Blackmailed And Punished Part Three

Felix slowly closed the door, walked over and set his packages on the bed, never once taking his eyes off of me in my helpless state. He towered over me at 6 foot 4 inches tall and weighing at least 245 pounds. We had a history and it looked like it was going to come around and fuck me. Literally.

“So, you get our little bitch warmed up for me?” he asked my “host.”

“I sure did,” he laughed.  “It was just like you said. This little tramp couldn’t wait to get the dick.  Hell, the spanking gave him wood. This one’s a natural slut, all right. You sure have an eye for them.”

Felix opened up two beers from the paper bag and passed one over to my captor. He walked over and ran his hand over my ass, his dark brown skin contrasting with my pale white skin.

“I know you’ve been wanting this big, black dick and I’m gonna make sure you get plenty tonight,” he told me, then punctuated this point with a hard slap on my right butt cheek with his huge hand.

A few weeks before, I’d answered a personal ad that he’d posted, and before long, we figured out that we worked together. We had set up a meeting, but I chickened out at the last minute and gave him some bullshit excuse. I guess this was his payback.

“Nice video, by the way, ” Felix said when he noticed the laptop. “Thanks for the copy.”

“No problem. This is your whore.”

“Certainly is, but you know what? Something’s missing.”  Felix went to the gym bag he carried and pulled out a pair of red panties.  “I’m pretty sure that I gave instructions for this slut to be wearing some of these.”

“You sure did, they’re all tore up, though,” my Master answered him.

“You made your Master tear up your panties?  That’s a bad girl,” he taunted. “I’m going to punish you for that.”

I watched as he slowly took off his shirt,  revealing his stout frame. He had been a college football player in his youth,  and you could tell that the sixty year old still had it. He took off his wide, black leather belt and snapped it inches from my face, making me jump.

He smirked, “Sissy bitch.”

With that, he walked behind me and snapped the belt a couple more times before he told me, “Whenever you strip down for me, you’ll be wearing your pretty red panties,  just like we talked about before.  You understand?”

“Yes,” I said through the gag as I nodded.

Suddenly,  I felt the sting of the belt across my ass.

“Yes, BOSS!” his voice boomed. “Your ass works for me now.”

“Yes, Boss,” I shouted through the gag once again.

“And just to be sure you don’t forget it….” He trailed off as he began to whip my legs and rear end with his belt. It didn’t take long before I was begging for mercy through my gag.

Finally, the beating stopped. My ass and legs burned like fire as I heaved in breath after breath and my chin was covered in drool.  My eyes so full of tears that I could barely see.

“You get it now, bitch, don’t ya?” he said to me.

I slowly nodded and tried to say, “Yes, Boss,” through the gag.

“Get him loose so I can get me some of this tight little ass,” Virgil told my Master and he untied me from the table and shoved onto the floor, still gagged with my wrists cuffed behind me.

“How’d you like to suck a big,  black cock, you little bitch?” He asked as he unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down to reveal a huge bulge in his underwear.

Broken, I looked toward the floor and answered, “Yes, Boss.”

Suddenly,  I felt the sting of the strap across my back once again. “Look at the Boss when you answer him, ” Master scolded.

“I’m sorry,  Boss,” I mumbled through the gag as I looked up at him.

“Have you been beaten enough yet?” he asked. “Are you going to submit to me and do what I say or do I have to beat you some more?”

I nodded vigorously, trying to avoid being beaten any more.

“Good,” my Boss said. “Get our little bitch out of those cuffs and take out the gag. Let’s see if our slave has learned anything.”

With that, Master pulled me to my feet and shoved me face-down on the bed and removed the cuffs and ball-gag.

“You’d better behave,” he warned.  “I can do a lot worse than we’ve done so far. Now put your panties on for your Boss.”

“Y-Yes, Master,” I answered as I took the new red panties from him and slipped them on.

With that, Virgil pulled down his boxer briefs and I got my first look at his huge cock. He had sent me pictures when we were talking online,  so I knew it was big, but seeing it close up and knowing what he had planned sent a shiver down my spine. It was over 11 inches long and nearly as big around as my wrist.  He was going to hurt me with it. I’d known that since the first time he’d sent a picture. That’s why I’d told him that I couldn’t meet him for sex in the first place,  but none of that mattered now. He was going to take what he wanted from me.

He crawled onto the bed and got up on his knees and motioned me to him while he stroked his magnificent cock. I crawled towards him, knowing what he wanted. When I was close enough, he slapped me across the face with it and told me to suck it. I opened my mouth wide and he held the back of my head and pushed it in until I could feel it stretching my throat. When I gagged,  he pulled back before pushing it a little further in.

This time he held me in place and said, “If you can take all of this in your mouth and get me off, I won’t have to fuck your ass. I don’t think you can, though,” he laughed. “I think you’re gonna get fucked.”

I tried as hard as I could, but I just couldn’t take it all. I reached up and softly caressed his sack while I sucked him ferociously to try to get him to come in my mouth. After a while,  though, he held my head in place and forced it deep into my throat a few more times.

“I knew you couldn’t do it, Slut,” he mocked. “Best get ready for this big dick in your ass.”

When I heard that,  I began to slobber all over his cock to try and get it as wet as possible before he tried to fuck me with it. Unfortunately, he knew what I was up to and he abruptly pulled out.

“No, no, little bitch. That’s not necessary,” he laughed. “I’ve got something for that.”

He reached into his bag that was still sitting on the bed and pulled out a bottle of lubricant.

“Stand by the bed,” he ordered and I immediately stepped off.

He laid back on the bed and poured a generous amount of the lube in his hand before rubbing it all over his cock. When he was satisfied he’d used enough, he looked up at me and said, “I could just bend you over and fuck you like the bitch that you are,  but I think it would be better if you showed your loyalty by getting on top and fucking yourself like a slut. Now, drop your drawers, climb on this pole and fuck yourself real good for me.”

I removed my panties and crawled back onto the bed and straddled him before reaching behind me to guide his monster into my still sore hole. As I settled onto it, my breathing started to become labored and I moaned uncontrollably as it found its way deeper and deeper inside me. I rhythmically moved my pelvis back and forth trying to get all the way down when, suddenly, his cock rubbed firmly against my prostate and I couldn’t help but to cry out with pleasure. I quickly took advantage of my new trick and thrust forward real hard a couple more times before getting back to the business of getting that cock all the way in me, but it was too late. Virgil had noticed how much I was enjoying it and must have decided to have a little fun with it.

“You like that, huh?” he asked.

“Yes, Boss. Very much, Boss,” I answered.

“Keep doing it, then,” he allowed. “But don’t you dare cum.”

“Yes,  Boss,” I whispered back just before he reached up and began to squeeze my right nipple in a viselike grip.

I began thrusting my hips back and forth wildly and before I knew it, that massive beast of a cock was completely inside me. The pleasure and pain of it all was overwhelming and I could barely control my moaning and gasping. In fact, I was enjoying myself a little too much. My euphoric state was abruptly interrupted when my Master roughly stuffed the red panties into my mouth and slapped me across the face.

“Quiet down, Slut,” he snapped.

To further increase my discomfort,  Virgil switched his grip to my left nipple, figuring correctly, that the right one was completely numb by then. He wasn’t finished, either. He once again reached into the bag and instructed me to put my hands on his stomach and keep them there before pulling a small flogger out. With his left hand still punishing my nipple, he used his right to whip my back and buttocks with the flogger. All the while he instructed me as to how he wanted me to move. He had me rise up until just the head of his cock was inside and then drop down onto it as hard as I could,  each time prompting me to cry out through the panties in my mouth. Again and again, I’d drop my full weight down on him and each time he thrust upward, slamming deep into me. He wrapped his huge, calloused hands around my waist and guided me where he wanted me, fucking me like he owned me.

All at once, he gave one last hard push, pulling me tightly against him and held me there before telling me to get on my hands and knees. I climbed off of him and obeyed as he rolled off the bed.

Once again, he whipped my ass with his strap, causing me to whimper softly.

“Okay, partner,” I heard Virgil say to my Master, “I think it’s time we spit-roasted this bitch.”
















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  1. thisonewhiteguy

    Really hot story came really hard reading all three parts when is part 4 coming out

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