When A Plan Cums Together Part One

I decided to attend a conference and you came along. I took classes during the day, but  the evenings are boring just sitting around the room and pool. Everyone else likes the bar scene, this does not interest me  I figured that you could occupy me in the evening hours and during the day you could lounge around the pool and catch up on some reading. 
We arrived at the resort/conference center in the evening as classes started promptly at 8am.  We found our room to be very luxurious with a king-sized bed, fireplace, kitchenette, and a large walk-in shower. As you might expect, the evening was full of “motel sex” that lasted well past the dinner hour. We finished off the night with a nice long hot tub. Friday morning, I took a shower, got dressed, and headed downstairs to the conference center for a day full of classes. I told you to meet me back in bed for some afternoon delight, if you were interested of course. You assured me you’d be waiting. 

You rolled out of bed about an hour later and jumped in the shower.  Ten minutes into your shower you heard a commotion in the room. You heard my voice as you opened the bathroom door. I was between classes and had to hurry back, but my best friend, also at the  conference, had just arrived. Due to a mix-up, her room would not be ready until tonight. I offered her to stay with us until the evening. Again, I  said “See you at noon!” and I left again leaving my friend in the room.  You then realized that all of your clothes were on the bed. You finished your shower, dried off, and wrapped yourself as best as you could with a towel before walking out into the living area rather embarrassed. You  grabbed your clothes, apologizing as you returned to the bathroom to get dressed. She explained they had nothing scheduled until tomorrow. She was hopeful that there would be a room available before her scheduled arrival, but there was not. 
You finished dressing and went back to the living area, sitting on the couch. My friend came over to the couch and sat next to you. She said that she was tired from the travel and really needed a shower. You offered our shower to her and she quickly accepted. You began to read the morning paper and lost track of time.  Before you knew it, her shower was done…

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