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Bernadette And Friends Join A Club

Monday at the hospital cafeteria the Gangbang Girls Bernie, Joan and Lydia talk about their days off. Joan and Lydia thanked Bernie and praised Ernesto for the Saturday night party at the Hotel.

Bernie told the girls she and they have been invited to join Professors John and Mark’s Gentletmen’s Club With Friends at their home. She said the basement of the home has been remodeled to look like the EuroXXXTheater in Uptown. She said there would be no rough sex or BDSM. The club was only open to university professors and college girls or young women such as themselves. The professors pay a membership fee and women are free. She said women were to be naked and uninhibited. The women were to be treated as hand maidens and respected. The club would be open Thursday evenings. The hours of operation would be 5 to 10PM. The Quiet Grand Opening was this Thursday. The girls decided to give it a try.

At 5PM the girls were allowed in. They met 3 more nice young girls from the University who had been recruited. John and Mark ask the girls to mingle with the men to get them to relax. The girls were naked except some wore thigh high stockings and shoes. After some wine the guys started to loosen up and became aroused. Bernie had 4 guys upstairs kissing her and finger fucking her. Then 4 more guys wanted the little girl. The other girls were busy making out with multiple guys. The Girls led the guys downstairs to the gangbang room. There were plenty of padded tables, benches, sofas and big stuffed chairs for fucking. The girls were making love sounds. Bernie, Joan, and Lydia were busy fucking and sucking. They were surrounded with guys wanting their cocks sucked and guys fucking their ass and pussy. It was bareback as everyone had lab reports with no diseases or infections. The girls liked bareback. John and Mark asked the girls to recruit more girls. Everyone said they would. Bernie told John and Mark she would see them Sunday. They kissed her and Mark put his hand in her pants and finger fucked her pussy.

It was estimated that 100 members used the club that night. They left thank you tips for the girls totaling a $1000. The girls went to Pete’s Pizza after a fun night at the club. They were starved. After everyone ate they went home as they had college classes or work Friday Morning.

Bernie, Joan and Lydia at the cafeteria at work talked quietly about their club experience. The girls never had so much love and constantly being aroused. Overall the professors were gentlemen and great lovers. The girls were happy with intimate love making with so many men at the same time. The girls felt loved and cared for. They would continue their sensual journey.

Sunday afternoon while Ernesto watched sports on TV, she visited John and Mark at their home. They were happy to see her. They love their “little girl.” There were also two other professors visiting them. She remembered them from the party. She kissed John, Mark and the two gentleman. Mark said when they told the professors she would be visiting they asked for a special time with her. The 2 professors told her they love her and would like to spend some time with her that day. She smiled, stood up, removed her short shorts and shirt. She said she was theirs for the afternoon. They were surprised at her actions but appreciated her love.

Bernie took Frank’s and Charles’s hand and led them both like a cute little school girl with her two little pony tails to the gang bang room in the basement. The disco beat was turned on low to get their sexual fervor worked up. The disco ball was turned on. The projectors were turned on with porno movies with sound. The atmosphere was now set. Bernie got on her knees and did deep throat with their cocks alternating between the two men. She kept her hands behind her as if asking permission. She made eye contact while looking up as respecting and loving them. By her doing this she had hooked their love for her in their hearts and minds. Frank and Charles took her to a big bed and lay on both sides of her. They hugged her, kissed her and rubbed her beautiful body. They kissed,sucked licked and fondled her breasts and nipples. She was making love sounds as she was so happy with the attention. Together the guys licked her body fingering her clit, pussy and ass. She was orgasming multiple times. She felt so loved. She was so worked up she said,”Please fuck me. My body is yours. Take my ass and pussy with your cocks.” They did. Frank was on the bottom. Bernie sat on Frank straddling and stuffed his cock in her pussy. Charles lubricated her ass and his cock shoving it into her ass. She felt the pressure letting out a grunt. She lowered her back and raising her ass making the entry more stimulating.

The guys really pounded her pussy and ass making her feel extremely erotically charged for a big orgasm. She was panting and making little girl squeals. She couldn’t say words. She just uttered noises as she was so sexually aroused. Finally Frank and Charles squirted copious amounts of cream pies in her pussy and ass. She reacted with an orgasm that made her growl,squeal, jerk, shake, spasm and yelled,”ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyesssssssssss!” She finally came back to earth panting. She licked the cum off of the guys cocks and balls. She lay between them. John had given them spoons to feed her their cum from her body. She swallowed all of it. They lay with her. They wanted to keep her. They knew no one man would be enough for her.

They showered and dressed. She stayed naked for Mark and John. They kissed her and fingered her pussy making her give them another deep kiss. As she escorted them to the door they handed her an envelope with a card in it. The guys had written, “With all their love.Take it please and use this as a token of our love to buy yourself something.” It was $200.

It was John and Mark’s turn. They made love to her on the couch and plush carpeting. She would have more intensely erotic orgasms. Afterwards she, Mark and John showered together. She sucked their cocks. They fingered her to orgasms in the shower. They dried Bernie and she dried them. They dressed. Bernie had to go home to Ernesto. She said goodnight to them and kissed them. The guys French kissed her and finger fucked her. She was aroused again but had go home. The guys were having fun with her.

Bernie stopped at Pete’s Pizza for a pie and salad. She was so sexually aroused she hoped Ernesto would fuck her that night.

………….Bernadette Gets Promoted And The Gangbang Girls be continued

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