Nanny’s Diary Part One

After the unfortunate passing of my wife, I hired a 21 year old girl part time to assist me with my 3 kids. Sometime later I began a relationship with Christine and between the two of us we had 6 children. The oldest child was 8 and youngest almost 10 months old.  The following are entries from Mkenzie’s journal which I found. The days are not in consecutive order as I have them listed just chose to label it that way instead of jotting down exact dates.

Day 1: I have been watching Kyle’s kids from time to time for the past several months and today I received the news from him that he has gotten engaged to Christine whom he has dated for a few months. She is very beautiful with her green eyes,  dirty blonde hair, and what I think I over heard once big enhanced boobs. However, I can tell she can be a little high maintenance and opinionated on things especially her biological kids. But, she does treat his kids good too, so that’s a good thing.

Day 2: She has begun moving her and her kids things into his house and making minor changes in the house decoration wise. My boyfriend Ty was over today and I caught him staring at her chest and smacked him a good one. Still curious if they are fake or what and may get up nerve to ask.

Day 3: I can’t believe it I blurted or today asking Christine about her boobs. She wasn’t mean about it at all and she actually took me in her bedroom and shut the door. Then she lifted up get shirt letting me see them. Also, she instructed me to squeeze one, so I could see how real they felt. I am so fucking jealous now of her DD boobs since I am a small B. I will say they did feel normal and if she wouldn’t have said anything about them being fake I wouldn’t have been able to tell difference.

Day 4: Today I was playing with the kids and Christine commented on my shoulder tattoos and inquired about any others. I went in her room and stripped to my bra and thong showing her all my tattoos. Then, she showed me her lower back tattoo and a tattoo between her hip and crotch. We both remarked how nice each other’s tattoos were. She even added how she wished she had an ass as firm as mine. Although she did say Kyle loves her bubble butt and that as a gift when they get married she will let him fuck her in the ass which he has asked or hinted about doing a few times. She asked and I admitted that I have never done anal, nor have I had a desire to do it. Christine told me that it is a weird feeling and she has only done it a couple times in her life cause it is a different weird feeling. She went on to mention she has heard from a couple friends that they have even orgasmed from receiving anal, and she hopes when she lets Kyle do anal she will. Interested to know about orgasm from anal, but still not keen on trying it.

Day 5: Today, I accompanied her to the restaurant BJ’s and she used that to begin a discussion about blow jobs. She asked if I ever gave one and if I liked doing it. I told her how I have given them, but not sure I do it right. Christine cracked me up saying there is no wrong way to give a blow job and any guy who says otherwise doesn’t deserve one. She told me how Kyle enjoys going down on her about as much as she enjoys him going down on her. He really gets her wet from orgasms using his tongue like no guy ever before. I told her Ty has gone down on me a couple times, but never got me off. I joked maybe Kyle can give him some pointers to which she laughed and smiled.

Day 6: I watched all 6 kids today as Kyle was working and Christine asked if I could watch hers too while she went shopping with her sisters. The kids were wonderful for the 6 hours I watched them. Christine introduced me to her sisters Carrie and Jeanette. They both complimented me saying I was pretty. Then, they showed me some of the items they had bought including Victoria Secret lingerie. I could tell her sisters were as busty if not more than Christine. I had walked out of room to give the baby a bottle and when I came back in  Jeanette said to me, “You have a sexy little firm ass.” I smiled and remarked thanks and said, “Glad I have an ass cause I have no boobs.” The  girls all laughed and I chatted with them a little more before two of them left.

The 5 oldest kids were outside playing, baby was napping, and Christine was putting away her purchases when I walked to her room to notify I was leaving. As I reached the bedroom door and was about to knock I looked in and saw her looking at herself in the mirror wearing one of the lingerie she had purchased. It was black and hung tight and pushed out her breasts and barely covered the top of her ass which was bare. She must have saw me in the mirror cause she quickly turned around to face me, covering her crotch with her hands and asked what I thought. I told her Kyle was sure to go crazy that it looked good on her and fit her well. She thanked me and I left.

Day 7: I went by the house today to pickup my check which was on the counter in an envelope. After I grabbed it I heard a noise which sounded like moaning. I followed the noise upstairs and figured out it was coming from the master bedroom. I peered through the half open door and saw Christine laid out on her back on the bed clutching her breasts with her hands and Kyle was in his boxers kneeling down going down on her. I froze and could not move and watched quietly. After a few minutes of viewing I was getting turned on and began slowly rubbing my clit. Several minutes later she moaned really loud which caught my attention and, I freaked out I might get caught, so I quietly and quickly left. I couldn’t get the images out of my head, nor did I want to, and I was extremely aroused. When Ty came over I told him what I witnessed and then I couldn’t get either of us  undressed fast enough before we were going at it and had hot sex.

Day 8: I was at the house today with Christine and I asked about how the body is effected when having kids. She explained the benefits and hard work it takes to stay in shape during and after pregnancy. Also, I asked about how the vagina is effected and she explained that as well. We were in the master bedroom when to my astonishment she pulled down her leggings and thong and showed me her pussy. It was clean shaven and she asked if I was bare too. I felt obligated to show her and I took down my pants and thong and showed her my clean shaved pussy. She told me I had a cute pussy and she playfully slapped my bare ass. I don’t know why getting her approval of my naked body excited me. We chatted later about sex positions and found out we both love doggy style the best.

Day 9: I went to pick up my check today and like two weeks ago I heard noises coming from master bedroom. I quickly sneaked upstairs hoping to view another show. As I peered in the door I saw Kyle and Christine were both completely naked this time. He was standing and she was kneeling in front of him playing with his cock. She moved her head a minute to the side and I caught a good glimpse of his good size and stiff cock. I leaned against the doorway and slowly slid my hand into my pants and began fingering myself. My pants were restraining my movement, so I unbuttoned and unzipped them so my hand could move more freely. I got carried away watching them and masturbating and before I knew it I was really wet and orgasmed.

Then the most embarrassing thing happened as I moaned really loud and it caught there attention. They stopped immediately and stared right at me in the doorway. As I stood there frozen with fear, Christine called me into the room and. I tried to fix my pants as I slowly sulked in the bedroom. She asked how long I had watched them and I answered, “A while.” Then she asked if I had gotten turned on by watching them and I nodded my head. Next, she told me since I had seen them both naked didn’t I think it was only fair to get naked for them? I nodded in agreement softly and slowly undressed till I was completed nude standing in front of them.

Christine told me to give Kyle a hug and I slinked over to him and we embraced. As we embraced I felt his cock rub against my thigh and it made me smile. She slapped my butt and told me, “Touch his cock if you want.” I surprised myself and without hesitation ran my hand against his cock. His cock began to harden as I touched him and he smiled at me. Christine took my other hand and rubbed it on her boobs and I started getting very aroused. She asked, “Do you want Kyle to go down on you like I told you about?” I nodded and she took me to the bed and sat next to my head as I laid down and he spread my thighs and ran his tongue inside me.

Omg, I don’t know how to describe how amazing his tongue felt and the spots it hit in my pussy. I had several good orgasms. Towards the end she had gotten off the bed and was stroking his cock with her hands as he stood up she told me she was going to give me a lesson in cock sucking. I got on my knees next to her and I took his cock in my mouth and slowly licked and began sucking. Each time she suggested something I followed as if it was an order. I sucked and sucked and rubbed his balls until he exploded a load of cum in my mouth. It was too much to swallow and it dripped down my chin and onto the floor. Christine told me I was a good student.  The whole ride home I couldn’t believe or stop thinking about what had happened. Also, I knew for sure I wouldn’t tell Ty and that I wanted more with them.

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