After Hours Get Together

While the story is from a true event, the names and places have been changed to protect every one involved.

My name is Paul and I work for a beverage and malt company.  My main job is to be a mentor to newly hired workers. This process usually takes about three days then the new hires are given job assignments and my time interacting with them is greatly reduced. Greg was one of my recent new hires. He stood about six foot six and was shaped like a string bean. I always felt there was something different about Greg.

With Greg it was almost two weeks that he would seek me out asking me many different questions; some pertained to his new job assignment, but many did not. I certainly did not want to hurt his feelings but I also did not want him thinking it was alright to ask personal questions either. I simply told Greg that I had a policy not to hang out with the people I mentor and work with. Even then, Greg still stopped by almost daily.

I was having a real bad day when Greg stopped by and I told him I had no time for him and annoying questions. Greg looked hurt by my comment. Two days went by and no Greg; I thought he finally got the picture. Then right before shift change he came into the office and said, “Either you stop by or I will stop in the human resources office and tell them you are not helping me adjust to this type of work.”

So I said, “Alright, what is your address? I will stop by just this once.”

When I got there I had to use the security phone so he could come down and open the door.  Greg’s studio apartment was nice. I was stressed and Greg must have sensed this because he handed me an ice cold bottle of water and two pills. I asked what the pills were and Greg said they were herbal supplements that help you relax. I asked if they really work and Greg said like a charm.

I was getting some kind of warm sensation but my muscles were really relaxed. Greg had me sit next to him on the couch; it was like I could not say no to Greg. Greg got up and put a movie in his disk player. The movie was adult in nature and Greg asked if I liked to watch porn. I said sure. Greg then asked if I masturbate while I watch porn and I said sometimes.

All this time Greg was rubbing my legs and they spread wide open giving Greg access to my crotch area. Greg then had me take all my clothes off; I was so horny I did as he said. Greg had me stroke my cock until I was almost ready to cum. Greg had me get on my knees and remove his pants and boxers, then I was to get him erect by playing with his cock.  Greg had a thick 8 inch cock that was now being placed in my mouth and as it filled my throat I had all I could do to keep from gagging on the big hard cock. Greg was now slamming his cock in and out of my mouth until he groaned, nearing completion. Greg was cumming and I would not let him pull out until he had shot his load down my throat. I was now a greedy cock sucker.


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