I want to write this account so that other women can see that they have the power to change their lives for the better in the same way that I did. I was never what you would call a dominant person. Quite the opposite in fact. Three years ago my life was in a mess. The children had grown up and moved on and it was just me and my husband in the house. I sat at home and cried nearly every night, feeling alone, angry and miserable. Meanwhile, my husband was out drinking with his mates seven nights per week. Although we had plenty of money coming in, I had nothing. I was ashamed to even go out the door because of the clothes that I wore. All that is changed now and I am a new woman so I want to tell all you ladies that you don’t have to put up with shit from any man.
Like I said I was miserable and I was on the verge of leaving him. The problem was that I had nowhere to go and not a cent to my name. I was afraid too of having to spend the rest of my life on my own. He would come home in the evening or late at night and was verbally abusive. His meal had to be on the table and to his liking. A speck of dirt on the floor would lead to me being called a good for nothing lazy whore. Then one day it all changed. I had lost my phone and started looking under the car seat. That was when I got a huge shock. I found women’s underwear under the seat and I was devastated. It was then that something just snapped inside and I can’t explain it to this day.
I marched into the house in a rage and confronted him. He was still in bed with a huge hangover and he just laughed at me and turned to go back to sleep. I don’t know why but I just grabbed him and pulled him across my lap and laid into his bum. I was surprised that I was even able to keep him in place but I guess that my anger gave me a new strength. He swore and kicked out but I just kept slapping as hard as I could. After a while his swearing stopped and he was pleading with me. My hand was getting sore but I knew he had not learned his lesson yet. The funny thing was that I felt this power in myself that I never had before. I told him to get up and go to the bathroom and fetch my hairbrush. To my surprise, he did. I sat him down and we had a very honest talk where he admitted everything. After that he was across my lap again and it was not long before he was crying like a little child. That hairbrush has become a very useful friend to me.
I knew then that I had the power to make changes in our home. When he didn’t come in from work on time next day, I got a cab to the pub where I knew he would be drinking with his mates. I just marched in and told him in no uncertain terms in front of everyone to get out the door as quickly as he could and go home. The look on his face was priceless and I could see his friends sniggering and laughing. Now, I allow him to go out on his own one night per week but although he does not know it yet, that is about to change too. We have closed our old joint bank account and the new account is in my name only. His wages get paid in every week but he has no way of withdrawing money unless I allow him to have the ATM card. Next up is to get the car and the house in my name. He does most of the shopping and he is getting good at it. At the start he bought all sorts of stuff we didn’t need but now I have set a limit on what he can spend on any one item. Anything over that and he has to get my approval. He must keep receipts for everything and when I go through these every Friday night every cent must be accounted for. If he behaves I give him some pocket money to spend on himself. If not, he gets punished until the tears are running down his face, and then some more.
What I have found out is that I have many ways to keep him in line. The most useful ones are that I cane his bum when he needs it and that he now wears a dress or skirt most of the time at home. I bought a few things on the internet that I use for correcting bad behaviour and I bought him a good few women’s clothes. In fact, I got him to go and buy some of them himself and often went into the shop to watch his red face as he made the purchase. He gets undies and stuff from the big stores but when we go out of town I like to send him into the small boutiques where the service is a lot more personal. I go in before him and let on that we don’t know each other. He has to make sure to ask for his knickers and bras etc. and to make sure that he tells the girl that he wants them in his size.
I have taken loads of pictures of him dressed in women’s clothes and I often threaten to show them to his family and friends. I would never do that but the threat alone is enough. The only other person who knows about our little secret is one of his sisters and she found out by accident. We have a routine after he comes home from work. He hands over the car keys and his mobile phone and then most days he goes to our room and gets rid of his male clothes. He is useless at cooking so I like to do that myself. He does practically all of the other housework. Any time that he needs it he will get a punishment that he will remember for a long time but that happens rarely these days. Normally, he just goes across my knees about once per week for maintenance spanking, just to keep him reminded. I love to have him in the corner before and after his punishment, usually in a bra and knickers and a pair of heels that he finds very uncomfortable to wear. I relax and watch TV maybe with a glass of wine and he never knows how long he is going to be there. It was during one of these times that his sister came to call unexpectedly. I had forgotten to lock the door which I always do and she was in the living room before we knew anything. I never got on too well with her and expected a huge row. Instead, she put her hands over her face and ran out the door. I was in shock myself and didn’t know what I should do but she was soon back in the room again. I had warned the ‘girl’ to stay in the corner facing the wall and he was too afraid to disobey. His big sister was intrigued and we sat down and had a long chat, where I told her everything. I can tell you that there was a lot of squirming going on in the corner. I thought, what the hell, I might as well carry on now. I called my husband out of the corner and put him across my knees for his usual spanking. His sister sat there in disbelief, with her mouth open but I could see that she was impressed. I made her promise not to tell anyone else and we have since become close friends. She has taken over the hairbrush or cane a few times too and she shows no mercy. She has even bought me a couple of paddles and leather straps.
There are probably a lot of men reading this and thinking about how they would like to be in my husband’s place. Well, I can tell you that I don’t mess around and that he does not always enjoy his new lifestyle. He accepts my authority without question and does as he is told. He may not like it but we now have a much happier home and he is getting more used to the new rules every day. I am now researching chastity devices so that I can lock up his little prick. I can’t wait for the look on his face when I snap on that lock. I have also drawn up a set of written rules so that there is no confusion. If he breaks a rule, he will get punished and there are no exceptions. If it is serious he will get the cane and he dreads it. He is almost in tears before I even bare his bum. He pleads and makes promises and after a while he cries but I always deliver on his full punishment, tears or no tears. Most of the time when we are out in public, all I need to do is give him one look and he falls into line. There are things that like telling lies, being disrespectful and stealing that I will not tolerate and these will lead to an immediate and severe punishment.
Like I said at the start I was not a dominant person by nature and indeed I was a doormat for far too long. That will never happen again as I am getting more into this every day. I know that there are a lot of women out there who are as miserable as I once was. I urge you to take control of your life and your man. It was so easy that I could not believe it and so worth the effort.
For his birthday I am thinking of bringing him to a ladies hairdresser to get his hair done. There is a beautician next door to the hairdresser and if I am in the mood, he could be getting a lot more beauty treatment. Just an idea at present but just thinking about it makes me wet.
Laura B.

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