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Anne Stays With Guys At The Club

Anne finds herself alone this weekend. Carol and Patti are attending Marcus’s School for Queen of Spades training. Anne knows the girls will be getting extra instructions from Marcus. He owns the school and also teaches there.

It’s Saturday and Anne packs her overnight bag. She called Robert at the Club and he told her he loves her and wants her there with him. She said she is on her way.

Anne arrives in time for a homemade roast beef dinner with all the fixings. The guys cooked for themselves as they are not serving food on Saturday,Monday,Tuesday or Thursday. Saturday night is party night. There will be bar pizzas for sale for the customers.

The guys sit with Anne and everyone is relaxed having their meal. The guys talk to Anne about how she is doing? If she got a job or if she needs help? They love her and call her “Baby.” They know she loves them as she is with them as much as she can be. They know she is special. They make love to her. They are tender at times yet intensely powerful and overwhelming. They are the only men that come close to satisfying her needs.

After dinner the guys set the Club up for music and dancing. The DJ arrives to organize the music for the night. The guys put the mirrored ball on with strobe lights for the dance floor. The dining lights are off and indirect lighting is on for setting the mood. The DJ can synchronize special lighting to the music using different colors.

The guys have security outside and two people checking ID’s. Age at the time for alcohol is eighteen years old. There is no tolerance for selling drugs at the Club.

The music starts at eight thirty. The place fills up quickly. The bar is busy and orders are in the kitchen for bar pizza.

The guys are busy. Anne volunteers to seat people. Anne is polite and respectful and makes everyone feel at home. She makes sure the servers wait on everyone. Anne helps the girls bring large orders to the tables. The guys see Anne helping the servers. The server girls tell the guys how much they appreciate Anne helping them and how smooth everything worked out.

Anne is invited to dance. She is really beautiful wearing a strapless summer mini dress. The dress has beautiful flowers on a white background. She wears her Queen of Spades Choker with matching earrings. In her little high heels she is beautiful. Men customers by her drinks. She knows it makes money for the Club.

Anne realizes she is the only white girl in the club. She is accepted there as she is a friend of the owners of the Club. The customers both men and women like Anne. She made sure they were served.

Another Saturday night was a success. At one o’clock in the morning the Club was almost empty of customers. The servers counted their tip money. The girls hugged and thanked Anne for helping them. They told the guys how helpful she was that night. They said Anne is a “keeper.” The guys agreed.

The last of the customers left. Everyone pitched in to help sweep and wash the place clean. The guys paid the girls and the security guys. Anne and the guys sat at the”partners table.” Before they sat down they kissed and hugged Anne for helping them out at the Club.

Anne sat with Robert. She loves Robert. He loves her. However he knows she likes cock. Lots of cock. One cock is not enough.

Anne is tired and tells Robert she is going upstairs to use the apartment. Robert and the guys follow her. Once they’re in the bedroom the four potent young guys undress Anne. They hug and kiss her. They feel and massage her. She lays across the bed with the back of her head over the edge of the mattress. She opens her mouth licking and sucking cocks and balls. She also is getting throat fucked. She catches their copious sperm in her mouth. She shows the guys their sperm in her mouth and swallows it.

While Anne is busy the guys lick, suck, and finger her clit and pussy. They also knead, suck her nipples and breasts. Anne is humming on their cocks as they stimulate her and she orgasms multiple times.

The guys turn their attention to fucking Anne’s pussy. They double stuff her pussy, ass and mouth. They fuck her ass, pussy and mouth at the same time. The guys take turns fucking all of her holes. The guys take a break and bathe Anne. They towel dry their Queen of Spades and take her back to bed. The guys continue to love and fuck Anne. At three in the morning the guys fall asleep. Anne is full of sperm but she is sexually satisfied and sleeping. She fell asleep on Robert with one of the guys laying against her with his cock between her ass cheeks. He is snoring.

The gang awakens at eight Sunday morning. Anne and the guys shower together. The guys make breakfast and coffee. Anne puts some perfume on and her small short robe. She went downstairs. Anne sat down at the partners table. Bryant poured Anne a cup of coffee and kissed her. He said, “Good morning Baby.” Anne replied,”Good morning Bryant.” The guys brought the plates of food out of the kitchen. They kissed Anne and said good morning. Anne felt like they were more like husbands than lovers.

The guys talked as they ate breakfast. The topic of discussion was football.

After breakfast the guys cleared the table and had more coffee. Anne was resting on Robert’s lap. Robert turned her toward him and kissed her. She put her arms around his neck kissing kissing him. He whispered to her that he is horny. She pulled his cock out of his pants and pushed it into her pussy. Robert took her robe off for the guys to watch Anne straddling him in his chair fucking him. She is beautifully naked. Robert licked, sucked her breasts and nipples as Anne rolled her hips pulling his cock. The guys are horny watching her fuck Robert. Robert squirts her pussy and Anne orgasmed.

The rest of the guys had their turn at the table fucking Anne. The guys when finished with Anne passed her to the next partner. After everyone fucked Anne the guys layed her on their table. They feed her the accumulation of all the guys sperm with a spoon. Anne pushed the sperm from her pussy. Her inner thighs were wet and that was also fed to Anne.

Two of the guys went with Anne upstairs to shower with her. Both guys fucked her ass. Anne was grunting, groaning, and moaning. She was on her hands and knees in the shower. They fucked her as they pulled her ponytail. They are in control. They are BBC Masters.

Sunday at two in the afternoon Anne kissed the guys goodbye. She had to get back to the estate to see Carol. Her curiousity about how things went with Carol at the Queen of Spades class was on her mind. Robert walked Anne out to her car. He kissed and hugged her. She got into her car. He kissed her again and put two fingers up her shorts and into her pussy. She opened her legs but told she had to go. They kissed again and Anne drove off.

Anne is back at the estate. Carol is happy to see her. Carol tells Anne about her experiences at the two day class on Queen of Spades training. Carol said the training course was interesting. Carol said she and Patti were top honorees at the school. Marcus gave the girls diplomas for being best participating students. Carol said Marcus used both her and Patti for sexual demonstrations. Anne said she did too. She has a special diploma.

Carol told Anne Marcus has photos of her. Carol said she was younger in the photos. Carol said she didn’t look old enough to be there. Carol said she saw her graduation photo in her gown and a crown. Carol asked Marcus about the picture? Marcus said Anne is a true Queen of Spades. He said he took the time and trained her himself before and after graduation to serve black men. He said he misses her. Anne has tears in her eyes. Anne said Marcus is her true master.

Carol asked Anne how it went at the Club? Anne said business wise it was busy. Anne said she helped out at the Club. She said the customers were nice to her. She said she helped the servers in getting people their drinks quickly to the right table.

Carol said what about her and the partners? Anne said they love her because she is a Queen of Spades and they are BBC Masters. Carol said could she and Patti meet the guys? Anne said they will love you. Anne said you will need a Queen of Spade tattoo with “Marcus” like hers. Anne pulled her shorts down and showed her. Carol looked at it and put her fingers into Anne’s pussy. Anne moaned. Carol kissed Anne. They French kissed. They went to Anne’s bedroom and had a ladies afternoon delight.

Anne drove Carol and Patti Wednesday to the tattoo shop at four o’clock. Anne wants a nice large Queen of Spades on her mound. There will be no question with the location of her tattoo and her love.

Anne Takes Carol and Patti To The Club Saturday Night…cont’d

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