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Carol And Yves Have A Sex Party At The Estate

Carol and Yves are hosting a sex party at their playhouse on the estate grounds. It’s a separate large building. The building is equipped with plenty of bathrooms. There are shared shower and locker rooms. Plenty of private places for intimacy. Indirect lighting and low lighting are used. There is a dance area with the lighting is synched to the music. A DJ and the most modern music equipment are available. Also in the center of the dance area is a large crystal ball reflecting beautiful colors. There is a theater with a stage for live entertainment or a large screen for XXX movies.

There are special rooms with swingers beds for open sex and gangbangs. A BD/SM room is provided. Enter at your own risk.

The party theme is Mardi Gras. Party goers are invited to wear costumes or get a mask at the party.

Carol told Anne she hired male strippers to get the women excited and stimulated. She said the men guests would find their own stimulations. Carol said the male dancers are from Africa. She showed Anne their business card. The card had Truk’s name on it as the Star of the show. Anne asked Carol if she would like to talk to Truk? She said she met him at Patti’s bachelorette party. Anne said after the party they had the most fantastic sex she has ever had. Anne told Carol she has Truk’s private phone number and she will introduce Carol to him. Carol told Anne to call him now.

Anne called Truk. He answered the phone. Anne told him who she is and of their time together after Patti’s Bachelorette party. He was happy she called. Anne said she will be at a party this weekend where he is entertaining. He said he wants to be with her. Anne also told him the girl at the Bachelorette party he was with on the floor is Patti. She also wants to see him. He said bring her with you and we will have fun. Anne said thank you.

Anne said the lady who hired his group for the weekend at her place is setting next to her. Anne said her name is Carol and she is beautiful. She wants to talk to you. Truk said yes please. Let me talk to her. Anne handed Carol the phone and left the room giving Carol privacy.

Carol found Anne in the TV room. She thanked Anne for connecting her directly to Truk. She said Friday night she was having a special session with Truk. Yves was filming it. Carol kissed Anne. She said she would let her see the movie.

Anne decides to spend her Friday night with the guys at the Club.

Anne arrived at the Club Friday at 5:30pm. The guys were busing tables and the all girl servers were bringing fish dinners to the tables. There was takeout also.

Robert saw Anne. He came to her and picked this little girl up kissing her. Robert is 6ft.6in. He is brown, handsome and all muscle. He carried Anne to the partners table kissing her. Anne is 5ft2in and had a strapless mini summer dress on. The 3 other partners see Anne and come to her. They kiss and hug her.

The guys bring Anne a fish, chips and coleslaw meal. They brought her a half carafe of White Zinfandel wine. They also brought Anne gifts that were left for her from their friend Richard. At their request she was intimate with Richard last weekend. He promised to give her a gift. Anne had to open the gifts before she has her dinner.

One of the large boxes contains sexy party and club clothes. The other large box contains matching shoes. Another box contains sheer intimate sleepwear. Last but not least Anne unwrapped a beautiful Black lacquer jewelry box with Japanese scenes on it. Inside is a complete set of matching Queen of Spades jewelry. The set included a choker, necklace, nipple and body chain running from around Anne’s neck, around her breasts then down to her waist. Three more pieces included a large ring, earrings, bracelet. All of the jewelry was gold with Black onyx and a gold “Q” on all pieces.

The jewelry is from the guys at the Club. A sentiment is inscribed on the choker medallion, necklace medallion, bracelet medallion, and large gold ring. The large medallions read,” To Anne With Our Love, Robert,Michael,Samuel,
Bryant.” The guys finally had a chance to take a break and eat their dinner. Anne kissed them and thanked them for the beautiful jewelry. Anne called Richard and thanked him for the clothing and shoes. He reminded Anne to call him when she has an opening in her schedule. He said he wanted to take her to dinner. She said she would do that.

Anne is in love with her 4 lovers. They each love her in their own way.

Anne put her new jewelry on to show the guys. She had her strapless summer dress on. She showed them the gold chain that connects to the necklace. The two piece chain wraps around her breasts and comes together fastening to her belly button ring. Anne already has a gold chain fastened to her nipple rings. The guys kissed her and pulled her nipples making her horny. They laughed and joked with her.

The guys closed the Club at 12:30AM. The guys and sat around the partner’s table resting and having drinks with Anne. At 1:00AM they all went to the large master bedroom in the apartment upstairs. Anne had help from the guys to get undressed. They had her dress off quickly. She doesn’t wear a bra or panties. Anne found herself surrounded by 4 horny men. They kissed, fondled, massaged and probed her ass, pussy, and breasts with their fingers. She kissed them.

Robert picked up Anne and layed her acrossed the bed on her back. The back of her head layed over the edge of the bed. The guys took turns doing deep throat with Anne’s mouth. Anne has had 14 inches of cock down her throat.

The guys will take turns during the night and early morning with Anne. She gives herself to them. They use her anyway and as many times they want her. She falls asleep on them or under them. She loves them and they love this little girl.

Anne stays with the guys until later Saturday afternoon. They take turns laying with her. Her beauty and loving them makes them horny for her. They can’t get enough of her pussy, ass and mouth.

At 3PM Anne drives to Patti’s apartment. Patti is going with Anne to the party at Carol’s estate. Patti will stay with Anne in her suite for the night.

Anne and Patti arrive at the estate. Anne introduces Patti to the estate employees as her best friend. She takes Patti to the TV room where Carol is.
Anne introduces Patti to Carol. The girls hugged. Carol said a friend of Anne is a friend of hers. Anne said the three of them have something in common. They had sex with Truk. The girls laughed. Carol asked Anne and Patti if they want to see her movie filmed by her husband Yves? The girls said yes.

The film is Truk making love to Carol. Yves used several cameras to catch every angle of their lovemaking plus a handheld camera for the difficult angles.

The scenes were edited beautifully. Carol is white, blonde and has a beautiful toned body. Truk is 6 foot 6 inches. He is thin, brown with a muscular physique. They seem to melt together in every sexual position. Carol served her master with love and respect. Truk fucked all of Carol’s holes more than 2 times. When the video ended Anne and Patti applauded Carol for the beautiful scenes. They hugged and kissed her. Yves came into the room and Anne introduced Patti to him. Yves said that both girls are beautiful. He said he hoped they would have fun at the party. They thanked him.

Anne and Patti served themselves at the buffet table. They also picked up a glass of wine. The girls sat at a small table enjoying the food and conversation.

After dinner the girls went to the theater where the male stripper show would be performed. The girls got a carafe of wine and found great seating near the bachelorette bride couch. It’s Patti’s turn to watch and learn.

At 8pm sharp the seating in the theater was filled with ladies. The disco style beat was loudly played. Three tall muscular African men came out from the stage in military style costumes. They marched in unison and side by side halted. One by one to the beat stripped their costume off exposing their leopard G-strings.
The three men split up going left, right, and center among the audience of women. The girls were screaming and yelling.

It wasn’t too long three more male dancers did their march. Removed their costumes and joined the audience. Same routine. The dancers were rubbing their bodies on the girls. They finally removed their G-strings and the women went wild with this action. The dancers let the women pull and suck their cocks. All the women were yelling,”suck that cock,” repeatedly. The dancers moved place to place and around the girls. They danced, rubbed and layed on the girls.

Another dancer appears from the stage. He removes his costume and dances directly to the bachelorette bride. He concentrates all of his loving moves on her. He lays on her lap. He sits on her lap facing and rubbing his body on her. He stands with one knee over the back of the couch as he tries to get her to take his cock in her hand and mouth. She finally takes his cock into her hand. He moves to stand with each foot on her sides on the couch. She takes his cock into her mouth. The Bachelorette Bride guest is now cheating on her fiancé.

The all girl audience are going wild and taking pictures with their cameras. Little does she know Yves has hidden cameras recording everything for his private collection. This beautiful red haired lady will get another surprise.

From the stage Truk arrives to complete the show. He is naked and dances to the bride to be. He raises her skirt and finger fucks her pussy as the other dancer fucks her mouth. She pulls her thong off. He licks and finger fucks her pussy. Still on the couch he pulls her down on the floor on two big pillows. One for her back and the other for her ass. The other dancer sucks, kneads her nipples and breasts. The audience of women are yelling,”fuck that cock.” The other dancer moves away as the Bride pulls Truk’s cock into her pussy. As an African Master he fucks her bareback. She is yelling, ” fuck me Truk, fuck me.” He squirts her pussy with copious amount of sperm. She has multiple orgasms. The women applaud when she orgasms loudly.

Both Truk and the other dancer kiss the Bride. The Bride’s friends escort her to the bathroom to freshen up.

Truk sees Anne and Patti. He told them he would change his clothes and be with them. In about 20 minutes he showered and was dressed.

He met the girls. Anne and Patti took Truk to her suite at the main house. The girls were horny after watching the show. They were on Truk on the bed in seconds. They pulled their clothes off and were loving him. He made love to both of them. Then he had them both on their hands and knees on the bed. Truk is a Black Bull Cock Master in his tribe in Africa. He is very potent. He fucked both of the girl’s pussys. He switched between the two girls. Both were orgasming. He squirted both girls within minutes of each other. Both girls were panting and squealing from their orgasms.

Truk had to leave soon with the group he came with. He and the girls showered together. The girls licked, sucked his cock and balls. He squirted their mouths and throats. After showers the girls towel dried Truk. He towel dried the girls and held them both kissing them. He loves them.

He told Anne and Patti to call him. He wants to love them both. They both will love him. Truk kissed the girls and left with the dancers.

The girls returned to the party. They had some more wine and appetizers. Both girls wore their school girls uniforms. The green plaid miniskirts, white knee socks, little black shoes, white short sleeve shirts, black sport jackets and green school tie. No bras or panties. They didn’t forget their little black masks. The girls are here to play.

Anne,Patti And Carol Are Invited To Truk’s Birthday Party…cont’d

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