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Chapter Two: Afternoon Delight

Chapter 2:
She rolls over and reaches for her toys. She turns them on. Takes one and slowly moves it up and down over her pussy lips.   “This is the way I make believe you are licking me,” she says. Moving it up and down. Around in circles. She takes the other one, and starts to put it inside her. In and out. Slow. Up and down. “Help me.”
He takes hold of the one inside her, and starts fucking her with her toy. She’s back in fantasyland, only much better. She’s hot again. The fires inside her are alive again.
He removes the toy, and starts to lick her. She can barely hold on. He is so exciting. Then she feels his tongue plunge inside her, and she can’t take it any longer. She lets out a loud moan. She is ready to cum. By now he is rock hard again. He plunges his cock inside her. Giving her what she wants. She cries out his name. Her whole body is on fire. She feels the rush throughout her body. “Cum with me. NOW!” she screams. Slamming his cock into her. Harder and harder. They cum together.
He was fantastic. More than she could ever have imagined in all her fantasies. But she wasn’t through with him yet. There was one more thing. Something she would never try before. But something she knew she wanted to try with him. In the beginning, there was the kiss for her. Now she wanted to do for him. Give him what he wanted. But he would have to work with her. Maybe she could and maybe she couldn’t. But she wanted to try.

“Fuck me in the ass,” she said. “Are you sure?” he asked. No, she wasn’t sure. She was afraid. Others had wanted to, but she never could do it. But then she never felt this way about anyone before.   She would do anything for him. Whatever he wanted. At least she had to try. “Yes” she said. “But please help me.”
He rolled her over on her stomach. He took his fingers and moistened them from her still hot, soaking wet pussy. Gently he massaged her asshole. He felt her flinch. This wasn’t going to be easy. He had to get her to relax. He took the small vibrator. Turned it on. Played with her clit. Moved it in and out of her. All the time his fingers still working. She moaned. He remembered seeing some KY jelly in the drawer where her vibrators were. He moistened her asshole with it. Still playing with the vibrator, he inserted one of his fingers. She was enjoying it. He could tell. But she tensed up again. He spread KY on the toy, then began rubbing it up and down her crack. Over her hole. Up and down and over. Stopping so the tip of the toy was at the opening. Gently pushing. It went in a little, and she didn’t stop it. A little more. He’s thinking: Okay, maybe this will work. She’s thinking: This is gonna hurt like hell. He spreads the KY on his rock hard cock. He gently begins rubbing it up and down her crack. Following the motions he did with the vibrator. Stopping over her hole. He pushes, but it won’t go in. She’s resisting. He inserts his finger once again. She doesn’t resist. She likes it. Somehow he has to get that passion alive in her again. Get her back to the ecstasy she was feeling before.   If he can make her come alive again. When he could give her one orgasm after another. He had to push the right button. He knew there was something he did that drove her wild. Made her ready for anything.

He knew there was something. Was it something he said? No. Something he did. But what was it. Something turned her into a wildcat. He thought back to the moment he arrived and replayed the afternoon in his mind. Suddenly he knew what he had to do.
He rolled her onto her back. He fondled her breasts. Took one in his mouth and sucked it gently. Started nibbling his way up to her neck. She moaned. He kissed her neck softly. Kissed her cheek. Her body started to move. His lips moved across her cheek toward her lips. She turned into his kiss. She was cuming alive again. There it was. That magic turn-on button. They were kissing passionately. Wildly. She wanted him. Needed him. Moist lips. Tongues searching. Her body shivered. She was more alive than before. Hotter than before. This time he started it. This time he wanted it too. Such passion. Such fire.
He reached down and felt her hot, hot pussy. Hotter than before. More moist than before. She was ready. Oh yes, she was ready. He rolled her over onto her stomach. Kissed the back of her neck. Massaged her asshole with his fingers. Inserted one into her. She moaned. Still ready. He took his cock and rubbed it up and down her crack. At the same time, he inserted his fingers into her hot and super moist pussy. He leaned over and kissed the back of her neck again. Her body shivered. He could feel her pussy pulsating against his fingers. Oh so hot. So ready. He took his rock hard cock and gently started to enter her asshole. At the same time, his fingers worked in and out of her. He’s thinking: this is gonna work. She’s thinking: This is gonna hurt.
She grabbed a pillow and buried her face in it. Yes, it hurt. She wanted to scream, but she wouldn’t. At the same time, she felt a different kind of pleasure she never felt before. He pushed deeper inside her. His fingers still working. His thumb massaging her clit. His cock following the movement of his fingers. Slowly in. Slowly out. In. Out. Suddenly she was moving with him. He was ready to cum. He could wait no longer. He came inside her ass.
They both lay on the bed totally satisfied. They knew this was a one time deal. To satisfy the craving and curiosity that had been building over these past months. Just one afternoon delight.   Nothing more. He got out of bed. Went to the bathroom and cleaned up. And closed the door softly as he left. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.
When she opened her eyes, she knew it was the same dream she had before. The same fantasy. The same dream lover. She had been having this same dream for weeks now. She couldn’t get him out of her mind. He was real. Yes, very real. But she knew she could never have him. Only in her fantasies and dreams. He was so close, yet untouchable. So near, yet unreachable. The only way she would ever be with him would be in her dreams. So why did she feel so satisfied this time. After all, it was only a dream ….. or was it.

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