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My Wife Brenda Opens Our Marriage

The era is the 1970’s. My wife Brenda and I have been married for three years. My name is William however everyone calls me “Bill.” I am twenty three years old. I am 5’8” , muscular build, black hair and brown eyes. Brenda said my brown eyes turned her on. I work for a large commercial airline as an airplane mechanic. I repair and maintain aircraft engines. Both propeller and jet. I work the day shift with occasional overtime. I am very well paid.

My “honey” Brenda is twenty three years old. Brenda is 5’6”, petite with large breasts and a cute round butt. She has long blonde hair that she keeps in a ponytail. Except when she wears her little black dress. She wears her hair long for special occasions. She has blue eyes that are as blue as the water around the island of Bermuda. Brenda is a private care nurse. She works for wealthy people who require 24-7 nursing care at home. Brenda has the day shift. She is a Registered Nurse and is well paid.

We are saving money toward a down payment on a home. We don’t have children yet. Brenda likes the way she looks and is not in a hurry to change things. I agree.

Brenda and I love each other very much. However, Brenda has talked about “spicing up” our marriage. What we found where we live there is very little to do for couples. Especially for married couples without children. It seems as though there are more Clubs for dancing for single people. Also, I am not able to satisfy her needs. I am not able to do a repeat performance right away. Brenda wants more. If she is not happy, I’m not happy.

I told Brenda whatever she does keep me informed of what she is doing. She agrees.

Brenda belongs to an all ladies bowling league. Thursday nights are ladies nights at the bowling lanes. Everything is half off. However, next to the ladies is an all men’s bowling league. They’re a little loud when someone gets a “strike.” Otherwise they guys are polite.

After Brenda bowls her turn she gets a cola. At the snack bar is a handsome young man. He gets a drink and says “hello” to Brenda. He introduces himself as Juan. Brenda tells Juan her name. They both have to get back to their leagues. Juan asked,” If he could talk to her after the leagues are done?” Brenda said,”yes.”

After the leagues are finished, Brenda brings her bowling bag with her bowling shoes to the snack area. Juan brings more cola to Brenda. She thanked him. He tells her about himself. “He is from Puerto Rico. He is nineteen years old and is employed in town at the factory that makes hunting knives and collectible knives. He says he has his own apartment.” He asks Brenda about herself.

Brenda says “she is twenty three years old and is a nurse. She says she rents a home.” Brenda didn’t mention married. She likes this young handsome Latino man. He is 5’9” and thin. He has black hair and brown eyes. Brenda invites Juan to Sunday dinner at the house. It will give her time to convince Bill to let her have Juan.

Friday evening after dinner Brenda straddles Bill’s lap in his favorite evening chair in front of the TV. Brenda looked into Bill’s eyes. She said,” Remember our discussion about my needs? Bill nodded yes. Brenda said “she met a young man at the bowling lanes. His name is Juan. He works at the factory in town. She invited him to Sunday dinner. She gave him their address.” Bill was taken by surprise but appreciated her honesty. Bill said, “I told you I want you to be happy. I love you Brenda. I am looking forward to meeting Juan.” Brenda thanked Bill. She said “ she will make it up to him.”

Sunday afternoon Juan arrived at Brenda and Bill’s home. Bill greeted Juan. Juan was surprised to be greeted by a man. He almost thought he was at the wrong address. Bill and Juan shook hands. Brenda came into the room and thanked Juan for coming for dinner. Juan held Brenda’s hand and kissed her cheek.

Brenda asked Bill and Juan what they would like to drink? Brenda offered Beer, wine, whiskey and cola. Both men chose wine. Brenda poured one for herself too.

Bill was first to speak. He said, “Brenda will explain everything to you. I am sure you are confused right now. Bill said he loves Brenda and he supports whatever she wants to do. Bill said please be good to her. I am sharing her with you. She is yours. However you must not tell anyone about your relationship with her. It is a small community and everyone is nosey.” Bill left the room to check the food and set the table with dishes and flatware.

Brenda and Juan talked for awhile. Brenda said,”My husband Bill is a good man. He wants me to be happy.” She asked Juan if he would take her as a lover into his life and share her with Bill?” Juan kissed Brenda. They embraced and French kissed. Brenda said “After dinner she and Juan will consummate their relationship as lovers.”

The dinner is great. Bill and Juan become become friends. Besides football and baseball their main love interest is Brenda. After dinner Bill volunteers to do dishes. Brenda and Juan go to the second floor bedroom to “consummate” their lovers relationship.

Once in the bedroom the two lovers Juan and Brenda undress each other. Brenda is on her knees. As a trained love slave Brenda with her hands symbolically tied behind her. “Brenda asks Juan if she may suck his cock?” He said,”yes.” Brenda without touching Juan with her hands, licks, sucks his cock and balls. She puts her head back to deep throat his cock. Juan whispers how much he loves her.

Juan puts Brenda on the bed. They kiss and French kiss. Juan kisses Brenda’s neck. He licks, sucks her neck, breasts and nipples. He leaves love marks or hickys on her neck and breasts. He nibbles on her breasts gently leaving teeth marks. He is leaving his love marks on her body to remind her she is his.

Juan now moves his tongue and fingers to to her pussy. He licks, sucks her clit and pussy. He uses his fingers and hand to stimulate her to orgasms. Brenda says to Juan, “please fuck me Juan.” Juan puts Brenda’s beautiful legs on his shoulders and deep penetrates her pussy. He kisses her as he fucks her. He French kisses her. She is orgasming. He can feel her twitching or squeezing his cock with her vaginal muscles. Brenda whispers,”I love you Juan, squirt my pussy.” On her command Juan deep fucks Brenda’s pussy and pushes his tongue deep in her mouth stimulating her to orgasms. Brenda squeals as she strains having multiple orgasms.

Brenda puts her arms around Juan’s neck and they French kiss as Brenda gives herself to Juan. Juan says he loves her. They have consummated their love relationship.

Brenda has a cup and spoon. She asks Juan to feed her his cum from her pussy. He does. He is honored she is eating his cum. She shows him her tongue and swallows a mouthful.

Juan and Brenda kiss and cuddle for awhile. Juan tells Brenda he wants to fuck her ass. He tells her he wants her to suck his cock to stimulate him. Brenda happily does what Juan wants. When finished sucking Juan’s cock he has Brenda on her hands and knees. He lubricates her ass and his cock. He slides his ten inch cock into Brenda’s ass. He fucks her ass and pulls her ponytail. As he increases his thrusts into her ass, he occasionally slaps her ass. He rides her as master and he is in control. Brenda is very stimulated, orgasming and loving this young man. She has turned into a “bitch in heat.”

Brenda realizes her need for more cock has increased. She loves the stimulations. She loves giving herself to those who love her.

Brenda asks Juan,”if he has friends he trusts that he would introduce her to?” He said.” he has two friends who are good guys, hard working and will love her. He works with them. He knows them.” Brenda asks, “Juan to introduce her to them?” He said,” he will ask them. He will explain her situation with her husband. He will tell her what they decide.”

Juan and Brenda shower together. Juan bathes her. Brenda gives Juan deep throat fucking in the shower. He squirts her lips and mouth of cum. He is very virile and potent.

After showers they get dressed and join Bill in the living room. Juan has to go home and sleep. He has to work tomorrow Monday. Bill walks out to the car with Juan. Juan says to Bill,” that Bill is a better man than he is to give Brenda her sexual freedom. He said Brenda is lucky to be married to him. Juan thanked him for allowing him to consummate his and Brenda’s love relationship.” Bill thanked Juan for understanding. He had tears in his eyes. He gave Juan a house key. Bill said,”have Brenda work out a sleeping with someone schedule.”Bill smiled and Juan laughed. The men shook hands. Juan went home.

Monday at lunch time Juan and two of his buddies sit outside at a picnic table.
He shows Luis and Philippe “Phil” a picture of Brenda on a bed at her house. She is on her stomach naked with her hands under her chin holding her head up. Luis and Phil are 19 years old. They are both 5’6” and muscular. Like Juan they are handsome men from PR. The guys are commenting how beautiful she is. The guys ask Juan if she is his? He shows them her house key. He tells them,”this beautiful lady wants more lovers.”

Juan asks the men,” if they would like to meet her?” The guys said yes. Juan tells them this lady wants their love, she is not a “whore” or a “pig.” He tells them one more thing,”she is married. Her husband loves her and wants her to be happy. The girl wants more love than he can give her. The husband shares her out of love for her. Juan says that Brenda and Bill are good people. Juan said,” do they want to have a relationship with Brenda?” Phil responded “if her husband is as open as you say he is, yes.””Juan said he will tell Brenda.”

Juan drives to see Brenda at her home. Brenda just got home. Brenda opens the door and kisses Juan. Juan say he has good news for her. Juan tells her the guys want to be with her as her lovers. She kisses Juan and thanks him for helping her.

Brenda says she cooking a special dinner for Bill tonight. She knows how to get to his heart. A New York State Strip Steak. Also for dessert NYC cheesecake. Brenda says he will give his okay on the two guys. She said as soon as he says yes she will call him.

Juan wished her luck. He left the house before Bill got hcme. Brenda would get Bill’s okay.

At midnight Juan’s phone rings. He woke up half asleep. Brenda whispered,”Bill said yes. Brenda said,” bring the guys to dinner to meet Bill and consummate our lover relationship.” Juan said,”congratulations. I know how much this means to you.” Brenda said “ she will always be his. He can have her anytime, place, how or way. Her body is his.” Juan said,”he will be with her as much as Bill allows.”

Juan spends every night with Brenda. Sometimes he does stay overs. Sometimes he and Bill fuck Brenda together. Brenda likes being fucked by Juan in the living room while Bill watches TV. Juan fucks her ass, pulls her ponytail and slaps her ass. When Juan gets done Bill likes sloppy seconds and fucks Brenda’s ass.

Sunday evening is dinner at Bill and Brenda’s home. Juan, Phil and Luis are guests. Juan introduces the guests to Bill and Brenda. Brenda serves drinks of everyone’s choice. Brenda has her short shorts and see through blouse on. She waits on the guys barefoot. She looks like she is in high school. Phil and Luis look at Brenda and then look at Juan and smile. Juan smiles and winks.

Brenda has cooked a pork loin roast with all of the fixings. Everyone compliments Brenda on the outstanding meal.

After dinner more drinks are served. Coffee and dessert later. Bill and Juan do the dishes. Brenda sits between Luis and Phil on the couch. The guys are getting to know Brenda. She holds both guys hand as they talk. She is sweet and the guys are falling in love with her. The guys sneak their fingers through her shorts pant legs. They French kiss her and finger fuck her. Juan gets a sneak peek from th kitchen. Brenda will soon be taking the guys upstairs to the guest bedroom with a king size bed.

Dishes are done. Brenda calls for Juan. She says she wants him to join her with Luis and Phil. He smiled. She loves him.

Brenda leads the guys upstairs to the guest bedroom. Juan shows the guys how he helps Brenda undress. Brenda lays acrossed the bed on her back with her head over the edge of the mattress. The guys undress and follow Juan as he shows them how to do “deep throat fucking” with Brenda. He tells them and shows them they have to slowly push their cocks into her mouth. He told them her throat has to accept their cocks. The guys saw the outline of Juan’s cock as Brenda’s throat received it. He slowly pulled back pushed in again fucking her mouth and throat. He told the guys it felt like fucking pussy. After a few minutes he squirted her mouth and throat. Brenda caught his cum in her mouth. Brenda smiled showing Juan’s cum in her mouth and swallowed. She licked his cock and balls clean. Phil and Luis have their turn.

While Brenda is having her mouth fucked, Juan is busy stimulating her pussy and clit. When the guys are done with getting blowjobs Juan shows the guys how to stimulate her to orgasm. The three of them stimulate her by French kissing her,licking, sucking her breasts and nipples. Also licking, sucking, hand,fingering her clit and pussy. Brenda is begging the guys to fuck her as she is orgasming.

Juan fucks Brenda’s pussy by having her lay on her back, taking her ankles and raising her legs spreading them. He deep penetrates her pussy. Luis and Phil lick and suck Brenda’s breasts and nipples. While Juan fucks her pussy Phil stimulates Brenda’s clit. She is straining and squealing sounds as she orgasms. Juan squirts her pussy and her body spasms from the powerful orgasms.

Juan puts his cock into Brenda’s mouth. She licked, sucked his cock and balls clean

Phil and Luis double stuff Brenda’s pussy. Luis is on the bottom and Phil on top. The guys shove their cocks into her pussy making Brenda orgasm. They pump her pussy until they squirt her pussy together. Brenda is again spasming from multiple orgasms.

Brenda asks the guys to take a spoon and feed her their cum from her pussy. Juan shows them how to spoon their cum from her pussy as she pushes it out.
Juan feeds her their sperm. Brenda takes a mouthful of the copious sperm and swallows it. She smiles and opens her mouth showing her mouth is empty. After the rest of the sperm is spooned to Brenda she licks, sucks their cocks and balls clean.

Juan explains Brenda learned a man’s sperm has protein and other naturally occurring chemicals beneficial to women. Brenda believes also that the essence becomes permanent in her body making them a part of her. They are in her forever.

The three guys shower and bathe Brenda. She gets on her knees raising her ass. The guys fuck her ass and she orgasms in the shower water.

After showers the gang joins Bill in the living room where he is watching TV. Brenda kisses Bill. Standing by his chair she says, “she loves him and thanks him for giving her, her sexual freedom and understanding her needs.”

Juan, Phil and Luis give Bill a wrapped gift. Bill was surprised. The gift is a folding knife with a leather sheath. He reads the engraving on the knife. It reads “100 Year Cetennial 1872-1972 Trailblazer” serial number TB#10. Bill was appreciative and thanked the guys. He said,” it is an expensive gift.” The guys said they work there and got it at factory cost. So it’s a symbol of their friendship with Bill and their love for Brenda.

Bill walks out with the guys to their car. He shakes their hand. He said,” he appreciates their respect and their love for Brenda. He said she is theirs anytime she is available to them.” He reminded Juan he gave him a house key.

Brenda Meets The President Of The Town Bank…cont’d

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