John And Ernesto Have A Meeting With Bernadette

It was Monday morning. Ernesto was back at the bank after being away on bank business.

The love of his life is Bernadette or “Bernie” as she prefers. She is 25 and he is 50. She works at the hospital lab as a Med Tech. She is 5’2”, petite, yet voluptuous, and looks like a high school girl. She dresses like one to keep men guessing how old she is. She is sexually compulsive. She is very uninhibited. Ernesto knows about her situation and does not attempt to control or interfere with her activities. He just loves her. She always comes home to him.

John is a friend of Ernesto and Bernie. He is an attorney who just opened a second office in the county in town. He is in his 60’s. When Ernesto was away he asked John to stay with Bernie because the town was in blizzard conditions. Ernesto knew and told John that Bernie was very uninhibited. Everything was okay.

Monday, John called Ernesto at the bank. He asked if they could meet for lunch? Ernesto said yes. They met at a diner in town. John said lunch was on him. He talked about Bernie. He said how much he loves her. He doesn’t want to interfere with Ernesto’s and Bernie’s relationship. It was just that his heart was wrapped around her finger. He never had known a woman like her. Ernesto said he understood. He said he never interferes with her love relationships. She is not under his control. She is free as a bird to come and go as she pleased. The only thing was she lived in his house and he always was concerned that she was okay. She owed him that much. Ernesto said he would like John to stop for dinner and the 3 of them would talk tonight about all of what they discussed.

The three of them had dinner at Ernesto’s cabin. After dinner Ernesto said he had explained his relationship with Bernie to John. He said that they were lovers but he did not own her. John wants Ernesto to share her with him. He can’t make that decision. She decides that. She is her own person. He does not own her. John explained he had unconditional love for her. He would accept her decision. Bernie explained both men had a special place in her heart. She loves both of them. Now she understands Ernesto’s loving and caring heart for her. She said she decided to love both of them. She would share her life and love as best she could with both men. The two men kissed and hugged Bernie. She would have 2 lovers.

John thanked Ernesto for dinner, being a great man and his best friend. Ernesto said to John that he was now family. They shook hands. John had to go home to prepare for court the next day.

After work Bernie goes to John’s law office. She has a key for the back door to assure their privacy. The office is in the front of the old house. The upstairs was renovated for John’s love nest with Bernie.

John heard the back door buzzer. He knew she was upstairs. He had no more appointments. He put the closed sign in the window and locked the door. Bernie was on the king size bed naked waiting for his love.

At 5PM Bernie met Ernesto at the hotel pool. They worked out in the weight room. Then swam several laps in the pool. When there was no one else there, Ernesto would fuck her in the pool. She loved that.

Thursday night was girl’s night. Bernie, Lydia, and Joan would go dancing at a club or gang bang at the EuroXxxTheater.

Saturday night Bernie was invited by John to go to the Hotel Inn for the County Attorney’s Christmas Party. She had her hair done like Farrah the actress. She wore her little reddish orange bare shoulder dress with matching thigh high stockings and color matching shoes. She wore a red choker necklace. She also wore gold body chains. She was beautiful. John was proud of her. The other attorneys were stunned with her beauty. It was a fun evening.

John and Bernie went to his home after the party. He told her how beautiful she is. All eyes were on her at the party. They kissed. She took all of her clothes off. She lay on the bed.
He looked at her naked beauty. She chose him to share her. She loved him. He could be with her more. Even at Ernesto’s cabin. It would be whatever, whenever, and wherever she needed him. He was going to celebrate their new relationship. He kissed her lips. He kissed, sucked her breasts and nipples. At the same time he fingered her clit and pussy. She was moaning. She whispered,”I love you John.”She said it. He knows now she was sharing herself with the man she loves. He licked, sucked her clit and pussy. At the same he used his fingers to stimulate her more. She moaned panted as she orgasmed. She kept saying over and over she loved him. He was aroused from her words he raised her legs up straight and fucked her pussy. She said harder. Fuck me harder. She had multiple orgasms. She strained feeling and making sounds of a woman in the throes of erotic ecstasy. John squirted her pussy. She felt the cum on her vaginal walls. Her body shook with bigger orgasms. She licked and sucked his cock and balls to clean him. He had a spoon and she liked him to spoon feed her his cum from her body. Afterwards they showered and went to bed.

Before breakfast John was rubbing her breasts and nipples with his fingers. She awoke and kissed him. She giggled like a school girl. She hugged him. He asked her what she wanted fucked before breakfast? She said she wanted her ass fucked. She said she loves him more when he fucks her ass. Within a few minutes John had lubricated her ass and his cock. She was on her hands and knees. She raised her ass and lowered her back. He liked to fuck her ass hard and fast. She liked that. Within a few minutes he squirted his cum in her ass. Both were panting. She made a sound as she orgasmed. She licked his cock and balls. They showered and he rubbed her clit with his fingers to stimulate her. He also used his hand. She orgasmed in the shower. They finally towel dried each other. They got dressed. John made breakfast. They ate. She was getting ready to go to the cabin with Ernesto. John had one request before she left. She said anything. He said he wanted her to suck his cock before she left. She took off her blouse, got on her knees, unzipped his pants, pulled his cock and balls out. She sucked, and pulled his cock. She did cock throat fucking. He loved that. He squirted cum in her throat and and mouth. She swallowed all of it and licked her lips. She washed her self and put her blouse on. He helped her with her coat. He said he loved her. He thanked her for her love. She said she loved him too and would see him Monday after work.

She was home by lunchtime with Ernesto. He was happy to see her. He asked about the party? She said it was very nice. She hugged and kissed him. She said she loved him and missed him. He picked her up and placed her on a big,white,furry, faux bear rug in front of the fireplace. They made love there. How beautiful she was naked on that rug.

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