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Nanny’s Diary Part Two

After the unfortunate passing of my wife I hired a 21 year old girl part time to assist me with my 3 kids. Sometime later I began a relationship with Christine and between the two of us we had 6 children. The oldest child was 8 and youngest almost 10 months old. The following are entrys from Mkenzie’s journal which I found. The days are not in consecutive order as I have them listed just chose to label it that way instead of jotting down exact dates.

Day 10: It’s been a couple days since I received and gave oral with Kyle and Christine watching. I think about it a lot every day and it makes me wonder if it was a chance thing or if it might happen again or even more. I applied what I learned that day when I gave a blow job to Ty last night and I could tell he was very pleased. Wonder if I will manage to get courage to talk to  Chrisitine tomorrow about it.

Day 11: Today, when I saw Christine I blurted out how amazing the other day was to me and how I couldn’t stop thinking about it and how I gave Ty a blow job using what she had taught. As I rambled it all out and more she laughed at me and smiled. She questioned who had a bigger cock in my eyes Kyle or Ty. I answered I love Ty, but I would say Kyle’s is bigger. Ty brought me a smoothie at the house and once again he couldn’t stop staring at her chest. After he left I told her I apologize for him staring at her boobs and she laughed and said he is a guy. Kyle had been gone a couple days with work and when he came home tonight as he and Christine embraced I saw him squeezing her ass. When he came up from kissing her he saw me standing there and something inside of me was hoping he would touch me, but he only smiled at me. Christine looked at me and said we are going to go fuck now you can come watch if you want or feel free to leave.

She took his hand and upstairs they disappeared. I was going to leave but my feet walked upstairs instead of out the front door. When I reached their room both of them were nude and he was caressing her big boobs. I plopped down in a chair and of course immediately took down my pants. My eyes went back and for from gazing at her breasts and pussy to his cock. They climbed onto the bed and got into the doggy position in a way where I had a view of everything. His cock slowly disappeared in her pussy and his hips began to thrust. Her ass slapped against his hips and balls as she began to moan. His hands cupped her breasts from bouncing around.

As I fingered myself I envisioned it was my pussy his cock was pounding. Their hard pounding went on for awhile and I could see and hear her orgasm several times, but he had not cum yet. Christine reached behind her and grasped his cock firmly and said not yet I want you to fuck her. My head jolted to attention and I looked her in the eyes and she smiled and said get over here. I yanked off my pants and shirt before I bolted to the bed.

She rubbed my small boobs as I got into doggy position. He guided his cock into my pussy and he mentioned my, you enjoyed the show as you are wet. Fuck did his cock feel nice as he began to pump me. My pussy tightened as he hit spots I didn’t know existed and I orgasmed. I know I must have moaned really loud and she never stopped rubbing my boobs which was nice. Eventually he came inside me and I felt it fill me up. Christine licked his cock when he pulled out of me. I got dressed and left the house. As I drove home I could feel cum in my thong and noticed there was a wet spot on my pants where it had leaked through. Shortly after I had changed pants at home Ty came over and we went at it. I began to wonder if he was going to feel the cum that was still inside me. He never said anything so I am going to guess thankfully he didn’t notice. I rubbed my nipples like Christine had done to me earlier till Ty came. Then, I cuddled with him and went to sleep.

Day 12: Today, Ty and I joined Kyle and Christine and the kids at Lake Tahoe. At first she was wearing a cover up, but as it warmed up she took it off and like me she was wearing a bikini. I wasn’t surprised nor blamed Ty at all for admiring her boobs. I did catch Kyle looking at my ass a few times, but most of his attention was on the kids and Christine and her hot body. Her sister Carrie and her husband stopped by for a bit and before they left invited Ty and I to a party they were having next Saturday night. They told us it was couples only and would be a lot of fun and hoped we would come and Ty and I said sure. Carrie told me to get more details from Christine.

Day 13: Christine told me to dress to impress for the party and suggested Ty and I ride with them. I inquired what I could bring to contribute to the party and, she smiled at me and answered an open mind and a smile. That’s all she told me regarding the party and said to meet at her house at 8:30 Saturday.

Day 14: Last night was the party and this entry is going to be long I know as much to recall and note down. To begin, Ty and I got to Kyle’s house at 830pm as arranged. I wore a very small and tight white dress and Ty wore black dockers and a dark green shirt. Kyle greeted us and he had on black slacks and a turquoise shirt. A few minutes later Christine appeared from upstairs in a black and silver dress with a plunging neck line. We all drove to Carrie’s house and arrived around 9pm. Carrie greeted us at the door and she had on a very tight bright pink dress. She instructed each of us take a colored piece of paper from a jar she had in her hand. Then, she told us to not look at it yet instructions would come later.

For the next hour we had a few drinks and chatted with people and more couples arrived until I counted a total of 10 couples present. It was near 10pm when Carrie and her husband Mark gathered everyone around and asked for their attention. They began to say that each person had a set of numbers number on their sheet which corresponds to a room number and more. Ty’s eyes got huge when they announced that some of the numbers indicated whom you will be hooking up with tonight. He asked me did you know about this, are you cool with this. I assured him this was a big of a surprise to me as it was to him. I added I am game if he is and said maybe you will get one of the several girls here with boobs way bigger than mine. He half smiled and said he wasn’t sure he was ok with me having sex with other guys.

I told him I wasn’t to cool about him with other girls either but we love each other and nothing will come between that. We kissed and like other couples began reviewing our numbers. A bell rang and the ladies began dispersing down hallways. The guys were instructed to strip to their boxers before going to find their first room. Carrie came up to me and read my number and said you are in the same room as me. I followed her and once in the room she said “you may want to put your clothes on that dresser so they don’t get lost.” Then, she proceeded to take off her dress and place it on a chair. Her boobs were huge and gorgeous just like Christine’s. I slowly took off my dress and placed it on the dresser like she had mentioned. She sat on one bed and told me to sit on the other. Above the bed was a number on it similar to ones on the paper.

Shortly after I had sat down the door opened and Kyle walked in. He read numbers above the beds and walked over to Carrie and he began sucking her boobs. The door opened again and Mark walked in and came straight over to me. He whispered “glad the deck got stacked for me right off at the beginning.” I smiled and he began to run his tongue down from my neck. Mark softly bit my nipples and I reached for his boxers. My hand felt the bulge in his boxers and he pulled them off and I saw his long cock. I couldn’t stop myself from licking it and sucking on it like it was the largest lollipop I had ever had.

After several minutes he picked me up and bent me over the bed. I quickly glanced across the room to see Kyle pounding Carrie from behind. Mark guided his cock into my pussy and grabbed onto my hips with his hands. He began thrusting slowly and increased the speed and force with each thrust. His long dick felt awesome and he fucked me hard and long. I had several orgasms before he came inside me. He kissed my forehead and said you were great babe, your ass is so sexy. Then, he put on his boxers and left the room. I looked over to see Carrie putting on her thong and Kyle pulling up his boxers. I over heard Carrie say to him “my sister was right when she said you are out of this world at eating pussy!” He smiled and slapped her ass before exiting the room. She smiled at me and we both left the room for the dining room where I met up with Ty.

He gave me a drink and, I told him I had played with Mark. He pointed out a pretty brunette across the room and mentioned that is who he had been with. I noticed Kyle and Christine were making out. After about a half hour the bell rang out and I looked at my paper and proceeded with interest to find my next room. I found it and walked in and took my dress and thong off and hung it on a table and sat down on a couch. A couple minutes later a quiet tall dark haired guy walked in the room and shut the door.

He ran his finger softly against my cheek and requested if I would use my pretty lips on him. I understand he meant a blow job, so I got onto my knees in front of him, pulled down his boxers and began licking his cock. I sucked the head of his penis and he stiffened in no time at all. He began to softly moan as I sucked up and down his cock. In roughly 5 minutes he made a groan and began to cum and I backed up and he grabbed a blanket and came all over it. He smiled at me and pulled up his boxers and left the room. I got dressed and sat in a chair briefly before leaving the room.

to be continued…..

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