Say My Name


Everything was perfect. Steve carried Liz over the threshold, and they kissed passionately, disbelieving that the wedding was over and they finally had each other all to themselves. He set Liz down carefully and gently pulled her hands behind her back, restraining her, teasing, as he caressed her face with his eyes. She ached to run her fingers through his hair and leaned into him, trying to work her hands out of his grasp. Words weren’t needed…each knowing the relief the other felt to be alone in the quiet of the beautiful home they had rented for the week of their honeymoon. He lightly drew his hands down to her backside and gently kissed her neck, sending shivers up her spine. Steve released her hands but took one by the wrist, placing it to the back of his neck and holding her there. With his other hand, he drew Liz’s body to his, molding his tall form to her petite one. He slowly started moving in a dance that was familiar from all the times in the past and yet somehow totally new.

“I’ll be quick,” she said, trying to pull away. “I want to change.” Liz had shopped by herself, not wanting any of her friends to influence her choice of lingerie for her wedding night. It was a task that was more difficult than she had anticipated. White, demure lace, or black, spaghetti straps, revealing, exciting…after going back and forth and many outfit changes, she settled on a light pink, short nightie with lace at the bodice that revealed her cleavage in a provocative way. The last thing she wanted was for Steve to realize how much she wanted him to just take her and didn’t really care about spending a fortune on a garment that she hoped wouldn’t be covering her body for long anyway.

As she started to withdraw her hand from his neck, he let out a low growl and drew her against him once more. “Huh-uh. I’m not letting you out of my sight,” he said quietly.

“I just want to…” She lost her train of thought as he buried his face in her hair, styled with long curling tendrils that nearly touched her shoulders. “Uh-uh,” he whispered in her ear. “I can’t wait. I want you…right…now.” And with that he lowered his head to hers and kissed her slowly, deeply. Suddenly, changing into her wedding night attire seemed silly and needless. How many times had they come close to sharing themselves until one or the other reluctantly retreated? While he had been with a few girls in the past, he knew that it was important to Liz to wait and experience this moment with her one true love. Steve felt intoxicated knowing that that was him, and that he would be the first and only one to give her the pleasure that she had denied herself for so long. A year-long courtship filled with many highs and lows had all led to this moment. Liz had experienced the sudden passing of her mother and had clung to Steve as her lifeline though the pain. One time not long after her mother’s death, Steve was comforting Liz and wiping her tears. Before they knew it, they were locked in a passionate embrace. “Please make love to me,” Liz whispered. He was surprised but knew that her sudden need was the result of the pain of loss and not because of her passion for him. Just as he started to remind her that she didn’t really want her first time to turn to regret later after her mind was less clouded, she moved her hand to his abdomen and moaned into his mouth. All at once, Steve lost his composure at the shock of her action and took her hand in his. His mind’s first reaction was to move her hand away, but suddenly he moved her hand lower as if he had no control of his own body. Liz felt his hardness and traced her fingertips around the size of him. “Liz, Lizzie…” he said, his breathing suddenly ragged. All at once he drew her hand away and looked into her eyes. “There’s nothing I want more than to touch you and be with you, but you know it’s not the right time.” Liz tried to move her hand back to his throbbing need, but he restrained her. With his eyes closed he touched his forehead to hers. “Baby, don’t cry. I’ll take care of you. Everything will be all right,” he said tenderly. Her body wracked with sobs, she suddenly went limp in his arms, and the just held her, trying to calm his body and mind. It was all he could do to not kiss away those tears and give her body the release he knew it craved. So many times he had tried to persuade her that she would never have to worry that his love was genuine and that sex would only bring them closer, to have her retreat. She, too, had been on the brink of denying her promise to herself that she would wait until she was married to give herself to another. She knew that Steve felt her need, knew that he wasn’t the only one taking cold showers after their time together.

Finally, the time was now, and he couldn’t hide his need any longer. Liz let Steve pull her back into his embrace and returned his kiss. “You’re not going anywhere.” As they kissed, she was vaguely aware that he was slowly walking her backwards toward the bed. The next thing she knew, he was reaching down and removing her high heels, slowly, one at a time, his eyes never leaving hers. Liz’s heart was pounding so hard, she was certain he could hear it. All at once she felt hot and cold, embarrassed at the wetness she suddenly felt between her legs. She knew that it was supposed to happen, but she felt shy suddenly and uncertain. She had meticulously shaved and applied lotion and perfume so that she would be smooth and smell inviting to her husband. All of a sudden, she was afraid that he would smell her feminine fragrance, as she knew that no perfume could cover that.

He suddenly smiled up at her, and she realized that he was pleased at whatever it was he was smelling. “Lie down so I can look at you,” he said quietly. She sat down slowly, her eyes never leaving his. “Lie back,” he said again. As soon as she moved back, he was there next to her. “Liz,” he said almost groaning, “I want you so much. I’ll be gentle.” Liz realized in an instant that she didn’t want gentleness. That time had passed. She was no longer his girlfriend but his wife, and she knew with an animal instinct that she wanted him to take her with no restraint. Their kiss that started lightly, teasingly, suddenly changed as her tongue darted into his mouth. She explored his tongue with hers, pretending it wasn’t just their mouths that were mating. He began unbuttoning her blouse and pulling it from the waistband of her skirt. Before she knew it, he was inching her skirt down over her hips. “MM,” he was whispering in her ear. “Steve,” she began, “I want…” Moaning again deeply as his hand inched up her stomach, she felt all her senses being overwhelmed at the same time. His body felt so hard against her and yet so soft as he began to touch her everywhere. “Do you know how long I’ve wanted this,” he said quietly into her mouth. “That I’ve wanted to touch you here,” he said teasing her nipple through her lacy bra. With deliberate care, he pinched her then and saw her eyes flutter with the sensation.

“I want you, Steve,” she began, almost not recognizing her own voice. “Baby, Lizzie, tell me.” He wanted nothing more than to hear her breathless and saying out loud all the things she wanted him to do to her. “I want you,” she said, not sure if she had even said it out loud. “Tell me,” he teased her, “Say my name.” “Steven,” she said into his mouth, “please, don’t make me wait.” He moaned and brought her hand to his erection. Quickly he sat up and discarded his clothing. She had seen him near naked many times as they went swimming and lounged around on lazy weekends together. She had felt his hardness, too, and wondered what he would look like when he was finally in front of her. He was next to her again in an instant, naked and warm. He started to remove her bra when she asked him to turn out the light. “Huh-uh,” he joked, “this is what I’ve been waiting for.” He trailed his fingers down to her lacy panties, and she suddenly grabbed his hand to stop him. He nudged her hand away, and began to remove the barrier. She could hear herself making sounds she’d never heard come from herself before. All at once her thoughts ran wild. I can’t handle this, she felt, it’s so amazing. I’m so hot. As his fingers began to gently rub her lips, she gasped and realized that he was about to feel her wetness. Obviously, she had nothing to compare it to, but she had always been embarrassed at how wet he made her so fast. As his fingers began to trace the outline of her inner lips, she suddenly whispered in his ear, “I’m sorry,” feeling shy at her obvious excitement, wishing her body would slow down to catch up to her thoughts. He stopped kissing her and looked deep into her eyes and said hungrily, “I like it.” “You do?” “Yeah, I do.” All at once, Liz realized that Steve wanted her wet and writhing under him. She felt his fingers delve deeply between her legs and tried to kiss him again. Steve pulled back until he was looking her in the eyes. “Say my name, Lizzie,” he whispered. “Steven,” she sighed quietly. Again he said, “Tell me what you want.” By now, her head was spinning and she felt an itch deep inside. It wasn’t unpleasant, and yet she knew she needed relief. “Steven, I need you…I want you.” “What do you want me to do?” Before she could even think of the words, they fell from her mouth in a breathless sob, “Touch my button, make me cum.” The words embarrassed her and yet made her even hotter. Her clit felt like it was on fire. Only her hand had ever touched herself so intimately, and she couldn’t believe how wanton his probing was making her. “Liz, I’m going to make you cum for me but not until I’m ready. And when I’m ready, I want to hear you scream my name.”

She couldn’t believe how hot he as making her. She always loved feeling that he was in control, and now he really was. He took her hand firmly in his and moved it down to his penis. She felt how hard he was and wondered in amazement at the size of him. He groaned and guided her hand up and down his shaft. She felt wetness at the tip that surprised her and pleased her all at the same time. Liz never realized that men got wet, too, and she felt powerful in having some control over him.

He lowered his face from hers and began sucking on her nipples. “Look how hard your nipples are,” he whispered. “I love your tits,” he said, and she was slightly shocked at the word. He’d never used that word with her before. “I love your clit,” he said, moving his fingers in time with his tongue. The tension was causing her to curl her toes and draw her legs together. The pressure was growing almost uncomfortably. “Spread your legs for me, Lizzie,” Steve said, nudging her thighs apart. With some effort, she opened her legs. “I said spread your legs for me,” he repeated. She opened her legs wide. “Oh yeah, that’s right,” he moaned, “I love your clit. Am I making you hot, Lizzie,” he asked. “Steven,” she started, but quickly stopped speaking as a wave of pleasure overtook her. “Don’t cum yet, Liz,” he said somewhat roughly. “I’m not done with you.” He gave her nipples a last nuzzle and started kissing his way down her body. As he neared her sex, she began to tense. “Steve, you don’t have to…” and he quickly silenced her protest. “I’ve been waiting to taste you for a long time. I want it, and I know you want it. Tell me.” Liz arched her back but still held back the words. “Say it,” he repeated, suddenly plunging his finger into her vagina. She thought she might pass out from the pleasure. It was so intense…”Steven, I want to feel you.” “Where, Lizzie, say it.” “I want you in me.” “Steven,” she trailed off, rising her hips to meet his finger. “Tell me where you want me to lick you,” and with that he made a motion with his finger inside her body that caused her legs to begin to clamp shut again. “Liz, spread your legs so I can see your clit,” he said roughly, his breathing ragged. “Baby, you are so swollen. You’re beautiful.” He began circling her clit with his thumb as his fingers slid in and out of her slowly. She knew she had never been so wet. “Steven, I need you in me,” she said, trying to draw his body up to hers. “Not until you cum,” he said raggedly. “Tell me you want me to suck your clit.” “Suck me,” she said breathless. “Tell me what you want me to suck,” he asked again. “Suck my clit, Steven. Make me cum…please.” He chuckled and said “yeah” almost under his breath as he lowered his face to her wetness.

She could hardly believe it when his tongue touched her so intimately. Never in all the times she had brought herself to climax had she felt as raw as she felt in that moment. She began feeling her body shake and realized she was going to orgasm. Suddenly Steven pushed her legs as far apart as they would go, and he buried his fact in her vagina. He began lapping at her juices and then would slowly nudge her clitoris with his nose and then would move faster again, pushing his fingers in and out in rhythm with his ministrations. In an instant he stopped and blew on her clit with his cool breath. “I want you to cum for me,” he said roughly. “Tell me what you want.” “Fuck me, Steven, please.” With that he laughed and began humming on her most intimate of places. “Cum for me, Lizzie.” Before she knew it, the orgasm began to take over her body. She suddenly lost control and started moaning loudly and screaming his name again and again. “Don’t stop,” she muttered almost incoherently. He continued sucking her and licking and finger fucking her until she collapsed, her body limp and spent.

“Now you’re mine,” he said, “forever.” Not letting her rest, he climbed on top and lowered his penis to her opening. “I can’t…” she began, but she couldn’t form the words. Her clitoris was still vibrating. He knew it was the perfect time to enter her and cause her the least amount of pain. “Look at me,” he commanded. He lifted her heavy eyelids and locked with his gaze. He slowly yet firmly pushed his cock all the way in, breaking through the barrier that changed her from his girl to his woman. As she opened her mouth to gasp at the sudden pain, he brought his mouth down on hers and muffled her cry with his kiss. He began thrusting in and out. Slowly at first, waiting for her body to adjust to his. Just as he felt Liz’s body relax, he grasped her hips and began lifting her to meet him. “Fuck, you’re so wet. I can’t wait.” Liz felt her clit being nudged again and again by his penis moving in and out and knew she was going to cum again. She opened her mouth to say his name, to warn him that she couldn’t hold back, when he suddenly threw his head back and let out a long moan. She felt hot streams filling her most intimate of places, and the heat of it pushed her over the edge. “Liz, I’m cumming,” he shouted. “Steven,” she whispered as her legs began tightening around him of their own volition. He stopped moving inside of her and just held her firmly as he shot his sperm deep inside of her. She began to orgasm again and closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation of him filling her completely. He leaned down and took her nipple in his mouth. “Are you okay,” he whispered. “Hmm, are you,” she answered back with her eyes tightly closed. “I love you,” they said at the same time. He lowered his body to hers and rolled her over so that she was on top of him, his penis still snug inside her warmth. As she drifted off to sleep, she felt his member slowly slide out of her. She couldn’t believe that this was just their first time together and smiled in the knowledge that this was just the beginning of their lives together…

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