Bernadette And Ernesto Vacation In The Bahamas

It’s May 1976. Bernadette, “Bernie”, and her lover Ernesto are taking a long overdue vacation in the Bahamas.

Ernesto spends his days fishing on a chartered fishing boat. He’s having a great time and relaxing.
Bernie went to the concierge services to find someone to show her around town. A young lady by the name of Chantal is self employed as a tourist guide. She is a native born 21 year old brown lady. She and Bernie become fast friends.

Chantal took Bernie to the various historical landmarks. Bernie bought them lunch. Chantal knows good places to eat at reasonable prices. Bernie and Chantal laughed, giggled, telling stories. They had a great day. Bernie told Chantal she wanted to go shopping tomorrow. Chantal said she would meet Bernie in the hotel lobby at 10AM.

It’s Tuesday 10AM and Bernie and Chantal meet in the lobby. They’re like 2 school girls giggling and laughing. They’re both excited about going shopping. Bernie told Chantal she wants a sexy dress. Either a thigh slit or leg slit. Chantal took her where the local girls shop. The store carried real French style fashions at great prices. Bernie found both dresses she wanted. She told Chantal to get a dress for herself. She was buying it for Chantal. Chantal first resisted the offer. Bernie said they were friends and insisted Chantal would choose something. Chantal tried a dress on and both girls loved it.

Chantal took Bernie to a store for accessory items to match up with the clothes Bernie had bought. Bernie insisted she get something to compliment her dress also.

After shopping Bernie wanted lunch. It was a great day. The two girls talked about many things. Bernie asked if the town had an adult sex club? Chantal was surprised she asked that question. She said yes. Why? Bernie said she belongs to one Intown where she lives. Chantal said you are beautiful and young. Why? Bernie said she was her own person. She would not be owned or controlled by any man. She said one man’s cock was not enough for her. She liked the freedom to choose as many cocks as she wants. She said men love her and she loves them. She loves to fuck.

After lunch Chantal took Bernie to the EuroAdultTheater. Chantal introduced her to the owner’s daughter. Her name is Erika. The family is German. Bernie told Erika about the theater where she goes to in Uptown called EuroXXXTheater. Erika laughed. She said her family members own that one too. Bernie said she and two girls go on Thursday nights there. Erika said you must be a Gangbang Girl. Bernie laughed and said, yes. Chantal was surprised to hear Bernie talk about her sexual exploits. Bernie asked if their theater was opened? Erika said yes. Ladies are free to enter. Bernie wanted to look around. Chantal went with her. The set up was almost the same as in Uptown. She went to the Gangbang room. Within a few minutes the biggest brown man Bernie ever saw walked into the room. His name is Tyrone. Bernie walked over to him. She said she just arrived. Chantal went out to the lobby to give Bernie her privacy. Bernie took her short shorts and shirt off. Tyrone stood by a couch. Bernie got on her knees. She asked him if she could unzip his pants? He said yes. She asked him if she could suck his cock? He said please. She pulled his cock out of his pants. She placed his cock in her mouth and put her hands behind her submitting herself to him. She licked his balls and deep throated his cock. Men like throat fucking a girl.
She looked up at him making eye contact showing him respect. Before he squirted he picked her up like a doll and he sat down on the couch. She straddled his hips. She kissed his face, forehead and lips. They French kissed. He kissed, licked and sucked her neck, breasts, nipples. He hugged, kissed and held her. He never had been with anyone so beautiful. A white girl, young, cute and loving. It’s the seventies, however she loved him. He asked her about that. She said she loved him as a man. She said she wanted his love and his essence.
He told her he wanted to fuck her. She asked him if he was disease or infection free? He said he had a new health certificate stating so. He showed it to her. She said she could receive his essence bare back. He picked her up and placed her on a bed. He wanted to fuck her missionary style so he could look into her eyes while making love to her. He kissed her lips, face, neck, and chest. He sucked her breasts leaving hickeys. He licked her nipples and nipple rings. This petite 5’2″ little girl was dwarfed by this 7′ muscular brown loving man. When he was on top of her she couldn’t be seen or move. He continued licking, sucking and kissing her body.

As he moved to her pussy she put her hands on his head just to touch him. He continued licking, sucking, and fingering her pussy. He then proceeded to lick her thighs and legs. He turned her over licking, kissing her back, ass and legs. He stuck his tongue in her ass and she orgasmed. She was panting. He turned her over on her back. Resting his weight on his elbows and knees his lubricated 12″ cock slid it into her pussy. She put her arms around his neck and whispered in his ear how much she loved him. She told him his cock felt so good and to keep fucking her for as long as he could. He kissed her lips. He sucked her nipples and breasts making more hickeys. She kept her arms around his neck as they kissed like lovers. She felt as though she was being consumed in sexual bliss. She didn’t want the feeling to leave her. Her libido was calling for more fucking. He finally squirted her vaginal walls filling her pussy with his essence. The stimulation from all of his cream caused her to keep orgasming. She kept her arms and legs wrapped around him to make sure she received all of his cum.

Bernie finally released Tyrone from her holding his body. He rolled off of her. She rolled to him, kissing him. She licked, cleaned and sucked his cock of the cum. She had a spoon and asked him to spoon feed her his cum from her pussy and she would eat it. He did and also cleaned her legs and thighs from the overflow. They rested, hugged, kissed and whispered sweet things to each other. Tyrone asked her if he could fuck her ass? She smiled and said her body was his. Anything he wants and as much as he wants today. She got on her hands and knees. She raised her ass and lowered her back. He lubricated her ass and his cock. His cock entered her tight little girl’s ass and he gently pushed his cock in as far as he could. She grunted and made a straining noise as her body made accommodations to his large cock.

He started to pump his cock in and out of her ass. She moaned and made loving sounds. She rode his cock by moving back and forth to receive the full effect of Tyrone’s love. Tyrone finally squirted her ass with lots of his cream. Bernie felt warm cum in her ass stimulating her to orgasm. Tyrone let out a strained grunt as he came In her ass. When he pulled his cock out of her ass cum ran down her ass and legs. He grabbed paper towels wiping her and himself. She turned to him and kissed him. She lay on this big man and kissed him. He held and hugged her. She felt loved by this,”Big Teddy Bear.”

It was time to shower. She washed him and he washed her. Bernie sucked his cock and he throat fucked her in the shower. He squirted her tongue and she swallowed his essence. He finger fucked her pussy and she orgasmed.

They finally got dressed. Chantal had waited for Bernie at the theater office. Tyrone invited Bernie and Chantal to his home for lunch tomorrow. Chantal nodded yes to Bernie. Tyrone was a neighbor of hers. He was okay. He kissed both girls and hugged Bernie. He said thank you. He said he loved her.

The next day Bernie and Tyrone had Chantal take Polaroid pictures of them for 2 scrap books of their time together on the island. Bernie and Tyrone were fucking in the photos as Bernie is uninhibited and they loved each other.

Chantal found herself liking the “Big Teddy Bear.” Tyrone would have 2 girls to satisfy this week.

Thursday and Friday would be the same. Lunch at Tyrone’s house with lots of love with Bernie and Chantal. Chantal understood Bernie’s hunger for sex with more than one man. She had the same freedom as Bernie had to make her own decisions. No one man would own her. No one man would satisfy her.

Ernesto and Bernie flew home Saturday. His fishing was fun and successful. Bernie’s sexual needs were fulfilled for the week. She had a scrapbook to show the Gangbang girls at home. Chantal and Bernie stayed in contact with each other as they are friends.

…………..Ernesto And Bernedette With Her Hunger For More Love

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