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Birthday Gift

Birthday Gift
I am regular reader of the stories on this site and
have found quite exciting and erotic. Now I am
submitting a story of mine which has some fantasy
content and actual happenings.

First of all I would like to introduce my self I am SS
from Bombay. And have been in friendship with SK for
the last 7 years. I have been close to her and I now
know every single curve in her body.

It was my birthday and I had decided that I would
celebrate it with my Girlfriend Sk. She had informed
well in advance that I would get a surprise gift
package on the day.

I was waiting anxiously for the day, it happened to by
Saturday when no one from my family was at home. AT
9.30pm we both got into my bedroom and were in night
dressess. Now we decided to play the game of Cards and
whosoever will win will do what other wanted him. I
won the first round of game and asked to take off her
Shirt she was wearing. Her black bra was clearly
visible and so were tits which were trying to get out
of it. I was getting excited. In next round I again
won and asked to get rid of her pajama and now she was
in her undergarments. I had sex with her many times
before but I had never felt that much excited earlier.
Third game she won and ordered me to get rid of shorts.
Now I was in Underwear and T shirt. Now it was decided
that the person will have to win two games to have his
command fulfilled. Luckily I won three games at trot.
Firstly I ordered her to lay her bra which complied
with hesitation. The next two games were won by her and
she ordered me to remove the undergarment I was stark
naked in front of her. My rod (lora)was hard like rock.
She smiled naughitly. The next game I won and ordered
her to be in same position as I was. She got excited.
And requested me to close the game but I had some other

I had a fantasy of fucking in her tits and love to fuck
her Ass.

We kept playing the game and in next round she won and
ordered me to take her right nipple in my mouth and
suck it for next 5 minutes. I love to suck the boobs.
I agreed and while I was sucking her tits I saw juice
was coming out from her cunt I inserted my finger and
started playing with her Chut. She got hold of my rod
and started playing with it. As it was already hard I
wasnot able to hold I requested her to forget the game
now and lets play the finals. She obliged and we
started fucking in 5 minutes I was down having shot my
rod in her cunt. As I told you about my plans. I
requested her to let me fuck her in tits. She took my
rod in her hands and started playing with it. It became
hard in no time. I grabbed her tits and bit her hard
but she enjoyed it. She put my rod in her valley of
boobs and I started fucking her there. As I was
readying to shoot she took the rod forcibly and drank
all the cum .

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