Club Drama Chapter Five

Once in the bedroom I shut the door and saw both girls removing their panties. My eyes stared at their breasts and smooth pussies. Crystal said “One lucky guy you are tonight getting to enjoy 4 gorgeous boobs and two nice pussies.” I smiled and responded “yes I am!” They both walked over to me, hugged me and softly licked my neck. I put an arm around each of them and began diving my face into Crystal’s boobs licking and sucking them and switching to Leah’s. Back and forth my mouth went from each girl’s boobs. Leah dropped to her knees and pulled off my boxers. Then she began stroking my cock with her hands. Crystal knelt down in front of me too and together they took turns sucking on my cock.

First, Leah would suck up and down it for a minute while Crystal sucked on my balls and, then they would switch and it was incredible. They got me rock hard in no time and took me over to the bed and had me lay down on my back. Leah straddled my chest positioning her pussy in line with my face and, Crystal straddled my hips and lowered herself down guiding my cock into her pussy with her hand. She began to rock on my cock while Leah bounced softly on my tongue. Both girls moaned and my tongue was occupied or I probably would have moaned as well. Several minutes of this went on before Leah said “ok, time for me to get some cock.” Crystal said “I guess you can have a turn.” They laughed and moved around.

Crystal turned to me and said “bend her over and fuck her pussy.” Crystal laid back and spread her legs and Leah got on her knees with her face towards Crystal’s crotch. I got behind Leah and guided my cock into her wet pussy and grabbed onto her hips. As I pumped Leah her mouth went into Crystal’s push which muffled Leah’s moans. Crystal moaned and shouted “yes. Yes. Pound her pussy. Yes. Yes. Lick my pussy you good bitch.” I pounded harder and harder and eventually blew a load inside her. Leah rolled onto her back and said to Crystal “Taste my pussy! Lick my juices and his cum!” Crystal began licking Leah’s pussy. As I watched this take place I was aroused and hard again in no time.

Leah saw my hard cock and said “spread your legs bitch he is going to pound your pussy!” Crystal spread her legs arched her back and I stuck my cock inside her pussy and began pounding. She moaned and Leah yelled “fuck her harder. Pound her pussy! Make her cum!” I pounded harder and harder and Crystal moaned “I’m cumming!” Her pussy tightened around me and her juices squirted onto the bed. Leah said “let me taster her on you.” I pulled out of her pussy and Leah licked my cock. Then, she said “how about to make you blow you take turns fucking our ass till you cum.” I smiled and both girls quickly moved around on the edge of the bed so that their butts where in the air. They both reached back and spread their butt cheeks with their hands.

I slowly guided my cock into Leah’s butt first and pumped a couple soft pumps before I pulled out and entered Crystal’s butt for a few pumps. Back and forth I went alternating pumping each girl’s butt as they moaned for several minutes till I came in Crystal’s butt. I staggered and retrieved a bottle of water from an ice chest and downed it completely without stopping. I glanced at the clock and saw it was 2:45 am. Both girls had climbed into my bed and motioned for me to get between them. After I climbed under the sheets they put their heads on my shoulders, pulled back the sheet exposing their breasts and said smile and snapped a couple selfies. Then, Leah shut off the light and, they both cuddled on my shoulders and we went to sleep.

I was awoken around 930am by Leah and Crystal moving out of the bed. They asked if I could give them a ride back to their cars at the club and I began getting some clothes on and they dressed too. We walked to the car and began driving to the club. Leah said “we heard you and Kenzie are having a small bash at the club tonight.” I nodded my head. Crystal said “we have a little show for her. It’s a surprise. Trust us you will like it! It’s gonna be awesome !” I smiled and said ok. After I dropped them off back to the hotel I went. I stopped at the Starbucks in the lobby for some coffe and was waiting for my order when I noticed a curvy brunette in a T-shirt, leggings and flip flops glancing at me. I smiled at her and she softly smiled back. I said hello and she smiled and walked over to me.

We began to chit chat as we waited. I found out her name was Katie and she was from another state on vacation with some friends. The barista called out my name for my order and retrieved it and said goodbye and made my way to the elevator. I was waiting for the doors to open when I head a voice say “you again.” I turned around to see Katie and I smiled. The doors opened and we both entered and I pushed the button for floor and inquired what number for hers and she said same. As the elevator went up I glanced at her breasts which seemed to be stretching her shirt. She caught me looking and I quickly tried to look away. She laughed and said “no worries with boobs this big I am use to guys staring.” I half laughed and smiled. The elevator stopped at the floor and the doors opened and out we went. Down the hall we walked and Katie stopped in front of her door and I said bye and started down towards my room.

Then, I heard her call out “really you stare at my boobs and don’t even make a pass at me or ask to see them. Wow.” I stopped , turned around waked the few steps back to her and said “I was trying to be respectful. But, to be totally honest in my head I was wondering what they looked like.” She smiled and said “I am not an uptight bitch; you can say dirty shit around me.” I laughed and said “so, will you come to my room and show me your boobs?” She laughed and nodded her head. We walked to my room and went inside. Katie pulled off her shirt and her big natural boobs were exposed for my eyes. She said “what are you thinking?” I smiled and said “thinking I would like to titty fuck them.” Katie laughed and said “well you can if you take your cock out.”

I laughed and quickly got out of my clothes. Then, I took her melons in my hands and sucked them and began softly biting her pink nipples which I noticed she liked. Katie stroked my cock with her hand and after a few minutes knelt down in front of me. She positioned my cock between her big pillows and squeezed them in place with her hands. I moved my hips slowly and my cock moved up and down between her tits. When I grasped her boobs with my hands; she reached her hand down her pants and rubbed her clit with her fingers and moaning. Her clit rubbing and me thrusting her tits went on for awhile until I came. She grabbed my cock and licked the tip clean before standing up. Her phone went off and she said “my friend probably wondering where I am at.” She jotted down her number on a piece of paper and said “maybe I will see you again before I leave.” Katie kissed me on the cheek and left my room. I finished my coffee and took a shower and got dressed.

Later that afternoon I heard from Kenzie and we finalized plans to meet for dinner at 7pm. When we met at dinner Kenzie looked beautiful as usual and her tight white pants and maroon shirt really looked good on her. A few of my friends and hers and both of us had dinner and drinks for a couple hours. Then, we had the club limo pick us up and take us to the club around 930. As we entered the club and sat down many of us had a nice buzz going on from our drinks. We had been seated for a 15 minutes when I heard the DJ voice say “excuse me but I hear there is a bachelorette in the house and someone is looking for her.” Then police siren noise came on and Crystal and Leah appeared in sexy police uniforms. DJ said “Kenzie stand up so the officers can see you.” She laughed and from pushing from a couple friends she rose to her feet and Crystal and Leah took her by the hands to the stage.

Leah grabbed a microphone and said “I see why our club owner wants to marry you. You are fucking gorgeous. Isn’t she fucking hot!” The crowd clapped and cheered. Crystal put Kenzie’s hands over her head and cuffed them to the pole and more cheering ensued. Leah asked “what does your man love the most about your body?” Kenzie smiled and answered “my ass.” Leah turned her around so that Kenzie’s ass was facing the audience and said “I can see why he likes your ass! It’s gorgeous. Don’t you all agree!” The crowd cheered and clapped again. Leah said “officer Crystal, what do you think we get a better look at her ass.”

The crowd yelled again and Crystal undid Kenzie’s pants and pulled them down just past the bottom of her ass. The crowd erupted in cheers as Leah grabbed Kenzie’s butt and said “her ass is fucking hot!” Crystal playfully spanked her butt a few times before pulling her pants backup and turning her around. Leah walked to back of stage to retrieve a bag and Crystal squeezed Kenzie’s boobs through her shirt to the delight of the crowd. Leah asked “do you give your man blow jobs?” Kenzie giggled and nodded her head. Leah pulled a dildo out of her bag and said “show us how you do it.” Again Kenzie giggled and Crystal held her head from turning as Leah put it to Kenzie’s lips. She tried to resist at first but after some coaxing took it in her mouth and sucked for a second. The crowd was going crazy.

Next, Leah said “I think we need to search her boobs, what do you think?” The crowed cheered loudly and Crystal lifted up Kenzie’s shirt and bra exposing her tits. Leah yelled “shit, her ass is gorgeous and so are her tits.” Crystal and Leah both licked one of her nipples as the crowd screamed. Leah said “we have seen her ass and her tits. Do you think we should inspect her pussy?” Kenzie tried to shake her head and say no, but the crowd was going crazy. Leah pulled down Kenzie’s pants and to the amazement of every one Crystal and Leah took her thong down with their teeth. Everyone in the club was screaming and clapping. Leah took the dildo and rubbed it around Kenzie’s pussy. Then, she yelled “who wants to see one more thing.”

To be continued…….

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