Ernesto With Bernadette In Her Playground Of Love

Monday Ernesto is back as president of the bank. He was in Washington DC at a banking meeting. It’s the 1970’s and many things were happening.

Bernie was working at the hospital lab with her friend and co-worker Lydia. At lunch the girls talked about what was happening in their lives. Bernie asked Lydia if her son David was feeling better? She said David and half of his class were sick with the flu. He is back in school as the other kids are. Lydia asked Bernie how Girls Night Out went? Bernie said she went to the adult theater by herself. Lydia said that is a scary thing to do. Bernie said luckily a husband and wife were there. She said the lady’s name was Joan and her husband’s name was Gene. It was her first time. It was something she wanted to do. Bernie told Joan what she needed to do and what to expect. Bernie said they had 30 guys each. She said Joan was great and loved it. Lydia said she was going with Bernie Thursday night.

Before Bernie goes back to work she leaves a message for a new lover she met at the big hotel. His name is Carlos. He is a food salesman for a big distributor. He will meet her in the lobby of the hotel after work. She also calls Joan who was with her at the XXX Theater. Joan was happy Bernie called. She asked Bernie if she could ride along Thursday as Gene was working overtime at the factory? Bernie said she would ask her friend Lydia as she lived near by her and they could meet up with Bernie. Bernie asked Joan how Gene handled the gang bang? She said he was turned on watching guys fucking her. He still is horny from all that happened. Bernie said she would see her Thursday.

Bernie was finished working at 3PM and went the hotel to meet Carlos. He was seated in the lobby and as soon as he saw her he went to her and they kissed. They got on the elevator and Frenched Kissed. He had a nice suite. As soon as they entered the room and closed the door Carlos picked Bernie up and tossed her on the bed. He was on her quickly. He pulled her scrub top up kissing and sucking her breasts. He pulled her pants down and off. He was very aggressive and amorous. He pulled and threw his clothes on the floor. He pulled her to the edge of the bed. He licked his fingers to stimulate her pussy. Holding her legs up to his hips he shoved his ccck into her pussy and fast fucked her. She was in a daze from his actions and at the same time she was stimulated. She was orgasming . She never had rough sex before. She loved him being aggressive. She moaned and made love sounds. Sometimes louder as she liked the feeling from his cock.

He then flipped her on her stomach. He pulled her ass to him. He used lotion on his cock and in her ass. He fast fucked her ass. She was panting, moaning and making love sounds. She was orgasming as he had lasting stamina to make her happy. Finally, he squirted her ass with a copious amount of cum. She was dripping with cum. She finally was able to speak. She asked why he was so rough? He said he loved her so much after they fucked in the pool the last time, that all he could think about for a week was her. He said he thought he would go crazy until he saw her again. He said he couldn’t get enough of her. She asked him about his wife? He said he married her because he knocked her up and her family insisted they marry. Bernie told him she loved him as friend and lover. That is as far as she could go. She said she wanted to continue as they are. He said he understood. He said something is better than nothing. He said at least he had someone he loved once a week. She told him she had to shower. He asked if he could shower with her? She said please she would love that. She got on her knees in the shower. She licked and sucked his cock. He turned her around and asked her if he could fuck her. She kissed him and he took what he wanted. Again she orgasmed. Showers were over. She has to meet Ernesto at the pool at he hotel.

She kissed Carlos. He was rubbing her ass and pussy. He couldn’t keep his hands off of her. She said goodnight and that she would see him next week.

It was 5:15PM when Bernie went to the ladies locker room. Ernesto wasn’t there yet. A man was just finishing his laps. He was tall, thin, muscular,40’s, blond hair. He said hello to Bernie. She said hello. He said his name was Charles. She said friends called her Bernie. He asked her if she’s swimming alone? She said she was meeting someone. He asked if she was married? She said no. He said she was too beautiful to be alone. He said he would be there for the week. He gave her a business card and his room number. She thanked him. He left and a few minutes later Ernesto came to the pool.

They did the weight room first. Then they swam their laps. After the last lap Ernesto said he was horny. Bernie knew when he wanted sex. She asked her ass or pussy? He said pussy. She pulled her bikini bottom off. She put her back to the pool and put her arms on ledge of the pool. He lifted her legs to his hips and Bernie stuffed his cock into her pussy. He started slowly, then fast fucked her. His cock and the pressure of the water made her horny. She was quickly stimulated because Carlos fucked her earlier. She had multiple orgasms. Ernesto had speed and endurance fucking her. After awhile he came and squirted warm cum in her pussy. It felt like an eruption when she shouted,”ohhhhhhhhhhhhyessssssssssss!”

Afterwards they kissed and he hugged and told her he missed her last week. She cried. She loves him too.

It was time to go home for dinner.

Thursday night. Girls Night Out. Lydia and Joan meet Bernie at Ernesto’s parking lot. Bernie drives to the theater. The girls are excited about having fun. The 3 of them have become best friends. Joan appreciated Bernie sharing with her about the theater her first time there. Especially about wearing sunglasses. The girls all laughed about that one.

The girls arrive at the theater booth. Bernie tells the lady in the booth Joan is now officially a Gang Bang Girl. The lady gives Joan a membership card for free entry and her own locker key to keep.

When the girls got to the gang bang room they found management had put 3 cushioned tables next to each other. The girls were happy that they would be able to see each other.

They took their clothes off and put them in their lockers.
They laughed and giggled like school girls while getting on their special tables. Everybody had their sunglasses and extra towels.

The guys were lined up. They were excited about a new girl to fuck and 3 lines would go faster. The three women the guys said were beautiful. Especially the little one(Bernie).They thought she was underage with her 2 little pony tails and they were getting some young illegal pussy. Some guys asked management about her and management said she was old enough to drive and her father let’s her borrow the car 🙂

Bernie said are you girls ready? Yes they were ready. Bernie yelled,”Come on babies.” 3 lines of 6 guys each came in. The girls were giving pleasure and receiving pleasure. Sometimes business cards were left by the guys. Once in a while marriage proposal. Joan is married and she wore her wedding ring. When she was sucking and jerking cocks the cum would be on her hand. The ring was covered in other men’s cum. It was shiny and glistened in the light. She thought how beautiful it was. How wonderful Gene her husband was to understand her fulfilling her sexual needs. Like Bernie, one man’s cock wasn’t enough.

After 2 hours the lines ended. The girls showered. Bernie asked how many want to go to the mall for dinner? All hands raised. The girls had a fun night. A fulfilling time. They were satisfied. For the moment.

Bernadette Continues Searching The Playground Of Sex………..

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