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Afternoon Delight

She sat there looking out the window. He said he would come. But he has a habit of changing his mind. She wants him. Never wanted anyone so much in her life. But she has to be careful. He’s like a scared little rabbit, and can turn tail and run at the last minute. What’s taking him so long?
Finally, she sees his car pull up in front of the house. He gets out. Makes it to the door. She opens the door and lets him in. She can barely keep her hands off him, she wants him so bad. She shuts the door, and turns to him.
She wants to kiss him, but knows he won’t let her. She needs this. His lips on hers would ignite the fires burning inside of her. Kissing is her foreplay. She is not one to kiss people, because kissing to her always led to sex. Everyone has their turn on button. Hers is a kiss.
She takes him in her arms, and starts nibbling at his neck. “No kissing,” he says. “Please,” she begs. “Don’t kiss me back, just stand there. Let me have this.” He doesn’t answer. She kisses his cheek. Down his neck. Brushes his whiskers across her face. Over to his other cheek. Nibbling. Wanting. Her lips brush against his. No response. How can she let him know how this simple touch can bring her to arousal? Her first and most important orgasm?
She takes his hand in hers, and moves it into her pants. Let him feel her. Feel her want. Her need. Once again, she moistens her lips, and presses them over his. Wetting his lips with her tongue. Her lower body starts moving back and forth against his hand. She can also feel his arousal. He wants it. She knows he does. Suddenly he starts responding to her lips. His mouth opens, and his tongue searches for hers. The fire inside her comes alive. She feels her whole body tingling. He feels her pulsating against his fingers. Feels her wetness. Now she’s hot. Wanting him. Needing him. Can’t wait.
She leads him into the bedroom. She unzips his pants, and they both undress each other. She pushes him back onto the bed. Takes his rock hard cock in her hand.. With her tongue, she starts licking at his juices that are leaking out. Licking the tip of his cock. Circling it with her tongue. Licking down to his sack. Sucks one into her now hot and firey mouth. Then moves to the other one and does the same. Licking back up to the tip of his cock. Watching him watch her. She leans over him, and rubs his cock between her breasts. Still licking. Then moves back and covers it with her mouth. Taking it all in. He feels his cock pushing on the back of her throat. Slowly she moves him in and out of her mouth. Licking and sucking. Her fingers can feel his need. Wanting to blow at any minute. Finally, he can hold out no longer. He lets go. She tastes him cuming in her mouth, and starts sucking it out as he does. Sucking and swallowing. Pulling it from him as he releases. Until he has no more to give.
She rolls over on her back, and reaches for her toys………

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