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A Little Something to Think About

You and I have managed to get a weekend together some where far, but not too far away. You are wearing a dark red dress, sexy in style but not to the point of sleazy and your wearing strappy high heels. I’m in suit and tie. We have been in the car together for a while and at every red light and stop sign we’ve been sharing the most sensuous kisses, our hands roaming all over each others bodies. We arrive at a cute little Inn that has a dining room on what was a side porch, but is now closed in and candle lit. We are greeted warmly by the hostess and are shown to our table as our bags are taken up to our room. We have a sumptuous meal with a nice wine, and the whole time I’m absolutely blown away by how gorgeous you look and how lucky I am to be there with you. We share a dessert and order a bottle of champagne to be sent to our room. We go up the stairs and I’ve got my hand on your ass the whole way up. I love the way it moves under your dress as we ascend the stairs, swaying from side to side. We get to the top and you turn and kiss me, long and deep. We open the door to our room and find it’s lit by what seems like dozens of small candles and that it smells of roses. The room is a suite with a small fireplace with a couple of chairs in front and a huge canopy bed with lots of ruffled pillows. Our champagne is chilling in an antique ice bucket beside the bed. After taking this all in we come to each other face to face and begin passionately kissing, our tongues playing and exploring each other. Our hands are roaming all over. Both of mine have your ass and I’m pulling you closer against my cock. You respond by pulling me tighter to you. Our breathing is becoming more intense as the passion in each of us builds. I turn you around and unzip your dress, slowly pushing it off your shoulders as I kiss your neck. It falls to the floor to reveal you, wearing shear stockings with lace panties and a matching bra the same dark red of your dress. You turn and begin to undress me- tie, shirt, pants, underwear. I’m standing there naked in your arms, my cock standing between us. You kiss me again, stop, give me a wink and start to sink down to your knees, kissing my body as you go. You take my cock in your mouth and start to give me the most amazing head. The warmth of your mouth and the way you use your skill have my knees ready to buckle. I pull you up and guide you to the side of the bed where I have you lie back, your legs dangling off the side. I reach up and start to slowly pull your panties down and you raise your hips to help. I toss them aside and slowly spread your legs. Slowly I begin to kiss, lick and nibble the insides of your thighs, first left and then right, as I make my way to your beautiful pussy. I’m pleased to find how amazingly wet you are. Finally, I begin to eat you, exploring you with my tongue, licking and sucking your clit. Your excitement builds and your breathing grows more rapid with each stroke and suck. I sense we’re both ready to fuck. I suddenly stand up and turn you over so we can fuck the way you like best- doggie. I take my cock and rub your pussy lips with it when you suddenly take control and back into my cock. I sink deep inside you and we both let out a moan. We get into a rhythm and again grow more and more excited, moaning and squeeling in a pleasure that defies words. We’ve both lost all control to this amazing fuck. We move faster and we fuck harder until we’re a couple of animals giving in to our most base desire. Suddenly you begin to shudder and let out this deep moan from somewhere deep inside you. I feel your pussy convulse and I can’t stop fucking you as I explode in a shattering orgasm deep inside your pussy. It seems like I’m never going to stop cumming as I fill you with my warm cum. We collapse, me on top of you as we try to catch our breath and come back to earth. Just a little something to think about the next time you have the urge to rub one out!  

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