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Abigaile was turning thirty in a month. Thirty. She couldn’t believe it. Always when she was younger, she had so much time. I don’t need to think about marriage or kids yet… I have to do this. Or do that. She was always putting things off for tomorrow. But in a month she would be thirty, and all that youth would be gone. She laughed ironically at the thought. Oh, she had a good time; she had many lovers, both male and female. She had even married, a man whom she didn’t really love, but she had gotten knocked up by. She stayed married to him for her daughter. But she never had anyone she felt, serious about.

Well there had been one person, he was a tall, well sculpted, Greek god of a man. His name was Alessio. He was strong and worldly. She had met him in Italy; where they were both on vacation. He was in the room next to hers at a quaint little cottage inn in the country side. The only problem there, they had to share a bath. She did not think that it was such a bad thing… him being gorgeous helped things out.

He often left the door to the bath open, she suspected on purpose. She wasn’t so bad herself. She was tall, with long tanned legs, and a lean well muscled body. She had naturally large breasts, a size 36 D. She was often amazed that they didn’t cause back problems, but she thanked god for it too. They made a game of bathing, letting the other catch them. She smiled her golden sun-like smile whenever he caught her, she refused to use towels, and instead she ran about in the outfit that she was born in. He often stared with appreciation.

One night of dancing and drinking, they returned from separate outings and seeing each other, were consumed with lust. Something had sizzled in each of their eyes that night. She glowed, beckoned to the man, Alessio. He came to her, eager. He could smell the arousal of her body. Being young and impetuous, she needed no seduction, nor did he. He had wanted her the moment he laid eyes upon her body. She was seething with sexual energy.

Entering her room with a cat-like grace, he reached for her hand. Touching it, feeling the softness of her flesh, imaging the softness of more intimate places of her body… he kissed her, his breath slightly twanged with wine.

He eased the white silken dress off her body, she had under it only a white thong, her breasts naturally perky stood at attention, and wanting him to do what he would… she sighed. Bending slightly he brought his mouth, wet, to her nipple. He licked around it, nipped at the tip. He suckled.

Her breath beneath the magic of his mouth quickened. She ran her fingers through his hair, gently tugging with need. She moved her hands to his shirt, undoing each of the buttons frantically, needing his hard golden flesh pressed against her. She pushed the fabric from him, gliding her fingers across his stomach, playing it like an instrument so fine! Her hands moved low, to his pants, undoing somewhat haltingly his belt, pushing his pants away from him also. Amazed, she found he wore no undergarments. She smiled as she tugged at his half erect penis. She softly pulled and massaged it. Encouraging it to grow its whole 9 and ½ inches, she was amazed, never seeing one so large.

Completely aroused he pushed her roughly down on the bed; he had enough of her taunting. He had wanted to do this to her, since the first night he saw her naked in the bath. Now that she felt his NEED, his urgency… he was more eager and willing to take possession of her wonderful body. He bent down in front of her, and pulled down the white panties that made up the only barrier between him and what he so desired.

He looked down at her creamy flesh, and her secret place that was so moist he could see it. He bent down and licked at her, tasting the salty-sweetness. He smiled up at her, his eyes appraising her as she arched herself to him… He licked deeper, and sucked as he went, the wetness that came to his mouth, she moaned and wriggled her hips in unison to his mouth. He licked deeper, brought his finger down, and worked one in as he ate her, as he drank her. His fingers danced deep inside her, making her moan all the louder. Within minutes of the divine torture, she came ferociously with his hand and mouth. He drank all that flowed from her. His own member was screaming in agony from need.

Laying for a second in a spent bliss she smiled at him, he leaned up and over her, and kissed her deeply. She could taste her salt on his mouth… she found that she liked it. She then realized that he NEEDED something also, as she bent down to relieve him in the same fashion, he shook his head. He flipped her over. Suddenly she was afraid. In an unspoken moment, he told her how he was going to have her. She moaned, “No!” into the pillows, no one had ever taken her from behind, let alone someone so large.

He laughed at her, as he lifted her hips up, and he spread her ass cheeks. She gritted her teeth into the pillow, and held her breath. He did not shove his pulsing member into her like she thought he would, he worked at it with his finger… dipping it in, when it wouldn’t give way easily he spat into her hole. Then he began again to work in his finger. This time it slipped in easily. He worked it in and out. She found the sensation wonderful. She became wet again; he used that wetness as further lubricant, opening her anus wider.

He had her open and serviceable, and stood above her, gently easing in his rock hard penis. He pushed in and in… she grunted, held her breath, this hurt more then his finger, but also it felt so good… then suddenly he was completely in. He stayed that way while, letting her get used to the size. Then he pulled out, and pushed in again, doing it slowly. She was virgin-tight in her ass. He went faster as it opened even more to him. He was going in and out and in and out. Her face was muffled in the pillows, “Oh, oh, oh!” She found him taking her this way was so sexy, so naughty. Suddenly as she came again, he stopped, shuddered and from deep inside her anus, his penis expanded as he came too. He lay down next to her, and held her tight in his arms. She fell asleep, in the arms of her lover.

In the morning she awoke, alone. Her breakfast was at its usual place on her balcony. The bathroom door was shut, locked. She knocked gently upon it. A young man of about 23 looked out at her in amazement at her lovely, yet to be clothed body. But it was not Alessio; it was some American tourist, like herself. She apologized and left him there. Draping on only a sheer robe, Abigaile went out to the balcony and cried into her coffee. Looking down she saw scribbled on a piece of paper a good-bye letter from Alessio….

In a month she would be 30, she had many lovers in her life, but none as dear and wonderful as Alessio, her Greek-godlike lover. She had made love to him that night in Italy, and many nights after, with many other lovers. None could make her come so well and wonderfully. She sighed, reminiscing only brought tears. She went back to work filing papers. The door to her office opened. She didn’t look up immediately, but put away one last paper. When she did she saw the face of a ghost, of the past, and for a second, a minute didn’t believe! There stood Alessio, almost the same as before, sure aged a bit here and there. But he was still god-like to her. “Abigaile, I have searched for you… I need you… I love you…” Slowly she shook her head to clear her mind, to make sure she heard him right. She closed her eyes, blinked, looking up, she sighed, the image was gone. He had never been there. The phone next to her rang, she answered it, “Honey, can you pick up a loaf of bread on your way home?”

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