Amanda’s Adventure

Amanda was 30 years old and possessed shoulder length dirty blonde hair, green eyes and an average body type. She liked to party hard and was known to have a strong taste for spice and pot. This night she went to a house party with her boyfriend and some other friends and was having a good time as usual drinking and smoking. Her boyfriend, Travis, went in another room to retrieve some beers when he was approached by two tall and muscular back men.

They introduced themselves as Kaymen and Jamal to Travis before Jamal stated, “Your girl is pretty hot.” Travis nodded his head in agreement with a grin. Kaymen asked, “What are the chances of seeing her out of the jeans and shirt?” Travis was thrown off by the question and sort of laughed in response. Jamal said, “Man, we aren’t kidding. What would it take to get her ass naked?”

Travis responded, “I don’t know.”

Kaymen said, “Go talk it over with your girl and you and her name your price.”

Travis walked back to Amanda and explained the conversation that had taken place and pointed out the guys to her. Amanda said, “I am fucking flattered and I don’t know what to say. Just come up with something and tell them I will get naked.” As Travis walked back to the other guys Amanda turned to her friend Amy and said, “Those guys are cute. I have never seen a black cock before; maybe I will get a chance tonight.”

Amy said, “Don’t u think Travis will get jealous if you ask to see those guy’s cocks?”

Amanda said, “Who knows if I even will just saying never seen black cock before.”

Travis returned to Jamal and Kaymen and said  Amanda would get naked for $200. Jamal said, “You got yourself a deal. Go get her and we will meet you in the bedroom upstairs.”

Travis went and got Amanda and they went upstairs. They found the room and as they entered Travis saw Jamal, Kaymen, and three other muscular back guys who introduced themselves as Mack, Jerome, and TJ. TJ handed Travis a wad of money and shut the door. Mack said, “Whenever you are ready, let’s see that body.”

Amanda pulled her shirt off and removed her bra and tossed it aside as the guys cheered upon seeing her size C tits. Next, she unbuttoned her jeans and took them off and then she removed her pink thong.

Jamal said, “Turn around so we can see your ass.” She turned around and Jerome said, “Sexy round ass.”

Amanda was smiling big and enjoying all the attention and cheers. She forgot Travis was even in the room and she said, “Do you guys just want to see me naked or would you guys like to fool around and what not?”

Travis choked on his beer and went to say something, but Jamal said, “Boy, did you really think that our only intent was to see her pussy?” Kaymen chimed in, “Ya, we wanted more as long as she was down with it and it sounds like she wants it.” Amanda nodded and smiled sheepishly. Mack said, “You can either sit in that chair and watch or get out.”

Travis wasn’t going to admit he was turned on at the thought of watching her get fucked, but he sat down in the chair and said, “I’ll stay.”

The guys quickly began to take their clothes off and make a circle around Amanda who was kneeling on the floor. Her eyes surveyed the huge cocks all around her and she began to take inventory of them. Not one of the five cocks was under 9″ long and it seemed to be an average of 2″ thick. Jamal slapped his cock against her boobs and said, “Do you care if we talk dirty to you and call you a slut and whore?”

Amanda said, “I don’t care what the fuck you guys say or do, just don’t be surprised if I say shit too.” The guys laughed and cheered.

Jamal again slapped her boobs with his cock and said, “Put your smart mouth to use already.”

Amanda took his cock and began sucking. She heard guys keep saying “suck this cock too” and she would switch to sucking on the next cock. Saliva dripped down her chin as she feverishly sucked on each long pole she was presented. This went on for awhile till the guys were all good and hard.

Mack said, “Go get on your knees on the bed and spread your legs.” Amanda did as instructed and Mack began running his tongue in her exposed pussy. Almost instantly she began to get very wet. Mack said, “Your white pussy going to get its first taste of black cock.”

Amanda said, “Give it to me.”

Mack inserted his cock into her pussy and she felt her pussy begin to fill up with cock like never before. He pumped and pumped and she moaned like crazy. Jerome shouted, “Get under so I can get in there!” Mack rolled her down so he was on his back and she was angled over him on top. He grabbed her tits and bit her nipples softly as Jerome slid his cock in her pussy from behind. Amanda yelled in pain as her pussy lips stretched to accommodate the two big cocks. Mack removed thrusting her from underneath and Jerome pounded her from behind.

The pain subsided and extreme pleasure set in as orgasms began to come on one after another for her.  Jerome spanked her ass while he thrust and said, “You dirty little slut. You like this, don’t you?”

Amanda moaned, “Yes. Yes!”

Mack said, “Your white pussy likes these two black cocks fucking it, doesn’t it?!”

Amanda again moaned in agreement, “Yes!” Then, within seconds of each other, Jerome and Mack came inside her. Amanda slumped onto the bed as Mack climbed from underneath her. Jerome and Mack backed away from the bed as Amanda tried to catch her breath.

Jamal approached her and said, “Your pussy isn’t close to being done yet,” and he pulled her near the edge of the bed by her hips. He rolled her over on her back and spread her legs with his hands and guided his cock in her pussy. Jamal began to pump her and TJ walked over to her head and stuck his cock on her lips. She opened her mouth and began sucking on his dick while he fondled her tits and Jamal pounded her pussy. Jamal thrust faster and harder and she almost choked on TJ’s cock as she moaned. TJ took his cock out so she could breath and Jamal exploded his load inside her.

Before she could breath she felt herself being flipped onto her knees. TJ said, “You  cum dumpster. There is cum dripping out of your pussy.” She felt his cock go inside her and begin pumping. Her pussy lips were a little numb from the action, but it didn’t stop her from moaning and orgasming again as TJ pounded her pussy. Kaymen slapped her face with his cock and ran it down between her tits. Amanda moaned loud as she felt TJ cum inside her. She caught her breath quickly as she heard Kaymen say, “Get up here and ride me whore.” He laid down and she climbed on top of him and slowly guided his cock inside her sensitive and semi swollen pussy lips. Kaymen grabbed onto her hips and slammed her down on his cock as she bounced. Amanda was sore but she wasn’t about to stop and she bounced until Kaymen shot his load inside her. As she climbed off him cum poured out of her pussy onto the bed.

Jamal said, “You ready for another round of us?”

Amanda answered, “Fuck. I would like to say yes, but my pussy is way too sore.”

Mack said, “Well how about your round white ass taking it?”

Amanda answered, “I have never had cocks as big as you guys in my pussy and definitely never in my ass.”

Jerome said, “How about we break that round ass in then?”

Amanda said, “Can I get a beer?”

TJ thrust a glass in front on her and she chugged it down and asked, “Who’s first?”

The guys cheered and Mack said, “We are going to go in order of smallest to biggest cock so that makes TJ first and Jamal last.” The guys laughed and positioned Amanda face down on her stomach with her ass up in the air. TJ took his place behind her and tugged at himself for a minute before he slowly guided his cock in her ass. Amanda winced as her butt hole stretched and TJ began pumping. She moaned and moaned and he pumped until he was ready to cum and he pulled out of her ass and pushed her over and shot his load on her tits.

Jerome took his turn next and slid his cock in her ass as she laid on her back. He pumped and pumped as she moaned and pulled out and unleashed his load on her tits too. Amanda quickly sipped a beer before Mack began his turn on her ass. Mack laid down and she spread her butt cheeks apart and lowered herself on his cock. He thrust her from underneath as she softly bounced and moaned. When Mack was ready to blow he shouted, “Get off and open your mouth!” She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, but most of it went around her mouth instead of in it.

Kaymen stepped up and said, “I am going to give your ass a rest. So I am going to fuck your white whore mouth.”

Amanda opened her mouth and he stuck his cock in as far as it would go until his balls were resting on her chin. He thrust and thrust as she gagged on his cock until he eventually began blowing a load that was too big for her mouth to hold and it went all over her face.

Jamal said, “Saved the best for last so bend your white ass over!”

Amanda bent over and he guided his cock in her butt. His cock was the biggest and it really stretched her hole. Jamal thrust gently to not hurt her and only pounded faster as he heard her moans. He thrust as hard as he could on one thrust before blowing his gigantic load inside her. The four other guys had already gotten dressed and Jamal backed away and Amanda flopped down on the bed. Her face was sticky, her boobs were sticky, her pussy and ass were sore and she could feel cum in all 3 holes. The guys slapped her on the ass one by one and complimented her and thanked her.

Jamal whispered in her ear, “You ever want black cock again here’s my number,” and he slipped her a small piece of paper. He turned to Travis as he walked out the door and said, “You a lucky man. She is the best white pussy and ass I have ever had!”

Travis sat quietly as Amanda recovered from her fun and got dressed. She leaned against Travis and slowly walked out of the bedroom and down the stairs. Her pussy and ass were sore for several days,  but she didn’t care cause in her mind it was worth it.


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