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The narcissistic vixen

Jenny wasn’t the kind of girl men hope for she broke the molds .While most girls ignore their own pleasure jenny didn’t deny her clit. Not only did she not care is her lover had achieved orgasmic bliss. But she demanded that she cum from behind while looking in a mirror. And if she didn’t get her way her lover would get dismissed or punished . Jenny had a reputation for being a real bitch on campus But, she didn’t give a fuck. These people were only servants to her libido one nut after the other. At 5’8 120lbs of lean dark haired beauty she could only be described as a sexual goddess. And even in her house she always got her way. The semester was over and she would have to say good-bye to Alex. And while Alex always obeyed her every sexual need she did feel the need to “break in ” a new slave. She would be home for the first time in a year. While she did miss being pampered by her parents the 20 year old didn’t want to have to leave the New York campus full of potential pleasers . Back to plain old San Francisco she went after, living there for 18 years of your life you need some openness from the” openness”. Back to her old life she went.

It was morning she woke with a stiff leg.. Damn that always happened when she came more than6 times in one night. It was all of Alex’s “I will miss you” don’t leave me sex. The little bitch would be slightly missed . But, he replacement would be better in spades. The light was in her face from the window she rolled in the cum soaked covers still smelling last nights fuck fest. Alex rolled lin a ball under the covers looking angelic with her golden blond hair and perfect body. Jenny woke her with a shoving of her cunt in her face still wet and pungent from last night. Alex gladly accepted her lover rank hole with her tongue. Thinking how she would miss her mistress and who would she serve in her absence. She was a total submissive and gladly enjoyed the job of being Jenny’s little pussy drinker. Jenny rode her face while all the time looking into her head board mirror. Getting off on her own face was all that worked and she wasn’t fucking with the formula. Jenny was near orgasm and Alex was almost there also, as she worked her own clit between two fingers. Alex came first and began screaming into Jenny’s cunt. This sent her over the edge and she had her first nut of the day. Alex almost choked as she forgot about Jenny for a second caught up in her own world. Jenny had flooded her mouth with about half a gallon of pussy juice . Jenny was panting heavily this, was some good head and she thanked Alex by letting her lick her ass. She didn’t like it much but it made Alex wild. She would lick it for an hour if you let her but, Jenny wouldn’t stand for anyone getting pleasure but her. She pushed Alex away from her well lick ass and threw her cloths at her. “Get out I’ll see you in two months”. Alex looked sad enough to cry yet it didn’t even crack a response as Jenny pointed for the door. Just a faint “I’ll miss you” was heard as Alex left the apartment.

All alone again like she liked it. First, a bath she hated smelling of her sex and Alex’s scent hadn’t left her yet so a long slow bath was in order. She let her long hair fall in the water as she massaged it with her honey rose shampoo. The smell made her fell like sex again. But, she had come enough and she hated leg cramps. She only spend an hour in the tub making sure she was ready for her 9:00 flight home. It was just past dawn she never liked procrastination that why she was Bi-sexual so her cunt was always attended to. She packed 2 days ago what ever she wasn’t taking was in storage. All she needed to do was take her car to the long term parking lot and she was off. The 4 hour flight never bored her . The first class treatment was acceptable although the scolded the lowly flight attendant for not having her lunch hot enough. She didn’t talk to a soul on the plane except Jim. Jim sat next to her and as they both asked for the last blanket they shared one. Smiling at each other as they laughed a little. Jim a late Twenty-something C.E.O.
of his fathers company. Told Jenny of his life and how he was about to close a major deal the would make his a Fortune 500 man. Jenny was used to the talk as she was remembering her brother who was exactly like Jim controlling his father business. They both were “Brats”. Children who didn’t hug their kids on their birthday but gave them world trips and cars. Spoiled and used to getting what they wanted. That was on both of their minds. Jenny’s thigh kept rubbing on Jim’s leg. And a little bulge began to form under the blanket. That made Jenny moist and she was on fire she never had an orgasm at 30,000 feet. And the idea was a good one. She knew that he wouldn’t deny her. She stuck her finger into her already soaked pussy and then put the finger in his mouth. He sucked eagerly loving the sweet nectar off her long slender finger. Just one word in his ear was all he needed “Bathroom”. She got up walked to the bathroom swinging her hips all the way further teasing him. He quickly adjusted his “package”and walked to the bathroom as the door was almost shut. He busted through the door almost startling her. Then they kissed the kiss was hot an wet. It made her weak and him hard . It pushed against his pants hard as the zipper held back his manhood. The kiss lasted almost a minute. Then she pulled away in a husky sex filled voice she whispered” Please, suck my pussy. Lifting up her skirt showing her puffy pussy lips and prominent clit. He didn’t respond just looking taking in her body as she took in his. Tall 6’2 at least 180 lbs and a hard body no doubt about it he was a her equal but, she never let on. He bent down to finally do as she commanded now wasting her time he sucked on her clit first hard making her thrust her cunt into his face. She let out a moan. “Ohhhh yea” that made he forget that she was in a 4×4 airplane bathroom. It just encouraged Jim telling him he had the right idea. He put two fingers in her wet love hole. That was all she needed she came ,trying to remember that 30 first class passenger could maybe hear her. But, it didn’t matter because jim was giving her the cunt sucking of her life. Her leg trembled and he almost died as her thigh softly crushed his head. Entrapping him in her ecstacy his head lodged in he pussy . So caught up in her orgasm she realized that she wasn’t looking in the mirror. Instead she watched Jim eating her pussy with unparalleled skill. She had to please him. She let his face go and dropped to her knees and freed his meat from the textile prison. It was the most beautiful cock she had ever seen 11 inches and thick. A pink crown and a Veil of vein adorned the regal cock. She was caught off guard when he shoved his cock in her mouth. She sucked him greedily not wanting it to leave her mouth. She had found he Jupiter to rule her world. In a frenzy of cum. She had never given head before but , She had seen it from the many orgies she went to. She started slowly licking up and down the shaft. If he didn’t know she never gave head before he would have never guessed. All she wanted was to see him cum . For once in her life she didn’t give a fuck if she came. She toop the member into her mouth . The was moist with precum the taste was salty and good. She loved it and she wanted more. She tried to engulf the whole thing in her first try and shocked as it hit the back of her throat and kept going. She couldn’t breath but , at least she had the whole thing in her mouth..Jim never had the deep throat treatment before and was in love and first suck. It was too much for Jim as he sucked in a lung full of air and blew it out .She took it all the way out and in her mouth again. He dick sucking was rewarded with more precum . Up and down she worked him. “Suck my dick bitch” he hissed. As he grabbed her head in satisfaction. The feeling of finally being submissive was a kick to say the least. She sucked the head of his dick and licked his balls. All the time he breathed deeply and softly moaned. She knew what this meant and began. Taking his Princely pecker into her mouth again. This time when she stopped she had a face full of brown curly hair. And felt his hands push her further. She the started backing off as he said “Im gonna cummmm” and let out a wave of hot steamy fluid. She happily drank cum for the first time letting it slide on her tongue savoring the flavor before swallowing the load. A belly full of Jim’s cum was all she needed as she stood up and kissed him. He didn’t mind that she still had his cum on her tongue. He loved it and he was in love with her. They held each other close for a second in the plane bathroom. Jim’s needed more he wanted her and her whole body. He didn’t have to ask she just turned her milky round ass to him and said “go cowboy”. That was all he needed the slammed his might phallus into he quivering cunt. The feeling of having 11inches of hot cock inside of her was amazing. She bucked her ass back at him telling him”harder, harder fuck me”. Jim loved it when a woman loved his cock whole heartedly(so to speak).Jenny never needed sex before but now was a good times to start. Jim fucked her hard and fast. Sweat poured down her cheek as he continued the assault. He worked her over while slapping her ass. But, stopped as to not draw suspicion from the other passengers. They had been in the bathroom now for 15 minutes. It didn’t matter this was heaven 5 miles in the air on the preceptist of another orgasm. Jenny started it moaning and grinding her ass into his as she came. Letting out a soft muffled scream. Jim was next her fucked her faster the sound of hot flesh slapping together could be heard on the ground. His orgasm ripped through his tone tanned body. Making his weak with lust as he came in side of her loving it. And the way it felt to have is cum slick dick sliding out. He then looked at her now sensitive twat as his cum spilled out. They tried to grab their cloths to get out of the cramped space. But they were exhausted , 2 minutes later the spilled out of the bathroom the whole plane looking at them with a “how dare you stare”.They didn’t care they had found nirvana in a bathroom. As they sat down in their plush chair to sleep the rest of the way to the Golden State. The Flight attendant handed the two glasses of champagne. They were a little thirsty and drank fast, the noticing little golden idols in their glasses. Jenny slid it out and read the engravement”Welcome to the mile high club”. Jenny smile at the attendant and notice an identical one on the lapel . And laughed jenny thought damn , what will I do with all my mirrors.

Story by the jerseykid

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