Teaching my husband who is boss

I was just about to enter our flat and take the biggest risk that I had ever taken in my life. My marriage is essentially a good one, but my husband, Dan, had been controlling me a little too much recently. He had been telling me what I could, and could not do, and he scared the life out of me in the bedroom. My Brazilian friend Ana had suggested something fun that had worked for her, and that I was now putting into action. I had been out on a work do and had invited a colleague, Buddy, back with me. He was a handsome guy, who I knew fancied me, and was happy to play along with Ana’s plan — a plan that I had discussed with him earlier in the bar. As I entered our flat, Dan greeted us and was obviously surprised that I had brought home a male work-mate.

“We had such a fun night! God I need a drink. Could you get me one? You want one too Buddy?” Dan went to the kitchen and prepared me my usual vodka cranberry and got Buddy a Jack Daniel’s and Coke. I sat on the sofa next to Buddy and waited for our drinks. “Buddy has got this little game I want you to play. He asks a series of questions and it judges how well matched we are. I did it and it was so much fun. Buddy ask him the questions…”

Buddy began by asking a few personal questions on topics like how often Dan masturbated, did he look at porn and so on, which made me smile as he answered them. The next question was how well endowed he thought he was. He said he was about average and had no complaints from exes. Buddy asked me whether Dan was the biggest guy I had experienced, and because I had told Dan about one of my previous well-hung boyfriends, I was able to confess that he was not. Buddy asked Dan how he felt about this and I discovered an insecure side that I never knew existed. He admitted to worrying whether he was big enough for me, and if I thought of my ex when we made love.

I was just about to reassure Dan, when Buddy said sarcastically that I would never dream of giant cocks and then asked the question that I had told him to about whether Dan considered me to be his possession. As Dan said something about me being a very independent woman, Buddy placed his hand on my knee and began stroking the inside of my thigh.

“Darling, that’s reassuring to hear. Just tonight I was telling Buddy how I felt intimidated by your control sometimes.”

I parted my legs, allowing Buddy to move his hand further up my thigh, which raised my skirt in the process. His touch felt electric and made me shudder. I bit my lip as his fingers inched closer to my G-string and glanced over coyly at Dan. He looked shocked, and after he had processed what was happening he ordered me into the kitchen so that we could speak privately, and asked me angrily what I was doing. I explained that I didn’t like the way that he had been trying to dictate to me recently and I wanted to show him that I was no puppet.

“OK, OK. You’ve made your point. I’m sorry you feel this way. Let’s send Buddy home and discuss this like adults.”

He was not getting off that easily. He had been needling me that I was not adventurous in bed, so I wanted to show him what I was capable of. Making him watch me get intimate with Buddy would be pretty damn adventurous and it would also teach him some respect. Dan is the jealous type and was unsurprisingly reluctant to go along with my plan. In order to persuade him I stressed that this would be a challenge for both of us — for him to be less possessive and for me to be braver sexually. He was silent, so I asked him whether he wanted me to be more adventurous or not and he soon agreed to go along with what I had planned. I kissed him tenderly and told him that this would make our relationship stronger as we walked back into the lounge holding hands.

I told Dan to sit down then explained to the boys that this evening was to be all about me and I was going to be in control. I added that although I was looking forward to the evening, I was very nervous. We all were, so we raised our glasses and downed our drinks. I sat on Buddy’s knee, and gazed into his eyes. He looked terrified, so I kissed him. He tasted of alcohol and cigarettes, which reminded me of university boyfriends, as did the growing bulge in his trousers that was beginning to press against my leg. I loved that boys gave away such an obvious sign that they had fallen for me, so I stroked my hand against it.

He was being very reticent about touching me so I pulled Buddy to his feet and undressed him, stripping him down to his bulging underpants. I knelt before him and slowly slipped down his Calvin Kleins. I paused and spent a moment to check him out — he was a good length with big pendulous balls and I knew that he would feel great inside of me. Buddy looked nervous, so I tried to put him at ease by telling the boys that I loved looking at cute men’s private parts… almost as much as I loved touching them. I cupped Buddy’s balls in one hand and traced a finger along his length with the other, chuckling every time that he juddered with pleasure. It wasn’t long before a big bubble of pre-cum appeared at his tip.

I couldn’t read how Dan was feeling, so I told him that I wanted him to strip too. Once he had undressed, I made both of the naked boys lie next to each other for me. Dan was fully erect, so I told him that I liked how he enjoyed watching me with another man… and that I hope to give him a lot more enjoyment this evening. I looked down at them both and realized that they both appeared very similar physically and sexually — I obviously had a type. Their balls hung precariously between their legs and I could not resist grabbing them in jest, revelling at my power over them. With two balls in each hand, I made them both agree that they were going to do exactly what I said as I increased my hold on them. Even though they had consented to me, I did not release my vice-like grip until they began to wince. Men’s balls are such a design flaw that I love to take advantage of when necessary.

I put on some music and began a strip tease, touching each of the boys as I removed my clothes down to my bra, G-string and boots. As my bra came off I let each of the boys kiss one of my pert nipples, then I reclined on the sofa and removed my G-string, but kept my legs together. I made them beg to see more of my body, and only after a suitable amount of time pleading did I slowly part my legs to reveal my freshly waxed self. The boys were hypnotized and let out moans as I touched myself. Buddy told me that he had dreamed about this sight for a long time, often in meetings with me, and he wasted no time when I invited him to come and feel me. He probed me delicately with a finger, which made me even moister, but I wanted more so I grabbed Buddy’s head and pushed him between my legs so that he could lick me out. I held the top of Buddy’s head in position between my legs and enjoyed the feeling of having the office alpha male exactly where I wanted him. As his licking became more intense I arched my back and my eyes flicked over towards Dan. He got up and held my hand and I mouthed that I loved him as Buddy’s head bobbed up and down.

Unexpectedly, the music came to an end, so I got up, took my iPhone and walked to our bedroom. The boys followed me and I told Buddy to lie on Dan’s side of the bed and Dan was to sit on a chair in the corner of our bedroom where he could watch what I had planned.

“God, Dan, this is so naughty and so much fun! I feel so free. I’d love to carry on, but you can stop it if you want. You being here is so erotic and exciting. Are you ready for my show?” He told me that he loved me and if I wanted to go further then he wanted me to do that. I straddled Buddy and kissed him. He was still unsure of himself, so I began whispering instructions in his ear that he carried out obediently. He massaged my back, sucked my chest, kissed my neck, entered me with his fingers and licked me out – I loved the feel of a new man exploring my body and the sexual chemistry between us was intensifying. I pushed him on to his back so that I could explore him in more detail. He was hard, throbbing and veiny and the feel of him in my hand sent me wild. I had had enough foreplay. It was now time to finish what I had started.

“God, I want this so badly, Dan, are you OK for me to go to the next level?” Dan muttered that he was beginning to feel a little jealous. I did not want to hurt him, but I knew that we needed to do this to make us stronger as a couple. I called a timeout and asked Buddy to leave us alone for a moment. I got up and sat on Dan’s lap and gave him a kiss. He told me that he was worried that I would love him less and that he would feel sexually inadequate if this happened. I reassured him that I would love him more that that Buddy was just a puppet that I was using. I asked him if he would find it sexy to look at me having sex and enjoying myself, and for us to talk about it afterwards. His cock bobbed up and I stroked it as he whispered into my ear that he wanted to see me go for it. I called Buddy back into the bedroom, had him lay in the centre of the bed and then positioned myself cowgirl style above him.

“Thank you darling. Come closer and hold my hand as I do this.” He held my outstretched hand and watched as I slowly lowered myself on to the full length of Buddy. He felt incredible inside of me. I paused and looked at him, impressed with myself that I had just talked my husband into letting me cuckold him, which was possibly the worst thing that a wife can do. I no longer felt dominated by him and motioned for him to sit back down so that I could ride Buddy unimpeded. The feeling of freedom and raw sex was intoxicating. Buddy, who had been relatively quiet, moaned, “You are such a beautiful, hot wife. Doing this in your bed is the sexiest thing that I have ever done. How do you think Dan is feeling?”

Dan said nothing, so I told him to answer the question. He said that he didn’t realize that I felt so controlled by him, but was happy that I was having fun, as it was obviously something that I needed to do. He admitted that he was jealous about the situation, but glad that he was man enough to allow me to do what I needed to be happy. As he said this I experienced the odd situation of deep love for Dan, as another man was balls deep inside of me.

After about 10 minutes I tired of being on top, so I lay next to Buddy and asked him how his wife, Lucy, liked it. He told me that she likes it rough with him on top, so I lay back on the bed, spread my legs wide and called out to Dan that I wanted to see if Buddy was man enough for me. Buddy mounted me, grabbed hold of my hair and pinned me down, thrusting into me as hard as he could. I never let Dan be rough with me, but this was exhilarating. I wrapped my legs around Buddy and hit his back each time he entered me. I felt like a piece of fuck-meat as Buddy unlovingly pounded into me. Catching Dan’s helpless gaze pushed me over the edge and brought me to a noisy, juddering climax. I lay back savouring the moment, then pulled Buddy out of me.

I made mock biting gestures and said in a childish voice “me want eat Buddy,” so he moved up closer to my face. I gripped him and cupped his spunk filled balls and then began to suck on him. The taste and feel of him in my mouth turned me on so much that I tried to deep-throat him. He cried out, withdrew and sprayed all over my face. I licked as much of his juice as I could, leaving him spent and exhausted on our bed. When I came to my senses I slowly got up and went over to Dan.

“Thank you darling for letting me do this. It was important to me. How are you feeling?” He told me it had been humiliating for him to watch me with another man, but this was the sacrifice that he was prepared to make for our relationship. He was amazed at how adventurous I had been and how incredibly sexy I had looked tonight. I told Dan that I loved him and loved how kinky he was. I asked him if he thought it would be even kinkier if I slept alone with Buddy while he was on the sofa. Dan looked surprised. I asked him if he would find it sexy listening to me with Buddy and for me to tell him what happened when we were next alone. He told me that he loved how I could be so filthy and that he looked forward to hearing about the rest of my night tomorrow. He closed the bedroom door as he left.

Alone in bed with Buddy I thanked him for helping me to accomplish my mission. I told him that he was a great fuck and asked him how he thought Dan was feeling from a man’s point of view. He laughed and told me that I was someone who should never be messed with. I wanted Dan to hear me enjoying myself. Buddy was unable to get hard as quickly as I would have liked, so I joked that maybe he was not quite the man I needed and told him to eat me out. All I could think about was Dan on the sofa listening to us. I bet he was masturbating and I climaxed within minutes, making sure to be as noisy as possible. I fell asleep with Buddy between my thighs.

The next morning I awoke to find Buddy kissing my shoulders. I felt guilty about what I had done to Dan and feared that I had gone too far. I called for him and he arrived quickly.

“That was an incredible evening wasn’t it? Just goes to show what experiences we can have if we both take the brave choices. Come lie next to me and tell me how you are feeling.”

Dan lay next to me so that I was sandwiched by both of the boys and rolled over to face him and spoon Buddy. He apologized for bossing me about recently and admitted that he was feeling jealous seeing me with someone else. He never knew that I had it in me to be so adventurous and this side of me turned him on. He was feeling a little insecure, so I kissed him and reassured him that this was just fun and nothing to worry about. Dan stroked my face and looked into my eyes – we held hands and I spoke to him quietly.

“You have gone from being a controlling alpha male husband to a little boy who is in awe of me in the space of an evening. Your head is telling you to kill Buddy and control me, but your heart is telling you to do what I need to make me happy. You should be furious, but instead I think that you are excited at how naughty I can be and how I can call the shots in the bedroom if you let me. You have succumbed to the slut in me and you love that feeling, don’t you?”

I winked at Dan and squeezed his hand. Unexpectedly I felt Buddy gently push his cock into me from behind. I tried to maintain the conversation with Dan for a moment to distract him, but curiosity got the better of me. I told him what was happening and asked him how he felt about this. A look of confusion crossed his face and he reached between my legs to verify what was happening. He was powerless and paralyzed by my sexuality. I teased him further by describing how deep I could feel Buddy inside of me, how his balls were caressing me and how moist he made me. Dan was speechless, however I could feel him pressing against my thigh, so I reached down and gripped his erection, then asked him why seeing me being taken by another man aroused him.

He was deeply embarrassed and mumbled that it was complicated. He said that he was hurting watching this, but was biting the bullet for our relationship. Seeing me as ‘sexy Claire’ instead of ‘organized Claire’ made him hot and my being with another man provoked angry emotions of jealousy. I asked him if he would like me to do this on a regular basis and he pleaded with me never to do this again. I told him that as long as he let me be my own person, there would be no need for me to bring other men into our bed. I had an urge to show him just how in control I was, so I pulled Buddy out of me, rolled over, parted my legs and told Dan to eat me. He licked me delicately at first, then harder and deeper. Buddy kissed my neck and whispered in my ear that he thought I had well and truly pussy whipped Dan into line.

I popped to the bathroom quickly and took this timeout to think about what to do next. I remembered my friend Steph telling me how she loved being spit-roast recently by her boyfriend Adam and a friend. Re-entering the bedroom I told the boys what I wanted. Dan entered me from below and Buddy moved towards my head so that I could take him in my mouth. With boys at either end of me I felt like a filthy porn starlet that would never again be accused of not taking risks in the bedroom. By squeezing my legs, cupping harder or sucking more deeply I was able to make the boys moan out exactly how I wanted. Buddy commented on how well I gave oral, where he was thinking of spraying his cum and how good it was that I was not talking for once, as apparently I never shut up in the office. He offered to stick his cock in my mouth in the office for some peace and quiet.

I did not appreciate that and neither did Dan. Dan sprang to his feet to confront Buddy and told him to apologise. Buddy said that he wouldn’t apologise as it was only a joke and told Dan to sit back down and do as he was told. I said that Dan only does what I, and nobody else, tells him, so he should do what he feels. He looked over at me, smiled and winked, then punched Buddy hard in the face. This was fun… I encouraged the boys by telling them that should fight for who wanted me most. Buddy started grappling back and I watched the naked boys wrestling violently with each other, which turned me on. They did not hold back, but Dan’s pent up anger combined with all the time that he spent in the gym meant that he easily overcame Buddy, leaving him bloodied on the floor. I kissed Dan and then kicked Buddy’s balls for being so rude to me. I was bored of him now and told him to get out. As he dressed, I told him that if he ever uttered a word of this to anyone I would tell his wife that he came on to me uninvited. He apologised as he sheepishly left our flat.

I returned to bed and cradled Dan’s head against my chest. His heart was pounding and blood was showing from a wound that he has sustained on his broad muscly shoulder. I thanked him for loosening his grip on me and letting me take risks. I felt more in control of my life and much more sexually confident. He explained that he felt like less of a man about what happened and worried that I had lost respect for him. I told him the opposite was true and that I had learned a lot about him — he loved me deeply and put my happiness ahead of his. He loved seeing my sexual side and would fight to the death for me.

I wanted him to view me as a sexual woman, not a boring one, so I asked him whether he was interested in hearing about some of my previous conquests. I had made a point of never mentioning previous boyfriends for fear of upsetting Dan, but it turned out that he was eager to hear about my past. He pleaded with me to share, and after promising not to get angry with me, I nervously began describing a time when I was a salsa teacher and was very naughty. I explained how I took a guy to a private room under the pretence of showing him a CD. Once inside I locked the door and unzipped him, then sucked on him. I thought the guy was really hot and I wanted to give him the best blowjob that I could. Dan listened in awe as I explained in unashamed detail how I lay on a table, fully clothed, hitched up my skirt and moved my G-string aside then grabbed hold of this stranger and pushed him inside of me. I lay back, closed my eyes and let myself be taken, trying not to make too much noise until he unloaded inside of me.

I thought that Dan would have been disgusted with me, but instead he was grinding his erection against me like an over-excited dog and moaning into my ear how he loved that I knew how to be a dirty little slut. I had a lot more stories like that to tell him and chuckled to myself. Retelling the story had stirred something within me and I quite fancied the idea of getting Dan to role-play that scenario as the perfect stranger. I lay back and asked him if he would like to pretend to be the stranger and relive this experience. Dan wasted no time in getting between my legs and as he fucked me I felt more sexually confident, contented and in control than I had ever felt with Dan. As I savoured my husband taking me, so began a completely new chapter in our relationship that was both exhilarating and novel.

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  1. susan gilmoor

    i love this femdom story , i think all men should be made sex slaves to girls

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    Very good read.

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