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Country Hottie

my story starts when george finds out a country music queen is going to be giving a concert in a small town where he lives. george goes to the place where the concert is going to take place he buys his ticket he gets in his truck opens his pants and starts to play with himself just thinking about seeing this beauty. as the day of the concert grows closer george is thinking about this woman and what he should wear to the concert. you see george doesn’t like wearing clothes. the night of the concert george descides to wear a long pair of socks also a long brown coat that comes down to his shoes and nothing else. its a little cool outside so nothing is made of george wearing the coat he enters the hall finds a place to sit close to the stage in fact in the front row is where his seat was. as he sat down he looked up and seen his country music queen looking at him at this time no one else was on either side of him so as she was looking geoge opens his coat she looked down between his legs what she saw made her smile his dick was rock hard she noded her head and smiled. finally the concert got started her first song was a love song the lights were off the country queen came down off the stage walked along the front row singing when she got to georgeshe leaned down and sat on his lap his dick was hard he new she could feel it she sat there a little while singing to george all the while she was enjoying the other feelig that was happening between georges legs. finally she got up places a kiss on georges cheek and went back on stage the show lasted about three hours when it was over george couldn’t wait to get to his truck so he could open his coat and free his hard manhood he gt to his truck but for some reason he just sat there with his coat open and his dick hard his fingers were around it playing all of a sudden he heard a voice he opened his eyes and hs country music queen was standing at his truck looking at what he was doing. first he noticed she had a short yellow dress on it zipped up the frontas george was watching she started to unzipp it from the bottom as the zipper move ever so slowly george was seeing his country music queen in all her splendor her pusst was beautiful curly blond hair as he was watching she took his hand put it between her legs he started rubbing her pussy she was loving that she unzipped her dress george was also seeng her gorgous tits firm with hard pink nipples she told george put your mouth here and suck on my nipples george did with his hand in her pussy and his mouth on her tits they both were in heaven. finally after a while george said don’t you have to go not for an hour or so george said to her would you like to go for a ride i know a beautiful place over looking the river we can have some fun sure she said lets go. they drove up to a look out getting out of the truck george grabbed a blanket took her hand and walked out to a big flat rock over looking the river what a beautiful sight this is george as they sat on the blanket his country queen gave him a deep wet kiss again she put his hand between her open legs play george please. after george had got her really horny she said you need something special with this in mind she opened his coat got between his legs put her hot mout that beautiful music comes from over the head of his dck she started sucking slow at first then fasterfinally george said stop its going to happen what george his queen said i’m cumming please do something ok she said she put her mouth over his dick and sucked him off taking all his cum. finally she looked at george and said have you ever fucked smeone no george said i don’t know how i will show you in a litte while bu frst there is somthing i want you to do. she laye back on the rock spread her legs her pussy was open george put your mouth dwn there and suck on my pussy george did as he was told she cam almost instantly. george looked at his country queen will you teach me how to fuck now yes she said. george i want you to get on top of me george did as he was told she took his dick in her hand guided it inside her pussy now george push he did his huge dck was in now fuck me george in and out fast george was great all of a sudden george said i’m cumming oh god here it cums george shot a hugh amout of his cum in her she als came at the same time. finally it was time to take he back to her bus when they got there she said you a very good at what you do. you will find a woman who you will make very happy as you have made me i know this. take care and i will see you next time maybe by then you will have a girlfriend and the three of us can get naked and do this what do you think george sounds like a plan with that in his mind she left

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