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Blackmailed and Punished Part 4

I’m on my hands and knees on the bed and Virgil rips the panties out of my mouth and replaces it with his thick leather belt before ordering me to hold it with my teeth. Virgil and my Master drink more beer and enjoy their new conquest.

“You gonna feed this bitch a load?”, Virgil asks.

“Damn right. This slut sucks me real good,” was the answer.

Virgil let out a healrty laugh. “Bitch didn’t suck me worth a fuck. That’s why I’m gonna fuck the hell outta that ass!”, he roared.

The next thing I knew, he’d given me a powerful open handed swat across my ass that nearly knocked me flat I on my face. Both of them laughed as they climbed onto the bed.

Virgil squirted a healthy portion of lube directly up my already sore, stretched ass and began to finger me vigorously as Master knelt in front of me, removed the belt from my mouth.

He put his other hand on the back of my neck and guided me to this hard cock which I eagerly took into my mouth and sucked as hard and fast as I could manage. Before I knew it, Virgil was rubbing the tip of his massive tool against my waiting hole. With a few strong stokes, he was all the way inside me and I was being filled at both ends.

Both of Virgil’s huge hands were wrapped around my hips as he lunged into me over and over. I squeal and slobber all over Master’s cock as he face fucks me. All at once, he begins to whip my back and buttocks with the belt. I try to beg for mercy, but anything I say is unintelligible due to the dick in my mouth. I eventually collapse onto the bed, unable to hold myself up any longer. Virgil grabs ahold of my wrists, straddles me and uses the leverage to fuck me even harder, while Master continues to whip me while he repeatedly forces his cock down my throat.

Suddenly, Master holds my head in place and comes down my throat. They laugh and exchange high fives as Master climbs off the bed. I hear Virgil ask for the cuffs and my wrists are handcuffed behind me before the belt is looped around my neck. Master stuffs the panties back into my mouth as Virgil jerks back on the makeshift leash and resumes fucking me like I’m his property. He grinds against me, his huge cock fully inside of me. I start to feel an orgasm building up and all at once I’m moaning as I come wildly beneath him. As he feels me cum, he slams once more into me and unloads as he says, “you fucking bitch”. He growls as he pulls me against him, emptying every last drop of his seed deep inside me.

“I can’t believe that you came without my permission, you little bitch,” he roars as he jerks me to my knees with the belt leash. “You’re gonna clean that mess, slut”.

Virgil’s huge hand wrapped around the back of my neck and he pulled the panties out of my mouth before he shoved my face into the cum stain I’d made on the sheets.

“Stick out your tongue and clean that up real good,” he told me while he rubbed my face in my mess.

When he was finished humiliating me, he jerked me back up on my knees and pulled me towards him.

“I just knew that you’d fuck up, ya stupid bitch,” he hissed, “”But I got something for ya,”.

He slammed me face-down on the bed and removed the cuffs, then jerked me back up once again. He then reached out and gave one of my nipples a good squeeze. When I open my mouth to cry out, he quickly shushed me and said, “Take your sorry ass into the shower and clean your filthy, worthless hide. Shave your ass, shave your balls, then get rid of some of these pubes, but leave these just above your pitiful little dick,” he ordered as he gave those hairs a firm tug, prompting a short cry from me.

“Yes, Boss,” I said as I awkwardly crawled off the bed and headed for the shower.

“Clean up real nice, you’re going to have company, ” he shouted after me, “He’s gonna show you a real good time,”.

Both Boss and Master had a good laugh as I turned on the water.

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