Cuffed, Plugged, and Stuffed

OK , so V calls me up and asks if I can come help him move some furniture cause he’s gonna have some carpet put down in two rooms of his house; I arrived about 2 pm.

When I come up to the door it’s open, so I step in and call his name. He calls out that he’s in the den and to close the door after I remove my shoes. So I shut the door, remove my shoes, and go to the den. He’s already moving some things so I join in and help him move the furniture from the room.

After all the moving I’m kinda sweaty and tired so we go out to his hot tub; it’s fenced in so no one can see us so we get nude and sit in the hot tub. I ask him if he’s gonna fuck me while I’m there, he says yes, but he wants to try something if I’m willing. I said I was willing to try almost anything so we got out of the hot tub and went into the house. After drying off he takes me to his a spare room in the house.

Once in the room he says he wants to handcuff me and plug my butt hole, so I let him. So now I’m cuffed, hands behind my back. The butt plug has a tail like a horse. As he plugs me it’s kinda big and hurts just a bit, but he gets it in me all the way.

Now when he steps in front of me he tells me to close my eyes for the next surprise. So I’m waiting when finally I’m allowed to look – he’s got a chocolate covered doughnut around his dick. I eagerly begin sucking his cock and eating the doughnut. He takes control and begins to fuck my face. I love his cock hitting the back of my throat. I feel it when he cums, every ounce squirts right down my throat.

When he pushes me down he says that now it’s time for that plugged hole to get some cum. He unplugs me and rams his cock in me as I’m face down on the floor and cuffed. Oh man, I love being fucked! I feel it when he shoves it in and cums in my hole; it feels so good.

But when he pulls out he plugs me back up and he says, “You’re gonna be fucked more tonight.”

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