over your hand.
You smile with satisfaction as you bring your body over mine. You kiss me with passion as you slowly push your hard throbbing dick into my now socked willing pussy. i can feel your heart beat inside me as i squeeze you, i feel you fill me. Slowly you move in and out of me, I’m in nirvana. I move my hips in rhythm with your body. We are as one. The feel of your skin against mine high-tens the sense of unity.
I want you to take me from behind. I move to my hands and knees in front of you. You can see the juice’s glimmer on my waiting pussy. You grab my hair and hold it tight as you slip you wet dick in to me. You start slow and soft building up pace. I can feel your body start to beat against mine with more force. I moan in pleasure as you get to the point of pounding me hard from behind. The feel of you balls hitting my clit brings me closer and closer to Cumming. Your dick is throbbing inside me. Your moaning gets louder, your pounding gets harder. My mind goes blank and all I feel is the euphoric pleasure run through me as I cum whilst you pound me. I feel your body tense up and hear you moan an intense moan as you cum inside me.

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