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Ernesto And Bernadette With A New Friend Patti

Ernesto is a 6’0, 50 year old bank manager. He loves Bernadette ”Bernie.” They are lovers.

Bernadette or “Bernie” as she prefers is 25 years old, 5’2″, petite lady but voluptuous, with brunette long hair and hazel eyes. She’s been mistaken for an underage school girl. Especially the way she dresses when she is not working.

Bernie is a med tech at the hospital and the vacancy of Lab Manager occurred. She was appointed to the job because of years of experience, excellent work,and education(masters degree). She was the most qualified for the job.

Her private life has her in pursuit of carnal love It’s the 1970’s. She has a very active libido. One man is not enough. She is uninhibited. She has side lovers and joined a private club called the Gentlemen’s Club With Friends in town. Eleven girls are “Friends” of the club. Most of the girls are volunteer university students or like Bernie, Joan and Lydia. They call themselves the Gangbang Girls. The “Gentlemen”are University professors from the college which is located on the other side of the mountain. It was started by John and Mark. Both men are professors. The club is in a restored Big old Victorian home. It’s dues membership only to the professors. The basement is set up like European Style swinging clubs. However, there is no large swing room, BDSM, and no rough sex. There are a lot of intimate areas in the basement and on the main floor. The house has 3 usable floors where Mark and John live. There is special swing club furniture in the basement and Victorian furniture for “naughty behavior”on the first floor. The 200 professors after a night of debauchery leave tips for the girls in a big crystal bowl. The money is divided up for the girls.

Ernesto said he would like to visit the club as Bernie is there every Thursday night. Bernie called Professors John and Mark for a visit with Ernesto. John said Friday after work would be fine.

Friday after 5PM Ernesto and Bernie went to the Club. John and Mark greeted them. John gave a tour to the entire Victorian home. All 3 floors. Both Bernie and Ernesto were impressed with the attention to the detail of renovation and decor. Ernesto was taken as a last surprise to the hallway that has framed photos of Bernie and Tyrone on the walls leading to the Ganngbang Room in the basement. Tyrone is an islander in the Bahamas. Picture frame lights showed the beauty of each photo. Ernesto had never seen the photos. He was surprised. He commented on her beauty and Tyrone was so overpowering because of his size compared to her. He hugged and kissed her for showing the same love that she has for him. However at the end of the day, she comes home to him. They continued the tour to the Gangbang room in the basement. It is similar to the EuroXXXTheater but nicer. The professors said Ernesto could visit anytime, except Thursday night. Mark and John insisted Bernie and Ernesto would stay for dinner. They had made English fish and chips with coleslaw. Ernesto loves fish. He was happy.

Dinner was over. They retreated to the sitting room sipping wine. Ernesto sat in a big overstuffed chair. It was super stuffed and soft. Bernie sat on the sofa with the two professors on each side of her. After a few glasses of wine Ernesto said Bernie must be horny by now. She said yes. Ernesto said to Mark and John to help her. They smiled and Mark said,”If you insist.” Ernesto raised his wine glass to them. Both professors put their hands on her thighs, moved their hands to her pussy. They finger fucked her. They said they all could have more fun in the den. Bernie took her shorts and shirt off. She got on the fuck bed. The professors stood on the sides finger fucking her, massaging her breasts, licking, sucking her nipples. Ernesto had the honors being at the bottom edge to fuck her pussy. Professors were kissing her lips, neck, sucking her breasts and nipples. She was orgasming, panting as Ernesto pounded her pussy with his cock and balls. As he squirted her pussy she yelled,” I love you Ernesto,” as she had multiple orgasms. He said,”I love you too.” Ernesto moved to the side of her and Bernie licked his cock and balls clean. John had a spoon ready so Ernesto would spoon her his essence. Mark and John fucked her. Ernesto helped massaging her breasts and nipples. Mark fucked her ass and she was smiling at Ernesto for supporting her sexual needs. She mouthed the words to Ernesto she loved him. She cleaned Mark and John’s cocks. They used the showers in the basement there was more room for 4 adults. She was in the middle of the guys as they bathed her, finger fucked her, kissed her, sucked her nipples. She got on her knees pulling and sucking their cocks. They squirted her mouth with cum and she swallowed it. Showers were over.

Ernesto thanked John and Mark for the tour. They thanked Ernesto for being so loving and understanding of Bernie’s needs. Bernie thanked and kissed the guys. Ernesto shook their hands.

Bernie became friends with Patti. She is student at the University She is a new addition to the girls group.. She’s a beautiful brown petite 5’6” girl with Afro style hair. Patti respects Bernie because she is her own person and she is independent minded.

Bernie calls Patti at her apartment Saturday and asked her if she would like to go shopping at the mall in Uptown Sunday? She said yes. Bernie was happy. Bernie would pick her up at her apartment at noon. Ernesto watches sports on Sunday afternoon. She would get out of the house for a few hours.

On the way to Uptown Bernie asked Patti if she wanted to visit the EuroXXXTheater? She told Patti all about it. Patti said she wanted to see it.

Bernie introduced Patti to Ruth who sold tickets to enter the theater. Women were free as they attracted the men to buy tickets to enter. One side of the theater was XXX movies and the other side was the sex club. Ruth gave Patti a locker key in case she wanted to participate in the club. Bernie took her to the gangbang room. Bernie said she would like to play for awhile if Patti didn’t mind waiting. Patti said she would join her. Both girls put there clothes and pocket books in the lockers. Bernie told her to wear her sunglasses for cum squirts. Also have extra paper towel. The guys started trickling in and lining up. The conversation among the men was they saw two beautiful girls there. One girl white and looks like a cute school girl. One brown “smoking hot” girl. Bernie asked Patti if she was ready? She said she hoped so. Bernie yelled to the guys to come in. She reminded the guys to use condoms for ass and pussy fucking. There were 2 guys each side of the tables and one at the foot of the fuck table.

After about 2 hours of sucking cocks, being constantly aroused, orgasming, pussy and ass fucked, the line of guys were gone. Some guys lined up twice to fuck both girls. The guys put some cash under the girls pillows as a tip. Some the guys kissed and thanked them. The girls got $200 a piece. Bernie said let’s shower and go shopping at the French clothing store. Patti said yes.

The girls went to the French Fashion Clothing Store. Patti couldn’t believe the styles of clothing and prices were very reasonable. The girls each bought a large bag of sexy clothes. Bernie likes the inner thigh slit dresses and skirts. And the high leg slit skirts and dresses. She also likes tight short shorts, mini and micro mini skirts which draw male attention to get fucked.

Bernie took Patti home. Bernie stopped for a pizza pie with salad at Pete’s Pizza to take home to Ernesto.

to be continued….Ernesto, And Bernie On Sunday’s With The Gangbang Girls….

I am 23 years of age. I graduated with a degree in computer technology with AI.

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