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Charlie Is Upset With Randolph. Anne And Sharon Are Okay

Anne and Sharon had completed their training to become Queen of Spades at Randolph’s University. They graduated with top honors.

It seems Sharon’s husband Charlie thinks she is done with the school. He wants to forget in lieu of paying thousands of dollars for the course, he and Sharon agreed in writing as to Sharon being available to help at the school as needed.

Charlie arranged a meeting with Randolph about this agreement. The girls went with Charlie. They stayed out of the meeting and waited in another office. When they arrived Randolph handed them their training, classroom, graduation photo album. The girls were slightly embarrassed and giggled about its content. The girls had been followed by camera from the time they entered the building. Even night photos of their sexual activities. Their gang bangs were beautifully explicit. What the girls didn’t know their activities were taped.(1970’s)

Meanwhile Charlie is telling Randolph that Sharon is not coming to his school any more. Randolph had enough threats from Charlie. Randolph said she will be at the school whenever I want her. He gave Charlie a Class book of photos of his wife. Charlie saw pictures of his wife in every sexual position with an interracial gang bang. He turned white as snow as he didn’t know the extent of her training. Again Randolph reminded Charlie, “he wanted his wife trained as Anne had been trained. Anne was Black Cock Trained. That’s what Sharon’s training was.” Randolph continued to say,”your wife and Anne are necessary to help me at the school on an occasional training program.”

Charlie said,”what are going to do with the photos of my wife?”
Randolph said,”All original photos of any graduate are kept in a bank safety deposit box. Nothing is kept at the school except Graduation Class Books for graduates. Just remember Charlie, when I say I need your wife for something you will let her go. Should you do anything to me Charlie those photos of your wife will end up in porn shops.(1970’s) It is not my intention to interfere in Sharon’s and your lives. We have an agreement and your wife is willing to fulfill her obligations.”

Charlie calmed down. He realized bullying Randolph wasn’t going to work. He also understood that Randolph had the photos where no one could get the photos. Not even himself. He conceded Randolph had won the argument.
Charlie said,”Sharon is free to do whatever she wants. I will support her interests. He said he didn’t believe Randolph would allow anyone to hurt his wife.” He shook Randolph’s hand and said goodnight.

The following week Bob “The Builder” and member of The Businessman’s Club (1970’s) called Dave at his job. He told Dave, that “special meeting” with Anne was such a success the guys want to have another with Anne and one more girl. Can he find another girl for a party?”
Dave said,” Anne would know as she has girlfriends. He said he would ask her. How many guys signed up?”
Bob replied, “30.”
Dave said, “I will tell Anne so the girls can decide.”

The following morning Dave visited Anne at the cabin. They had their daily sexual pleasures. As they layed together Dave told Anne, ” Bob the builder member of the club told him the members want another special meeting with her. Dave added that the men would like another girl as there will be more members participating. Does she know some girl that is like herself sexually permissive?”
Anne replied,”Yes. She would have to call her. Her name is Sharon and she is beautiful. I will call her when she gets home from work. Anne asked Dave how many guys will there be?
Dave replied “30.”

Anne called Sharon when she came home from work. She told Sharon, “of her relationship with the Businessman’s Club. She had had a gangbang with them. She was well compensated. She said they want a second girl as participation has increased. Would she be interested?”
Sharon laughed, she said,” Charlie is a member of that club. He came home from the club in the early morning hours a month ago. He called it a “special meeting.”
Anne giggled,” I think I was the “special meeting.” There were 20 guys there. I don’t remember much except they fucked my brains out.”
Sharon said,”Charlie came home drunk. I doubt he remembers you Anne. Sharon went on to say call Dave I would love to attend the “special meeting.” She also said that this is our little secret Anne. Charlie can fuck around but I can’t?
Whenever Randolph wants me to fuck for him I will. He can use me any way he wants. He is my master. Not Charlie. I will be Randolph’s Black cock whore.

Anne said,”I am with you Sharon. You are my best friend.”

Dave came to the cabin the next morning. Anne was waiting for Dave naked.
On her knees looking up into Dave’s eyes she said she has good news for him as she unzips his fly. She pulls his cock and balls from his pants. She touched his cock with the tip of her tongue and said, “call Bob, Sharon and I will be there Thursday night.” Anne took Dave’s cock between her lips into her mouth and into her throat. Dave fucked her throat. He would eventually squirt and she caught his copious sperm in her mouth and swallowed it. Anne licked, sucked his cock and balls clean.

As Anne cleaned Dave with her tongue he calls Bob to give him the good news. Bob answered the phone and says,”what are you up to?”
Dave said, “Anne is sucking my cock.” He put the phone where Anne could speak. Anne said, “Hi Bob. My friend Sharon and I will be at your house Thursday night.”
Bob said,”Thank you Anne. Come to my house at 8PM.”
Anne said,”Okay.”
Bob said,”Dave when you said you were having your cock sucked you weren’t joking.” They both laughed.
Dave said, “there is something I have to tell you Bob. Sharon is married to Charlie.”
Bob yells,”OMG, why is she doing this?”
Dave says,”Sharon found out Charlie is fucking around on her. He wants her to stay home. She says it’s her turn to fuck around. She said she wants the same rights a man has.”
Bob says,”when Charlie shows up at the house I will have some guys to keep an eye on him. The last time he was at my home he was drunk and fell asleep on my couch. Dave I will see you at my home Thursday night.

Thursday evening Anne and Sharon arrived early at Bob’s home. He welcomed the girls. The girls kissd him. Anne remembers Bob as being sweet and loving. He gave the girls a tour of his mansion. Afterwards he served them wine and appetizers. The girls liked the wine as it calmed them before the gang bang.

Bob took the girls to the den on the first floor. There are two gang bang beds parallel there with plenty of room for the guys to move around each other. The bed style is he same as used in adult swingers clubs. Every sexual position or positions can be accommodated. Bob asked,” the girls if they wanted to undress?” They said,” they wanted the guys to do it.”

The selected club members arrived. Bob greeted them. They served themselves at the bar and appetizers. Bob made an announcement. “Gentlemen, Welcome to our second special meeting. Tonight we are honored to two special guests. He opened the big door to the room saying, “welcome back Anne and welcome our new friend Sharon.” The guys applauded, welcomed them.
Bob said, “The girls are dressed. They would like you to help them undress.” The guys applauded entering the room. They helped the girls undress, kissing them, with hands touching, massaging their skin. Their fingers probed the girls holes. The guys helped the girls up on the beds.

The fun would start. The first hour the guys kept the girls busy having them doing blowjobs while their pussys, clits were licked, stimulated with tongue, fingers and hand. The girls were orgasming. Several cocks one after the other were fucking them. Some of the guys squirted on the outside of their pussys and inside. The fucking was bareback.
Other guys had licked, sucked the girls necks, breasts and nipples. The girls had hickys on their breasts and body. The guys kneaded the girls breasts with the their fingers. Sharon and Anne were constantly being stimulated enjoying the blissful feelings.

Bob entered the room after an hour and during a slow down took the girls to shower as they were covered in cum. He and Dave bathed the girls. The girls gave themselves to the guys in the shower. Bob and Dave fucked their asses. After showers Bob brought Drinks and appetizers to the girls in another room. The girls were happy to rest and have refreshments.

After a half our the girls returned to the beds. Bob had changed the cum soaked pillows and
sheets. The girls stood by the beds. The next hour the girls were on their hands and knees on the bed having their ass, pussy, and mouth fucked. Even Sharon’s husband Charlie stood in line to fuck the blonde girl. He didn’t know the girl is his wife. When it was his turn he was a little drunk. He said to the “girl”, “I’m Charlie. What’s your name?”
Answering truthfully she said, “Sharon.”
Charlie said, “That’s my wife’s name.”
Charlie said,’ You have a beautiful ass. I’m going to fuck it. As he pushes his cock into her ass he compliments “Sharon”, “On how good her ass takes his cock. He says my wife Sharon won’t let me fuck her in the ass.
Sharon says nothing but thinking he is a lying asshole.
Charlie squirts her ass. He slapped her ass. He said, “You are a great piece of ass. Better than my wife.”
On that comment the room of guys erupted with laughter as the “fool Charlie” just fucked his own wife and didn’t know it. But 29 guys enjoyed squirting her pussy. ass,and mouth.
Charlie thought the guys laughed because he made joke.
Charlie got in the line for Anne with a drink in his hand. Charlie is happy.

After another hour and a half the guys had fucked the girls holes numerous times. The party was over. Anne and Sharon requested a cup and spoon for each of them. The last guys who fucked them they asked the guys to put the cum they had pushed from their pussys and spoon it into a cup. The sperm on their thighs was also cleaned with a spoon. The girls asked the guys to feed them their sperm. The guys in the room watched with amazement as the girls gladly ate their copious sperm and swallowed all of it. The guys applauded the girls.

Bob and Dave took the girls for showers bathing them. The girls got on their hands and knees
In the shower showing their love for Dave and Bob. Bob loves Anne. He fucked her ass and pushed against his cock to have him go deep. He squirted her and she orgasmed.

Dave fucked Sharon’s pussy doing deep penetration from behind. He pulled her hard and she pushed hard against his cock. She stimulated her clit and she orgasmed.

The girls were bathed, dressed and ready to leave. Charlie was sleeping on the couch.

Bob had they guys stay long enough to say goodnight to the girls. Bob gave the girls each a love card signed by all of the guys with their love and lots of money in each one. Every man kissed the girls and thanked them for their love.

When the guys left, Bob approached the girls. He said they are welcome to his home anytime. He gave them his phone number. He also gave them codes to open a gate to his indoor pool. He said they can use it anytime. Just let him know. He said,”he loves them.” The girls asked if bathing suits were optional?” He laughed saying.”for you girls, oh please yes.”

Randolph Calls Anne and Sharon…cont’d

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