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Anne, Patti, And Carol Are invited To Truk’s Birthday Party

It was a sex filled weekend at the estate hosted by Yves and Carol.

Monday morning after breakfast Yves, Carol and Anne were working on and reviewing contracts for their corporations. It would be a busy week.

Wednesday, invitations arrived in the mail for Anne and Carol. They are invited to Truk’s Birthday Party. It’s being held at a 5 star restaurant and hotel. Patti called on her break and told Anne she got an invitation. The party is this Friday evening. Carol suggested if the girls wanted to share in the cost of a gift Yves owns jewelry stores and she could get a man’s watch made in France at Yves cost. It would be $200 each girl. Carol would have it inscribed to Truk with their names with love. Patti and Anne are happy with the gift idea. They RSVP the invitations.

Friday evening Anne drove one of the corporate owned cars. She picked up Patti at her apartment. The girls, Anne, Carol and Patti were looking forward to a fun evening with Truk. The girls wear bare shoulder mini dresses, matching thigh high stockings, high heels and jewelry to accent their bodies.

The girls arrived at the hotel and restaurant at 5:30pm. Valet service parked the car.

The girls were directed to a party room and Truk came to them. He kissed the girls and welcomed them to his party. He introduced his friend and fellow entertainer Max to them. Max is the seventh stripper that works on the Bride to be stimulated and horny. Then Truk joins Max in getting the Bride to have one more fling at the party before getting married. Sometimes the answer is no. Most often it’s a yes. The girl will voluntarily remove her panties or thong.

Truk introduces the other 6 male strippers. They are all handsome African men. They are considered warriors by their tribe. The guys are sharing expenses for the evenings celebration.

Dinner is served. Truk has Carol, Patti and Anne sit with him and Max.

After dinner and before dessert the girls presented Truk with his birthday gift. He was speechless at first when he opened the gift. In his country a watch of this name and quality is highly respected. He kissed the girls and thanked them. The other guys were happy Truk was honored with such a great gift by these beautiful ladies. They realize how respected he is.

The party is moved to the ballroom for dancing the night away. Everyone in the group dance and have plenty of drinks. At 1:30am the gang went to use the hotel suite they have reserved for the evening. Carol had called Yves earlier and told him the girls we’re staying overnight at the hotel.

Truk and Max took Carol to a bedroom. Truk told Anne that Carol is a priority. Anne said she understands. Meanwhile the 6 guys had entered the suite. Anne and Patti are with them. The guys help the girls undress. They undress and surround the girls kissing them and touching them.

Patti and Anne lay acrossed the king size bed with the back of their heads over the edge of the bed. The girls touch hands as these tall African warriors learn to do something they have never done before. They learned how to throat fuck the girls or deep throat fucking. As they took turns the men stimulated the girls licking, sucking their breasts and nipples. They licked, sucked and fingered the girls clit and pussy.

The girls were moaning and making love sounds as they were stimulated. Every man fucked the girls pussys at least once. When the girls were loaded with sperm they had the men get a spoon and cup. The men filled the cups from the girls pussys feeding the sperm to the girls. The guys didn’t know what to make of this. They did feel honored and loved that the girls did this. The girls asked the guys to take them to the showers. The men bathe the girls. The girls in the shower give the men blow jobs. The men towel dry the girls and kissed them.

Truk and Max take Anne and Patti to another bedroom. Carol asked for the 6 African warrior men. Her white creamy skin, and beautiful blonde hair will melt in the arms of the handsome black men. She will begin on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the bed receiving deep throat. The guys unload copious amounts of sperm in her mouth and throat. They stimulate her body keeping her in a state of ecstasy. All 6 men will continuously fill her holes.

The men will bathe her and continue using her beautiful body all night and into the later morning hours. They have never had sex with such a beautiful white, blonde, blue eyed woman. Carol is becoming addicted to the constant stimulations and has surrendered her body to their use. She had them use her portable video camera with sound. She will show this to Yves. He will see and hear her needs.

Anne is finally with the warrior she loves. She loves Truk. Patti loves Max. The guys will make love to both girls as the girls like being in the same room together during these love sessions. Truk and Max switch girls to keep them satisfied. They love both girls. They can’t choose one. The answer is both. The girls will have both men loving them.

Truk and Max love watching Anne and Patti loving each other. The men encourage the girls by using their fingers and hands stimulating them. The girls do “69.” After orgasming the girls are ready for cock.

Truk asks Anne about the Queen of Spades symbols on her inner thigh. She explains that she has been trained to serve a BBC Master. He asked what a BBC Master is? She said it means that the black man is trained to be a Black Bull Cock Master. His mission is to breed women. A woman who is trained as Queen of Spades is to serve him. The word spade was not to be complimentary name describing black men. However the idea of training women to serve as Queens of Spades was acceptable.

Anne is wearing Marcus’s gold BBC ring. Truk said he gave that to you? Anne replied yes. She said he personally trained her and loves her. He gave her his ring.

Truk and Max want to be trained as BBC Masters. Anne said they can sign up at Marcus’s school. The training is a Saturday and Sunday. She said do not tell him where she is. As her master he will want her to work at his school as a subject to be used as a teaching tool. She loves him however she has her own life. They understood. Patti said she wants training as a Queen of Spades. Anne said she should and she will have fun.

Truk and Max ask Anne and Patti if they would visit them Sunday at their apartment? The girls said yes. The guys said they would take them out for a Sunday dinner at a local restaurant.

It’s Saturday morning and the gang shower and dress for the breakfast buffet.
After breakfast the girls hug and kiss the guys. The girls thanked the guys for a great time. Carol arranged trysts with the 6 African Warriors. She is in love with them and addicted to their lovemaking. Now she knows why Anne craves multiple cocks. Carol realizes Yves, her husband, is not enough.

Truk reminds the girls to come to the apartment.

Anne drives the company car. She drops Patti off at her apartment. Anne said she will pick her up at her apartment Sunday. The girls kissed.

Carole is in the backseat. She tells Anne she has never felt so sexually satisfied in her life. She said she loves Yves however she needs more cock. One cock is not enough. Carol said the 6 men mentioned they want you too Anne. Anne said she would join her if she wanted. Carol mentioned Truk and Max. Anne said she would handle the scheduling of that.

Carol said she is happy Anne will be with her with the men. Carol said she will have to talk to Yves about her plans.

Carol had her talk with Yves after dinner. She gave him her video camera of the activities after the party. He was amazed watching his beautiful wife being consumed in sexual pleasure. She was totally immersed in sexual stimulations. He saw the love the men had for Carol. He said he could never satisfy her himself after seeing her so immersed in love and sex. Carol said she loves him.

He said he loves her too. He said he does not own her. He said he wants her to be happy and fulfill her needs. He said he would like Anne to be with her. He trusts Anne to look after her. Carol kissed Yves. His love for her and letting go of her has deepened her love for Yves.

Carol goes to Anne’s suite. Carol lays on Anne’s bed. Carol says it’s girls talk time. Anne lays on the bed facing her. Anne had a worried look. Carol smiled and told Anne to smile. She told Anne when Yves saw the video she made with the guys after the party, he has let her have freedom to be with them when she wants to. She said Yves wants you Anne to be with me. Anne smiled. The girls giggled like school girls and kissed.

Anne and Carol kissed. They pulled the clothes off of each other and made love. They celebrated Carols permission from Yves to have sexual freedom with lots of men. He insisted Anne was to be with Carol.

Sunday Anne and Patti go to Truk and Max’s apartment. The guys take them to dinner. After dinner they take the girls to a private club for drinks and dancing.

The gang danced for a couple of hours. Three of the African male dancers the girls know, stopped by to say hello. Truk, Max invited the guys to sit at their table. The girls were happy to have more guys for dancing. After another 2 hours the party moves to Truk and Max’s apartment. There is plenty to drink and party music.

The girls sit on the guys laps kissing them and making out. The five men pass the girls around to each other They finger fuck the girls to stimulate them for fucking.

The guys help the girls take off their clothes in the living room. The guys kiss them. The girls put their arms around the guys necks hugging them. Anne and Patti walk into a bedroom naked. The guys follow them. The girls lay on their backs acrossed the bed with the back of their heads over the edge of the bed. They open their mouths to accommodate cocks. They lay close together to touch hands.

After blowjobs the guys stimulate the girls licking, sucking their breasts and nipples. The five guys lick, suck their clits, while finger and hand fucking their pussys.

The guys have the girls get on their hands and knees. The guys fuck their pussys. After squirting the girls pussys the girls lick, suck their cocks to stimulate the guys to keep fucking them. This will continue for awhile as the guys will fuck their asses. The girls will be bathed by the guys. The stimulations and fucking will continue until the early morning hours when they fall asleep.

Anne woke up at 6am. She was laying on Truk. He is snoring. Anne realized it’s Monday morning and Patti has to be at work by 8am. Patti had one of the African dancers laying on her back. He had fallen asleep after fucking Patti. Anne woke Patti up.

The girls showered and dressed. Anne kissed Truk waking him up. She told him Patti had to go to work. He kissed Anne and put his fingers into her pussy. He said he wants to see her again. Anne giggled and kissed him goodbye.

On Wednesday and Thursday the 6 African male strippers will attend Marcus’s classes becoming Black Bull Cock Masters. Truk the star of the show and actor/dancer Max will also attend.

Saturday and Sunday Carol and Patti will be trained to become Queen of Spades or Black cock whores. When Marcus sees these beautiful girls they will be personally trained by him becoming their master. He is a BBC Master.

Anne Takes Carol and Patti To Get Their Queen Of Spades Tattoo…cont’d

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