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Club Drama Chapter Six

The whole crowd was losing it at this point. Crystal gently slid Kenzie down the pole until she was almost laying on the ground. Then, she spread her legs apart a bit and Leah took the dildo and slowly entered it in Kenzie’s pussy. She moved it up and down a few times as the crowd screamed. Leah stopped and said “Let’s here some cheers for her being a good sport and letting us have fun with  her.” The audience stood to their feet and cheered as Kenzie was uncuffed. As she walked to back of stage to get redressed money began flowing onto the stage for Crystal and Leah. Kenzie made her way back to our table and I put my arm around her and kissed her passionately. She asked “did you know that was going to happen.” I shook my head and said “I had no fucking clue. So proud of you for rolling with it.” She smiled and kissed me again.

After all the dollar bills had been collected the DJ said “our sexy officers are looking for Kenzie’s fiancé. So, our good buddy and boss stand up and get on stage.” The crowd cheered and I made my way up to the stage. Crystal instructed me to sit on a chair in the middle of the stage and, then she pulled pulled my shirt off before cuffing my hands behind my back to the chair back. Leah and Crystal sat on my lap, took off their tops, and forced my face into their breasts as the crowd cheered. Leah undid my pants a bit put her hand down them and yelled to the crowd “Kenzie is a lucky girl. He has a nice cock!” She got off my lap and walked behind me and, when Crystal bent over in front of me Leah pushed the back of my head so that my face smacked into Crystal’s ass. The crowd loudly cheered and laughed.

Crystal uncuffed  me from the chair and cuffed me to the pole and pulled my pants to my feet. Leah said “ok, all entertainers come out and spank this boy.” One by one each dancer came from the back off the stage and slapped my but as they lined up on the stage. Next Leah yelled “Kenzie come up here.” Kenzie slowly walked to the steps at bottom of the stage and stood there. Leah said “Kenzie we want you to pick one girl to give your man a private dance.” Kenzie stood their quietly for a few seconds as the l crowd erupted and Leah said “help her choose who will give him a private dance.” People in the audience began yelling and pointing at different dancers and after 30 seconds and checking out each dancer Kenzie pointed as a curvy brunette named Tara. Leah said “Tara, take him to the VIP room and rock his world.” Crystal uncuffed me and I proceeded off stage with Tara as money covered the stage once again for Crystal and Leah.

Once in the VIP room I sat down on the comfortable chair and Tara stood in front of me waiting for the music to begin. As the song began she removed her top and my eyes focused on her DD boobs. She climbed onto my lap and began grinding her lap dance. Tara pulled her thong aside exposing her bald pussy and rubbed it with her fingers. She grinded on my lap some more before sliding down me till she was kneeing on the floor. Then, she positioned her face on my crotch and began blowing. Her warm soft breath on my crotch began to arouse me. She smiled up at me and undid my pants. Tara rubbed her tits on my boxers and I felt myself getting hard. Next thing I knew she had my cock out of my boxers and in her mouth. She sucked and ran her hand up and down my shaft in rhythm with the music. Just as the song ended I came in her mouth and she swallowed my load and licked my dick clean. I reassembled my pants and she escorted me back to the table where Kenzie and friends were waiting. Kenzie kissed my lips and I said “once again, how awesome you are playing song with it all.” She smiled and kissed me again. We all hung at the club for a half hour more. Kenzie and her friends left before my friends and I left.

When two buddies and I left the club we went to a bar at the big hotel where I was staying  and I began texting Katie. I invited her to bring her friends to meet us at the bar for a drink which they ened up doing. Katie sat on my lap as she drank and ever so often would rub her ass on my crotch. She whispered in my ear “ I am not wearing any panties. Let me have your hand and I will prove it!” Katie took my hand and put it under her dress and onto her bare pussy. I patted her pussy lips and she whispered “Put your fingers inside me.” I slowly slid two fingers into her pussy and rubbed. She smiled at me and finished her drink. Then, she said “how about we go to your room and you use more than your fingers to fuck me.” I smiled and nodded and got up and left.

My friends didn’t even notice me leave as they were busy flirting with her friends, but she managed to tell one of her friends bye. When we reached the elevator I ran my hands under dress and began fingering her pussy again. She pushed my face into her boobs and I licked them till the elevator opened at my floor.  As we ran down the hall we slapped each other on the ass. Once in my room we hastily ripped off our clothes. Katie sucked on my cock and I grabbed at her breasts till I was rock hard. Then, I pushed her over the small couch and got behind her. She took my cock and guided it into her pussy and I began pumping. Katie said “take a handful of my hair and pull it.” I wrapped her hair in my left hand and held it tight as I held her hips with my right handed and thrust.

She yelled “fuck me hard! I am a curvy curl I can take a pounding! Pound my pussy!” I pounded harder and harder as she yelled. Katie yelled “slap my ass!l slap it harder!” I slapped at her butt as requested and her cheeks got red.  Her bubble butt slapped against my hips hard and I thrust as hard as I could. She screamed in ecstasy and several minutes of hard pounding later I came inside her dripping wet pussy. As I pulled out she said “Shit, I haven’t been fucked that good in quite awhile.” I smiled and she laid over the couch for a couple minutes to catch her breath. She reached for her dress and I snatched it and said “before you get this back I want you to pose naked for my camera.” She laughed as I grabbed my camera and posed for a few pictures. Then, I handed her dress which she put on and left my room. I went to my bed and fell asleep.

Next, morning I woke up and was getting ready to take a shower when I heard a knock at my door. I looked out the peep hole and saw Ciara standing there, so I opened the door and let her inside.  She looked at me standing in my boxers and asked “Did I wake you?” I answered “No, I was about to jump in the shower. How did you find me” Ciara smiled and said “I hope you don’t mind I over heard Kenzie say what room number you were in.” I went on to ask “what are you doing here?” She poked me playfully in the chest and said “well I was hoping maybe we could get breakfast together and talk about work.” I said “ok, well just have a seat and let me take a quick shower and we will go grab a quick bite.”

Ciara sat down and I went into the bathroom and turned on the water and climbed in the shower  . I was in the shower for a couple minutes when the shower door opened and Ciara appeared smiling. My eyes gravitated to her small breasts and she said “you don’t mind if I join.” I smiled and said “no, I don’t mind being able to look at your sexy body while I shower.” Ciara smiled and she stepped to the back so water didn’t get her hair wet. I lathered and rinsed off and stared at her naked body during the process. She asked me “Can I wash your cock?” I looked at her and said “sure.” Ciara squirted body wash in her hand and proceeded to massage my cock with her hands. Between her naked body, the water, the soap, and her massaging I got turned on and my cock began to stiffen.

I covered her little boobs one at a time with my mouth and gently sucked on them. Next, I dropped to my knees as water splashed on my back and I licked around her thighs and into her pussy. She bit her bottom lip and softly moaned as my tongue tickled her clit. I reached my hands around her waist and began squeezing her butt cheeks as I continued to use my mouth on her pussy. Her sweet tasting juices covered my tongue and she said “let’s take this to the bed.” I shut off the water and hastily grabbed a towel and dried off. Ciara had barely gotten wet so she was done drying off before me and, she stroked my cock with her hands. She softly pushed me onto the bed and licked my cock for a couple minutes. Then she climbed on me facing the opposite way and her ass towards me and guided my cock into her moist pussy.

I stared at her ass as she moved her hips back and forth. She continued to rock harder and my hands squeezed her butt once more and when she leaned for ward a bit I ran my middle finger down the crack of her ass and softly massaged her butt hole. Ciara moaned and moaned and I slowly pushed my finger in her hole. I felt her body tense up for a second, but then relax and continue thrusting. She continued moaning and thrusting and her pussy orgasmed every so often and a rush of fluids ran down my cock. I questioned “do you like my finger in your ass?” She softly responded “yes.” I asked “would you like to try my cock in there.” Ciara said “yes.”

I sat up and she leaned onto her knees and arched her butt in the air as I slowly spread her cheeks and guided my cock into her ass. Ciara winced upon entry and as her body relaxed and got used to my cock I began softly pumping. She continued to moan as I pumped until I came inside her. I pulled out and wiped my cock on her cheeks. Ciara laid on the bed looking up at me and said “is it selfish for me to wish you two wouldn’t get married today, so you and I could keep fucking.” I smiled and laughed giving no response.  Then, both our phones began to ring and we reached for and answered them.

To be continued……..


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