Bernie and Friends Celebrate New Year 1976

Ernesto asked Bernadette where she wanted to go party on New Years? “Bernie” as she likes the to be called, said she was going to call Joan as she might have a plan. Joan works at the hospital in housekeeping. She called Joan. She said she and Gene wanted to go to the Hotel Inn in Uptown as they had an all inclusive package that had a room, New Years Eve Dinner, open bar 4 hours, dancing, champagne at midnight, and a breakfast buffet New Years Day. Bernie said she has the day off and wanted to make reservations. Joan said good. She would do the same. Bernie said she wanted to have a room near them. Joan said you call first, get the room number, and she would get a room close to her and Ernesto.

It’s Tuesday before New Years Eve. Bernie gets out of work at at 3PM and visits her side lover Luis. He’s a handsome, cute, respectful young man. He is a salesman for a food distributor to hotels and restaurants. He loves Bernie and she loves him fucking her. She is like putty in his hands. She stopped in for lovemaking. He likes fucking her ass. She can’t get enough of his cum. Afterwards she showered with Luis. He fucked her pussy in the shower. She licked and sucked his cock to swallow his copious cum. Luis towel dried Bernie. She dried him too. She got dressed and wished Luis a Happy New Year. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him. He reached under her scrubs shirt and pulled on her breasts and fingered her nipples. She said she had to go. She would call him Friday.

Bernie met Ernesto at the pool at the Hotel in town. They exercised in the weight room, then swam several laps in the pool. He fucked her in the pool when no one else was there.

Wednesday New Years Eve Day after work, Ernesto and Bernie had their bags packed. Gene and Joan were riding with them to the hotel. Their rooms were next to each other. Dinner was served at 8PM. They had time to rest before dinner.

At 8PM they went to the dining room and were seated at a table with Gene and Joan. The meal was buffet style and open bar was self serve. Gene and Ernesto went to the bar for drinks for the girls. Joan said to Bernie that Gene went nuts over her little black dress with front split thigh opening. She wore her black thigh high stockings and black high heels. With her choker, body chain, gold waist chain, and nipple chain. Joan said Gene wants to fuck you. Bernie said Ernesto commented how beautiful she is. Joan asked Bernie if she would fuck Gene? Bernie said if she would fuck Ernesto. Bernie said she wouldn’t be sorry. Ernesto is a Latin Lover. He’s very passionate. Joan said it’s a deal. Joan said how do we do it? Bernie said when the guys go to sleep they would swap keys and men at 3AM. It’s a plan Joan said.

The dinner was excellent and the evening was fun with lots of dancing. The girls danced with each other’s partner. When the men were getting drinks, the girls were approached by other men leaving them business cards or their names or phone numbers. Bernie checked the one’s she liked with a pen.

At midnight it was the sound of horns blowing and people wearing funny hats. There was the traditional champagne toast and dancing the New Years Celebration Dance. Balloons dropped from above and there was a lot popping of them.

At 1AM the gang went back to their rooms. The girls kissed, hugged the men and each other wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

Ernesto made love to Bernie. He would be her first lover for 1976. Gene and Joan made love in the new year.

It was 3AM and the girls met in the hallway as they exchanged room keys. They kissed and giggled like school girls. They quickly joined the man in the room.

Bernie lay naked next to Gene. He was in a deep sleep. She put her arm across his chest and went to sleep. Gene awakened at 6AM to use the bathroom. When he came back to bed he realized something was different. He pulled the covers back. He was half asleep and was surprised that Bernie was there. She kissed him and said, “Happy New Year from Joan.” She told Gene that Joan was with Ernesto.

Gene told Bernie he loves her. She told him to prove it. She told him to make love to her. Gene kissed and French kissed her. He kissed, and licked her body. He licked, sucked her nipples and breasts. At the same time he stimulated with his fingers her clit and pussy. Bernie moaned and pushed her pussy against his fingers and hand. She was panting and verbally encouraging him to keep stimulating her. She had several orgasms. She told him to fuck her. He said ass or pussy? She told him it was his choice. He loved her tight little school girl pussy. He asked her if she wanted a condom? She said no. She said she wants his cum in her. He would be a part of her. Because she is petite he pulled her to him, raising her ass, and put her legs against his chest. He pushed his cock into her pussy. His balls were slapping her pussy. She was orgasming. He suddenly squirted her pussy spraying her vaginal walls with cum. The warm copious cream felt great and making her have greater orgasms. Bernie pulled Gene in to her pussy to get his cock deeper to feel him squirting her.

They rested after fucking. Bernie licked cum from Gene’s cock and balls. He got a spoon and fed Bernie his cum from her pussy and body. They layed together and kissed. He gently rubbed and massaged her body. He loved this little lady.

Ernesto woke up to find a naked beautiful blonde lady next to him. Joan told him that she was a New Years surprise from Bernie. She said Bernie was with Gene.

Ernesto kissed her. He ran his tongue down from her neck to her breasts and nipples. From there he licked her stomach and belly button. He licked her pussy and clit. He sucked them while running his tongue on her clit. He used his fingers and hand to stimulate her pussy. When he used his hand in her pussy she had reacted loudly to the enormous orgasms. Joan begged Ernesto to fuck her. He pulled her to the edge of the bed, put her legs over his shoulders and fucked her pussy. He held on to her legs, pounded her pussy with his cock and balls. Joan moaned and made love sounds. Ernesto squirted her pussy as she stimulated her clit and she climaxed. Her body strained in trying to get all of Ernesto’s cum. She was panting and crying. She said she had never been loved like this before. She said she loved him. He kissed her and lay holding her. Ernesto enjoyed his time with Joan. But his first love was Bernie. Ernesto and Joan showered together and she sucked his cock looking up at him with love. After showers they dried each other and Joan dressed to go back to her room. They kissed. She went back to Gene.

Bernie and Gene had just showered when Joan knocked on the door. Bernie was still naked. She just had been fucked again in the ass in the shower. The girls kissed and hugged. They were still best friends. Bernie dressed to go back to Ernesto in their room.

Bernie came back to Ernesto. She kissed him. She missed her Latin lover. He picked her up in his arms. He put her on the bed. He undressed her. He made passionate love to her.

The two couples went to the breakfast buffet and a champagne mimosa to celebrate New Years Day. When the guys went to the buffet bar the girls stayed and talked at the table. Joan told Bernie she never been loved like what Ernesto did for her. She said she loved him. She said she understood why Bernie loved him. She said “she knows he loves you Bernie.”

Bernie said Gene is a great lover and he says he loves her. Joan looked worried. Bernie said she would take her clothes shopping where she goes and change her looks like Bernie does. Joan said how about Sunday? Bernie said yes. She said Ernesto watches football. Joan said Gene does too.

They had a great time and clinked their champagne glasses to The New Year 1976.

Bernie did keep her word. Joan and Bernie went to the mall. Bernie had Joan buy a mix of sexy clothes like short shorts, French style clothing, and smaller size clothing to accent her breasts and ass. Also to show more flesh in the right places. Bernie told her to set her hair with a pony tail.

A week later Joan was at work and at lunch told Bernie thank you. She said she changed the way she dressed and Gene can’t keep his hands off of her. She whispered she had 2 side lovers. She also said a big shot at the hospital has the hots for her. She said she wanted to go to Gang Bang Girls Night Out at the EuroXXXTheater. She said she understands Bernie’s sexually aroused libido for more partners. Joan said she loves to fuck. Bernie said, “Welcome to the club.”

To be continued……Bernadette With Joan And Their Sexual Escapades.

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