Private Dancer

I had chosen my outfit very carefully that evening, which didn’t make much sense considering how I would be dressed later…. or not.

He came in and sat down in the chair as he had been instructed to do. He took off his grey suit jacket, loosing his tie and opening the neck of his crisp white cotton shirt. He then placed his hands on the arms of the chair remembering the rule, No touching the dancer.

I start the music “She Rides” by Soul Ballet as I enter the room dressed in a man tailor black business jacket suit that barely covered my black lace thong and pussy. The rest of the jacket barely coverd the lace bra that I was wear to keep my breasts in check.I came out in 4 inch fuckme pumps and black silk tights finished out the emblem. All dolled up and strutting my stuff, I danced into the room and over to him. Moving my body in waves, with seductive hip gyrations, I danced around the room. Come back around to face him I slowly bend my knees as I continued to sway my hips. I leaned forward to give him a good view of my barely encased breast. His reaction was yummy. I could see the rise of his cock in his grey pants and I slowly licked my lips as I looked back into his lust filled eyes. MMMMMMMMMM. I dance backward maintaining eye contact with him as I did a series of body gyrations. I pulled my black suit jacket in such away that he could see my ass in one turn and my black lace encased breasts in the next turn. Going into the next turned again, I open the jacket and showing him my barely there underwear that were barley holding things in place. . My nipple are huge and easy to see and as I shook my breasts at him .As I got closer, I stopped turned around and bend forward from the waist sticking my ass almost in his face. Then I danced away knowing that my scent was in the air. I heard him moan and I turned to see him unzip his trousers and pull out his dick. He then put his hands back to white knuckling the arms of the chair.

Now hot and very horny, I started to strip for the main course, the lap dance. First the suit jack was lost in a hip wiggling turn, leaving me in my barely there undies. I shimmied my horny self over to him turn my back and swung my ass in his face again to the music. Then I turned and slowly danced within inches of his knees I took off the bra. I wear a 38h bra, so you can imaging (or maybe not) the size of my breasts. I leaned further into him almost touching him but not, and massaging my tits and huge nipples for his pleasure. I also took the opportunity to have encase his cock between them for a second when I bend down to rub my half naked body up against his, ending with my tits in his face. He tried to catch my nipples with his mouth, but was unable to. I could feel my own sweetness slowly running down my legs as I had tasted his sweet precum when I slide up his body.

Now it was time to cause a melt down. Still dancing to the music I spun around and went down on my knees in front of him. Being very flexible I laid back on my knees and spread my legs exposing my silk covered pussy to him. I could see that his knuckles had gone white and he was digging his nails into the arm of the chair as he watches my rubbing my clit thru the thong. I was already soaking wet and very sensitive so as I rubbed my hard clit thru the material I felt an orgasm coming. I could also feel his eyes burning into me as I masturbated for him. I lost myself in it all, as grabbed one of my large tits and pulled it up high enough to put the nipple in my mouth. So there I was music forgotten as I laid on the floor finger fucking myself I sucking my own breast into an orgasm. I came hard flooding into my ass and turning my already soak thong into a silk rag.

Covered in sweat, hair plastered to my head I got up from the floor and walked over the man in the chair. I could see that he had joined me, as there was cum all over the front of his nice white shirt and black tie. He must had closed his eyes when came, for as I leaned into him,he open them. I could feel the heat the scent of cum and sweat radiating off his body. I leaned back and with one hand rip the wet thong from my hips. Then spreading my legs apart, I balled the material up and rubbed into my still dripping pussy. He as he watched me moaned and I smiled. I took the now wet rag and wrapped around his cumm coated cock like a ribbon. I then put in back in his nice grey suit pants and zipped them up, all the while looking into his lust filled eyes. He must have thought I was finished, for he closed his eyes as if to regain composer, I sat ass first down in his lap, leaning back I rubbed my sweat and cumm juice covered body against his clothes covered body. When I had finished with my backside I turn and straddle him in the chair rubbed my still dripping pussy into the his grey clothe covered cock and my sweat covered tits on his white shirt. As a finally gesture I made sure to rub his face with my sweat covered breast, as if I was using them to clean his face. He came again this time in his nice grey suit pants. I sat in his lap as he rode the orgasm out. Once he had finished and looking like a wet rag I got up pick up my black suit jacket and left him in the room.

Later on that evening when my husband got home I met him at the door, kissed him and asked him how is day had gone. He looked my jean and big shirt covered body over from head to toe saying nothing. He went into the bedroom and came out 30mins later naked and damp from his shower carrying the grey suit and the white shirt with the black tie that he had been wearing earlier.

“Please see about getting these clean for me will you,” he said with a smile and a wink as left the room and went out back to sunbath.

Checking the pockets, as I prepared to take his suit to the cleaner, in one pocket I felt something. I Pulled it out and it was a very stiff black silk piece of material. Checking in the other. I found a black lace bra. I smiled and put the items a side and took his clothes to the cleaners.


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